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  1. trickson

    [WTB][US] LGA775MB.

    Looking for a good LGA775 MB for my Q9650. Any one have one for sale trade? Please?
  2. trickson

    Is the PC dead?

    Been debating, Should I even build a new computer or not? I have seen the tablets that are out and love them they do every thing and more than any icrap! But is there a need any more for the big bulky desktop any more? The tablets are faster too. Is this the end of the desktop? I just do not see...
  3. trickson

    Skype is so screwed up!

    Why is it on every computer I have skype is acting like this? WTF is going on with them? Any way to fix this shit? GOD Nothing I do is fixing this. I have this error every time updating skype and it is pissing me off on BOTH Machines?! WTF???
  4. trickson

    Touch screen?

    So I was thinking of getting this for my computer will this work? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824009438 :respect:
  5. trickson

    How do I change this?

    In the screen shot I provided, Next to the name crash you will see Pawn America, How can I get rid of this so it just say's crash? Thank you for the help. :respect:
  6. trickson

    Is windsows 7 a security risk?

    What the hell is wrong with Microsoft? I just sat here for 2 fing hours DL 17 .Net framework security updates, WTF?? Is windows 7 that fing unsecured? I am wondering what they screwed up this bad to have this many security updates. Just how unsecure is this os? should I be worried? Every...
  7. trickson

    My First Laptop.

    I just got a new laptop today from my brother! A core i3. MY FIRST CORE i3!!! :rockout::rockout: It is an ACER aspire. Really sweet laptop. :rockout: Just wanted to share this with you all. I am really happy at the speed this thing has man supper fast and the battery life is AWESOME! 8...
  8. trickson

    I need some help with some hardware.

    Hi every one I just got a Linsys wireless G expander and well I need help making it work. I tried to DL the Drivers and every thing maybe you have stuff that might work. When I plug it in, I can see that it has boosted the network connection but when I try to connect it will not. It errors...
  9. trickson

    [FT] trickson has some stuff for...

    I am looking for a trade or whatever. I am looking for a MB, Some good desktop speakers and whatever. All this stuff works and will ship in the US only (sorry folks around the world I just don't have that kind of scratch). Lets start off with the CPU (s) I have the Intel CPU is a Intel...
  10. trickson

    Got a sweet gift today!!!!

    External Hard drive, My very first one. I got a 3T USB 3.0 Backup Plus. Sat here for 2 hours trying to get the thing to just work I even unplugged my mini port. Still nothing, thinking the worst (like I always do) I just finally sat back and thought what is going on really? Well It clicked...
  11. trickson

    Exploder and Fire fox issue.

  12. trickson

    It lives again!!!

    Okay I am BACK!!!!! Got a G31M-S2L MB Cool case and put every thing together and NOW the QUAD lives AGAIN!!!!!! Doing things a tad different this time. This time Not going to do any more RAID crap! Sick of loosing all my stuff! This time OS goes on one HDD (1TB) the rest games / programs on one...
  13. trickson

    Talk about OLD!

    Okay I had this OLD P4 DELL dimension 3100 that my dad got at good will about a month ago ( he thought it was cool) I put 2 of my Kingston Hyper X RAM sticks in it and booted the beast up with a duel core P4 with HT! put win xp on it then just got done putting win7 on it! LOL it works fine with...
  14. trickson

    Youtube adio really low???

    Okay so what the hell happened? Now when I go to youtube to play there uploaded videos the audio is almost gone! I have to crank my speakers to the max just to hear any video? Every thing on my system is just fine! WTF???? Any one know what the hell is going on?!
  15. trickson

    Raid 5.

    Okay took my 1TB HDD and migrated it into the RAID 0 array. Now I was not sure what to expect and I still do not know what I gained. First off now all I see is C: as being 931GB I though for sure at the very least I would get like 1.5TB WTF? It is like all I have now is one fucking HDD. No extra...
  16. trickson

    So how do you make a clip with sound?

    I see it all the time yet I still do not know how to do it. I have movie files and media files how do I make "Clips" from various parts I like? I have windows movie maker 2.6 and I can get the video just no audio from the thing!
  17. trickson

    Few problems with hardware and OS.

    My friend has a Laptop (Dell Insperon :confused: ) The first issue(s) is the Mini-WiFi card or thing that is built in is not working. Oh it all shows up just fine in system information and in the network connections but has a red X on it can't seem to turn the fucker on! Nothing is working the...
  18. trickson

    face lift.

    Gave my tired old case and system a face lift a while ago (8 months ago) haven't cleaned it for 4 months. It is still kicking ass as my main gaming system. :rockout: I had to get new power and reset switch's This is the 3rd set! As you see I modded this set as well.
  19. trickson

    LR Turns 10 - 10 Kingston SSDNow V300 120GB SSD Giveaway.

    http://forums.legitreviews.com/post216443.html#p216443 Enter to win! :eek:
  20. trickson

    Opera tab question.

    Okay I just started to use opera and I like it. In order for me to love it and get rid of Mozilla Fire Fox I would like to have one thing that I can not seem to get with opera that I get with FF. That would be tabs of all my web page links in a tool bar. This is what I would like to have. In...
  21. trickson

    Lock and sleep "button"

    How do I get rid of the lock and sleep button only? I just want the shut down and log off button yet for the life of me can not find any thing to do this. Thank you for you help. :respect: Okay so no one knows how to do this?
  22. trickson

    Belkin WiFi settings.

    Hey every one. I have a Belkin WiFi adapter model#F7D4101 v1 Now I am not at all a programer nor do I posses the technical skills to get the most out of this thing like 99% of you are. My question is this. When I go to the device manager and click on the device it come up with this window. Pic...
  23. trickson

    [FS] Laptop parts.

    parts from a HP laptop, offer me a price you decide. The CPU is an AMD Athlon X2 QL-62 1.8 GHz Dual-Core. Ram is, 1GB 200p PC2-6400 CL6 16c 64x8 DDR2-800 SODIMM, ProMOS, CBI, V916765G24QCFW-G6, 2 sticks. The HSF is a Foxconn. The CD/RW P/N is 457460-TC0 The MB is an HP not sure just what...
  24. trickson

    New: P5Q pro turbo bios 0701

    WOW ASUS just put out a new BIOS for my MB! NICE TOO! Here is a link for any one else that has this MB, Great to have a new BIOS after so long. http://www.asus.com/Motherboards/Intel_Socket_775/P5Q_PRO_Turbo/#download
  25. trickson

    Another old game works!

    Well I was looking at my games, Found that I still haven't put in Homeworld2, Got Home world in and played it to the end, Got Home world Cat installed and played it some. But it has been hard ever since vista to play Homeworld2, It just flat out refused to play! I finally just said well go for...