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    Will my card handle a 27" no problem?

    hi guys, as the thread name says, what do you think? i have the sapphire radeon HD6950 with shaders unlocked to HD6970. I currently have a shitty 17" lcd but i decided its time to bring back the widescreen. I'm looking to buy a 27inch lcd and here are my two options...
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    PC freezing!!!

    i reformatted my pc not long ago and its basically clean....i also have bitdefender installed so there are no viruses.....im thinking powersupply :S
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    PC freezing!!!

    ok guys so my pc is freezing after a while i have no idea why. I rarely use it now, maybe 2 or 3 times a week, but since last week when im using it after a little while the cursor freezes and i cant move it, no key entries work and the pc is still running. somtimes if im watching youtube the...
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    H50 vs TRUE

    already done it before
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    H50 vs TRUE

    so i saw a sale at ncix and the corsair H50 at a cheap price, 40cad....i decided to buy it and see how it goes with my current system....do you think it will outperform my true? what mods can i do to my h50? like dual fans or better/quieter fan? any inputs are welcomed...thanks:rockout:
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    2nd kit of RAM same brand or not?

    how do i know which is the NB volt in my bios particularly?
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    2nd kit of RAM same brand or not?

    hi there, I have a system with the following ram http://ncix.com/products/?sku=27537&vpn=F2-6400CL4D-4GBPK&manufacture=G%2ESkill now I want to buy another 4gb kit, can i buy it from a different brand but with the same speed and timings? Will it make a difference or will they all work the same...
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    Choosing a Motherboard

    Brand names too, ask around here and read reviews online to help you choose the one that suits your needs.
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    Upgrading advice

    yes, the higher speed ram will slow down to work together with the 667....the mobo will do that for you :)
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    Power Supply Upgrade

    Corsair all the way. Look at my rig, i have put my psu thru many changes....680i mobo with a q6600 overclocked and two geforce 8800GT's in SLI, two extra hdd. And now i have what i have and this psu is still running strong. The next one i get will be Corsair for sure. Question for you tho, whats...
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    ATI/AMD HD6950 unlock potential intentional?

    Yes, I think it was intentional. Now look, more peeps are buying ati/amd cards. I used to be an nvidia guy and now this is my first ati and im loving it!
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    How to enable additional shaders on Radeon HD 6950

    but now that i have the 6970 bios on my 6950 how do i go back?
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    Poll: ALL 6950 and 6970 Owners, What's the current status of your card?

    Can you direct me to where I can do option 2? Because Ive already done 1 but I rather go the safer way now that I see some ppl are having problems. I did it about two to three weeks ago and played for a bit(maybe 10hrs total) no problems. However the pc has been running everyday for regular pc...
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    My new PC

    I can see the pics no prob!!! Nice beast!!!!
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    How to enable additional shaders on Radeon HD 6950

    1: what is really the difference between unlocking the shaders but keeping the 6950 bios vs flashing the card with the 6970 bios? 2: i ran heave benchmark with 0% 10% 13% and 20% power and no difference in the score, do i really need a %age or can i keep it at 0%? 3: after flashing the card...
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    BOXING week sale, which one should I get?

    i actually rma'd the 6870 and now i have a sapphire 6950 unlocked to a 6970 :D
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    XFX vs PowerColor vs Asus vs SAPPHIRE vs etc.

    i have an corsair hx620 and im probably maxing it out right now but its been strong and ive had it for almost two years....id say go corsair and hx if you can afford the perks of a modular psu....here is what i would recommend CORSAIR HX Series CMPSU-750HX 750W ATX12V 2.3 / EP... CORSAIR HX...
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    6950 modded temps...manual or auto fan control?

    i got this 6950 yesterday and modded it to sapphire 6970 bios....the card is now idling at 43C with 24% fan speed....while running furmark yesterday for 20mins temp reached as high as 90C with the auto fan speed around 47%.... is this normal or should i have a manual setting for the fan?? if...
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    How to enable additional shaders on Radeon HD 6950

    i think it was because my lil brother was watching some youtube videos on it....right now its idling at 42C...this is my first time using an ATI card so im not familiar with the limits....thanks
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    How to enable additional shaders on Radeon HD 6950

    can someone post their idle and load temps while using auto fan control? right now my card is idling at 60C with 30% fan speed...yesterday the max it went to while running furmark was 90C while the fan was around 47%....am i safe or should i have the fan set manually 24/7?
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    ATI 6870 (MSI Twin Frozr II) not working and cant install Catalyst anymore

    i have a similar board to yours, the only difference i think is that mine has only one pci-e slot.....ive used nvidia cards and just a couple of days ago i got an xfx6870 and it worked fine for me....now i have the 6950 modded....found out in time to rma the 6870 :D....i hope you figure it out...
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    How to enable additional shaders on Radeon HD 6950

    got it, thanks!!
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    How to enable additional shaders on Radeon HD 6950

    after the flash i got 1600 unified shaders....is this what im supposed to get? i thought it was 1536...heres the screeshot....
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    How to enable additional shaders on Radeon HD 6950

    hey guys....so i went from a 9800gtx oc to an asus 8400gs(because i sent my gtx to a friend overseas) waited for boxing week here in canada and bought a 6870 only to find out about this on the thread i made....anyhow i quickly got an RMA for the 6870 and went to buy a saphire 6950....did the...
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    BOXING week sale, which one should I get?

    i read this a bit too late.....i got the 6870...first time ever that i have an ati card....my previous card was a bfg 9800 gtx 512mb but i sent it to my friend overseas....any advice or hints on these ati cards? anything anbout cool features i should know about? thanks again