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    GTX 660Ti SLI vs GTX 690

    Hi all, I have a 2500x1600 monitor and i am going to get a new rig for it . I have finalized all spces expect the cards. after reading most of reviews i am going to switch to the Nvidia camp... I am down to two cards GTX 660Ti and GTX 690 Pros of GTX 660TI: cheap good performance...
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    Debate: Gaming with a 30" Monitor or a 36" TV

    Hi all, i have a DELL 3008 30" with amazing colors which also offers 2500X1600 I had a Samsung sycmaster but sucked so i sold it and got another DELL 3008.. now i can sell one of them and my questions are 1:) should i get a TV a bit bigger but have a resolution of 1900*1080 (kinda...
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    experience with Samsung SyncMaster 305T LCD Monitor

    for 150 it is a good buy but i personally hate it. it is too mediocre.
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    Good resource/strategy games

    yes i will try OpenTTD and also capitalism II
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    Good resource/strategy games

    no guys, i do not need game like settlers but where i have a business and i try to make it big.. any other ideas?
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    Good resource/strategy games

    Hi all, i would like to ask if there is a good resource game like Transport Tycoon (all time favorite) or any other business like sims (Theme hospital Theme parks) are there some indie games where people post their games or the community produces some independent games? do tell guyz...
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    AMD Radeon HD 7000 Series

    A reason for 7xxx? Ati cards? well .. i have to say all the newer generation cards are amazing but at the same time they consumer pwer and createheat. on the other hand i do not see games taking advantage of the higher horse power oth there. ,my question what will ATI bring out for series 7...
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    Game Performance Tips

    Very good thread. i will definitely try some of these!
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    Overclocking the i965 past the 4.1Ghz is it feasible?

    my MOBO is watercooled.. i have EVGA, i would like to find good templates to acheive 4.2 and stable.
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    Really, Seriously, Strong personal Wi-Fi router

    are u talking about security or performance?
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    Overclocking the i965 past the 4.1Ghz is it feasible?

    i have a steady overclock at 137 Mhz with a multiplier of 30! stable at 4120... i am satisfied.
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    Total War SHOGUN 2 DX11 with built-in benchmark: even more demanding than Metro 2033!

    me at 2500x1600 and antiallising 4 and everything ULTRA or on i get 37. FPS!
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    Really, Seriously, Strong personal Wi-Fi router

    Idd Belkin sucks... I had their N1 vision and the internet or the Wi-FI went down non stop.... this was the second(and last belkin) product i got.. i only shop from this store and i am thinking which one to get...
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    Really, Seriously, Strong personal Wi-Fi router

    Hi all, I have my Belkin PLAY MAX modem router in my cupboard (do not ask why- thats where the ADSL line come out). The location doesn't change. It feels like my wireless is not very strong when i change my place within the house(higher or lower floor). i am thinking to get an access...
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    Shogun 2 : total war

    any good ideas where i can get good tips info to get better? currently i suck at the game!
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    Shogun Total War II ! Difficult! need help and suggestions

    Hi all, I have to say the new patch for TWII shogun is great. It enables DX11 and the game can be played in 2500X1600 FULL settings. the problem is that the game is very difficult. any TWII veterans ehre who can give some good pointers?
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    PC games on TV(bigger size) or on Monitors(higher reso)?

    @ whitenoise, i am thinking of getting a 37 and have it around 2 feet. that would be a good compromise.
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    hd7xxx what to expect from 28nm?

    guys do not expect to see quantum leaps in performance. Quantum leaps happen when NEXT-gen consoles are released. since now MAJOR games are released on the XPC3(xbox- PS3- PC) platform the games on the PC will be identical(but better marginally) on the PC. Therefore companies cannot create...
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    PC games on TV(bigger size) or on Monitors(higher reso)?

    so i gues it is a no go my pc is on an office. and unless the game requires a gamepad the games on the TV ar enot an option(no place for mouse and keypad
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    PC games on TV(bigger size) or on Monitors(higher reso)?

    i have 2 monitors and i have to say eyefinity is not enjoyable( since the bezel is a big headache) my PC/monitor is around 80 cm from my offie.
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    A big thank you

    Hi all, i visit daily the techpowerup forums and site. i use your products(downloads) nonstop. i have learned so much form the various users. I hope this site keeps on growing and I hope i can be a more active member of the community. Thank you all Best Regards,
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    PC games on TV(bigger size) or on Monitors(higher reso)?

    Hi all, I use 2 Monitors(DELL 30 2008 version) 30 inches at 2500x1600. The Desktop resolution is great and i can do a lot of things and also watch movies at one of them. I am thinking of changing one to a 3d enabled TV around 37 inches and play games/watch movies what do you think...
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    Current CPU games that can utilize a great PC

    hi all, i have a great PC(so i think) @ 4,1 Ghz GPU 6990, agility 3-EX ssd and 12 GB ram. i would like to know which games now have amazing graphics and generally can make use of a rig like that. I also play all game @ 2500x 1600..
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    To all 6990 owners - Noise issues

    i use the KOLOLANCE ready radiator.. do you think it can manage one more card???