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  1. theo2021

    Three New Electronic Arts Games to Support AMD's Mantle

    AMD said that Mantle is going to replace OpenGL . Will it? AMD says that is going to be open Source , we are waiting and hoping. For now the AMD's OpenGL is poor , You can't use Mantle on non-Windows systems, you are bound to OpenGL. For me the main use of Mantle is on Linux Systems , AMD is way...
  2. theo2021

    Intel Core i7 "Haswell-E" Processor Lineup Detailed

    I Believe the X will be a beast because if you look at the clocks it's 3Ghz and the others are 3+ . When it's basically the same architecture, but they under clocked it to maintain the appropriate TDP . If you OC this beast with water cooling It's gonna reach 4.5 + on 8 cores. No use to by it...
  3. theo2021

    Dead PSU - Help needed

    Some pics would be nice , it sounds quite OK. The only thing i could think is that you have put the 24 pins incorrect but you' re 100% sure. How did you shrink the heat shrink ? May anything dropped into the PSU? You Mean the sleeve?
  4. theo2021

    Water cooling pump dying?

    Your connection should be good since the 3pin and the molex have max 12V!
  5. theo2021

    Looking for Program to give access for move/delete

    i' m using Unlocker too, it works fine with me.
  6. theo2021

    Any For a Strife Beta Key?

    if they send me some more keys i will start again , i don't think this will be soon but stay tuned!
  7. theo2021

    Any For a Strife Beta Key?

  8. theo2021

    I can't figure out whats wrong - GPU or PCI-E or maybe the problem is somewhere else?

    the sound is like something is in the way of the fan!
  9. theo2021

    Any For a Strife Beta Key?

    10 hours to go!…
  10. theo2021

    Any For a Strife Beta Key?

    Yeah your in! it ends 21 hours from now!
  11. theo2021

    Any For a Strife Beta Key?

    everyone who comments joins ;)
  12. theo2021

    Any For a Strife Beta Key?

    Seems like a short list :-)
  13. theo2021

    Any For a Strife Beta Key?

    I have one Strife Beta Key that i wish to give, leave up comments and i will pick one randomly! Tomorrow 22.2 at 20:00 GMT
  14. theo2021

    AMD announces Thunderbolt competitor named AMD DockPort!

    True TB is very good for RAID confs , with USB 3.0 this may be a problem.
  15. theo2021

    AMD announces Thunderbolt competitor named AMD DockPort!

    Intel's Thunderbolt is going to have a good competitor , AMD has great plans about their new DockPort! They claim that it will be low cost and with many features. It is based on USB 3.0 unlike Intel's but both embed the DP standar, here is a video! Can AMD follow the big Thunderbolt bandwidth...
  16. theo2021

    Sexy Hardware Close-Up Pic Clubhouse.

    Man P5 they look amazing how does they feel on the head?
  17. theo2021

    [Opinion] The Steam Machine platform could be a big flop and here's why

    The first comment i wrote in techpowerup was about Linux Gaming, it was about 2 months before the announcement of steam machines and it seems i will copy it : I believe that we gamers should support more linux gaming. Microsoft is getting worse over the years in the gaming environment for...
  18. theo2021

    Is RAM getting more expensive?

    Some say it's production problem limited items means bigger price, others say it's in order to sell what they have and start a new lineup with DDR4 I remember buying 4x4GB Vengeance 1600Mhz total of 16GB at 79.9 euros Now it costs 172.9 That is a 201% up i can't believe it there must be...
  19. theo2021

    Sexy Hardware Close-Up Pic Clubhouse.

    Sound Blaster Z :toast:
  20. theo2021

    Sexy Hardware Close-Up Pic Clubhouse.

    Raystorm Block and Vengeance RAM
  21. theo2021

    Are Asus "TUF" or "ROF" better than generic models

    TUF is for lasting long , it has materials that have less change of failure and ROG is for overclockers push it to the limit.
  22. theo2021

    Your PC ATM

    About the light on the case , there is a 140mm polimatech vortex as the bottom which i love ,it just produces great red light and it is a very good noise performance fan. And I have some LED strips that I have put at the side panel if you see a photo with it removed you will notice some wires at...
  23. theo2021

    Which would you choose?

    Not thinking about artic cooling ?
  24. theo2021

    Your PC ATM

  25. theo2021

    favourite PC game?

    Moba: Dota 2 FPS single Player : Metro 2033 , Metro Last Light FPS Multi: BF3 , haven't tried BF4 but they look pretty much identical CS GO is good but i was playing lot of source the thing is that if play this game for first time you are a completely noob but after hours of practice you will...