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    partitioning question

    Make the Vista partition 30GB. My Vista x64 is eating 20GB, with 10GB left for future updates.
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    hot picture for new AMD 790gx overclock software

    Yep. Even says so in the images.
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    Installed Games and New gfx card Question?

    Yep, I just upgraded to an HD 4850 from an X1900XT (it died a few days ago). Just remove the drivers, swap out the cards, download and install the latest drivers, and start playing. :)
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    would it be worth it?

    Not a great PSU, but it should be fine for an HD 4850.
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    would it be worth it?

    It's fine, as long as it's a good quality PSU. I'm still using my 3 year old Enermax Liberty 500W PSU and it's still rock solid. My processor has been overclocked since Day 1, and now my HD 4850 is as well.
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    would it be worth it?

    Then just get the card like I did. Bottom line is you will get more performance, but you will not come close to the card's full potential until you upgrade all the other important stuff. At least you have a dual core anyway, even if it's old.
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    would it be worth it?

    My X1900XT just died a few days ago, and I got an HD 4850 to replace it (for now). Let me tell you... The rest of my system cannot keep up with this thing. I had no choice, I had to get a new card, but my plan was to wait until I built a brand new PC.
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    HD 48x0 CCC Research

    Thanks for the post, Eva.
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    ATI 4850 Overclock Results

    Stock DIAMOND HD 4850 The Auto-Tune option in the CCC went up to 690/1138, but I backed them down to 680/1125 (9%/13% overclock). I'm pretty sure it can go a little higher if I tell the fan to go faster or something, but I'm thinking of returning it and getting the HD 4870.
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    Post your 3dMark06 (and Vantage) HD 4K Series Results

    Thanks for looking out. ;) I also added my ORB link to my post just in case anyone wants to check it out.
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    Post your 3dMark06 (and Vantage) HD 4K Series Results

    Add this I will claim the first 3DMark06 single core score on this list. Hopefully I did everything right. :) 7566 - WildCat87 - AMD Opteron 148 @ 2.8GHz - ATi Radeon HD 4850 @ 680 Core 1125 Mem - Windows XP ORB Link
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    Firefox Downloaded 8,002,530 Times in 24 Hours, now Official Record

    Yeah, I was part of it too! :)
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    Cat 8.5 has been released!

    I had to go back to 8.4 because 8.5 wouldn't display correctly on my HDMI 22" computer monitor.
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    Far Cry 2 Confirmed for Fall 2008 Release

    Far Cry = CryTek Far Cry 2 = Ubisoft ;)
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    EA Signs Agreement with Massive to Offer Dynamic In-Game Advertising on PC and Xbox

    Meh... I actually see it the other way around. More ads in games = Less sales = More downloads... But I dunno.
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    2 Player Games - 1 PC???

    I remember playing the old-school Need for Speed series (such as NfS 3: Hot Pursuit) with my best friend many many years ago on the same PC.
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    DFI CFX3200 chipset cooler

    Just pull out the old one, install the new one, and plug in the fan in the same place the old one was plugged in to. It's cooler and a LOT more quiet. It also has 2 LEDs (red and blue). Look at the second link I posted before. There's a video there that shows you how to remove the stock one and...
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    Enermax Intros MODU82+ and PRO82+ Power Supply Units

    I've been running my Enermax Liberty 500w for over 2 years now, and not one problem. I will strongly consider the MODU82+ (625W) for my next build.
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    DFI CFX3200 chipset cooler

    I believe this is what you want. I have it myself. http://www.svc.com/vc-re.html http://www.diy-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=52950
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    Google Considering putting Advertisements in Videos

    Looks like I'll be deleting YouTube from my bookmarks soon...
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    Another Marriage Falls Victim to World of Warcraft

    Umm.... LMFAO!
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    [Case Gallery] DEAD MAN'S CHEST

    Very nice!
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    Which is much faster 7300GT or 7600GS?

    By far the 7600GS.
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    Super Smash Brothers: Brawl Sells Over 800 thousand Copies in Japan During Week 1

    I see a contradiction. Million or thousand?
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    Folding@home Hits One Million PS3 Users

    Okay, thanks for that explanation on the CPU. That was cool, but I think you may have missed something I posted based on what I quoted. The Xbox 360's GPU can use up to 513MB, not only 10MB. Either way, like you said, it would be good for everyone if they developed a F@H client for the Xbox...