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  1. 27MaD

    Advice about PC upgrade.

    Hello everyone:clap: , so guys i'm planing to upgrade my PC as soon as i can:rockout: and i'm going to upgrade to : CPU: I5 3570. RAM: that's my question should i get : 8x1 (and get another 8GB stick later) or 8 GB will be enough (4x2) Note : RAM speed is 1600MHz. Motherboard: Asus P8H61-M...
  2. 27MaD

    Does this bring back any memories?

    As the title says , does this bring back memories for those who joined TPU 10+ years ago??:):cool:
  3. 27MaD

    Can bad CPU OC cause worse performance ?

    Hello , so my CPU has been running at 3.76 GHz for a long time , before about 1 week i pushed it to 3.95 GHz and everything was stable , but i've noticed that my performance became worse , games like battlefield 3 , GTA 4 , PES 17 , started stuttering too much , do u guys think it's because of...
  4. 27MaD

    Unknown process eating 45% of the CPU !

    Just noticed that there is an unnamed process using up to 50% of the CPU , and i can't disable it.
  5. 27MaD

    FPS locked at 60

    Hello guys , can reinstalling the graphics driver solve my problem ? , i remember hitting 400 FPS in a specific game ( live for speed ) , but now my FPS is locked at 60 in all games , V sync always disabled , can it be something in NVIDIA control panel ?
  6. 27MaD

    I7 870 VS I5 2550K

    Hi guys , so now i'am saving up for an upgrade for my pc , i will upgrade to 8gb of ram and i will keep my 750 TI for a while , but i am really confused about which CPU should i go for , the I5 2550k or the i7 870 (i know they are quite old but this is what i can afford and i prefer to buy an...
  7. 27MaD

    Call of duty Black Ops 1 lags !

    HI guys , so my pc is running all call of duty versions from call of duty 1 to call of duty black ops 2 at highest setting at 60 FPS , but i have a stupid problem with black ops 1 my CPU just can't handle it , CPU running at 100% , GPU 20-30% , and when i play at lowest settings i'am getting...
  8. 27MaD

    What sample rate and bit depth should i use ???

    Hello guys , so today i found something in speakers properties in the advanced tab called default format , but i really got confused about which one should i use , so help me guys about choosing a format , all what i care about is the BASS and the clear sound , u can find my sound system in the...
  9. 27MaD

    4GB of RAM installed , only 3071 MB detected on BIOS.

    Hi guys , so i've recently upgraded my RAM from 3Gb (2+1) to 4Gb (2x2) , but the problem is that the BIOS detects only 3Gb out of 4. The manufacture says that my mobo's maximum supported amount of RAM is 4Gb. So how can i fix this problem ???
  10. 27MaD

    NVIDIA installer failed!!! HELP.

    Hello guys , so finally my 750 TI has arrived and the GPU worked well with my old mobo , but there's a problem makes me upset and it's when i try to install the driver it always stops and says " NVIDIA installer failed ". please tell me how to install the driver successfully ???
  11. 27MaD

    Can't overclock PCI-E !

    Hello guys , I've decided to increase the PCI-E frequency in the bios , but the problem is when i try to increase the frequency and restart the pc the frequency always returns to the stock value! (the same problem with CPU FSB). so what could be the problem? i am using an overclock software that...
  12. 27MaD

    Overclocking Core 2 Duo E7600 to 3.8-4.0 Ghz ???

    Hello guys, i have a Core 2 Duo E7600 ((stock 3.06Ghz-1.287v core voltage)) and it's overclocked to 3.6 Ghz with 1.300v core voltage and the temps are perfect and the pc is stable , but currently i want to reach 3.8 or 4.0Ghz would be better , how much should i set the core voltage at ??? my...
  13. 27MaD

    Bigger Case Fans At Lower RPM ???

    Hello guys , i am Planning to buy 2*120mm Fans at 1500 RPM ,certainly i have a 80mm fan at maybe 2600 RPM , so my question is : will bigger fans at lower RPM be more quite , and are they going to produce the same airflow as a 80mm fan at 2600 RPM or even more ?? note : (i will remove the 80mm...
  14. 27MaD

    CPU problem ???!!!

    Hello guys , yesterday i was trying to overclock my CPU (core 2 duo E7600 3.06 Ghz) ,i overclocked it to 3.8 Ghz and every thing was fine and the temperature didn't even hit 70 (65-68) , but the problem is that i started CPU-Z the check CPU clocks and i've noticed that my CPU doesn't use the...
  15. 27MaD

    Low FPS on Stupid games ?!

    guys i have a real problem and its pissing me off , its when i run games for example(gta sa) i should be able to play such game on 9999k with super ultra and 9999 FBS but when setting the settings on very high i only get maximum 35 FBS ???!, but why!.guys please dont say check your task manager...
  16. 27MaD

    Werid GPU makers ???

    Hello guys, is it fine to buy a graphics cards from weird makers like: Powercolor,colorful,Yeston,ASL,Onda,veinida,maxsun and many others???
  17. 27MaD

    GT 1030 with a motherboard from 2005 ?????

    Hello, i have a super old motherboard , its the GA-945GCM-S2C and i have a stupid grforce 210 1gb. i am thinking about upgrading to the gt 1030 but i have heard that the modern gpus will have compatibility issues with old motherboards with award bios. so have any one tried to put a modern gpu in...