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  1. damric

    Intel to Bring Additional Assembly Online to Improve Supply of Coffee Lake CPUs

    Maybe the new facility will solder ihs :rolleyes:
  2. damric

    AMD Radeon Boss Raja Koduri Jumps Ship

    Good riddance.
  3. damric

    Raijintek Releases Three Beautiful Tempered Glass Cases

    I love the look of these glass cases, but how the hell are they getting fresh airflow to components?
  4. damric

    Trouble OCing RAM to 2400MHz on Haswell

    I would try 1.25 vccsa and vccio voltages and 1.75v dram. I run 2400CL9 but 32GB is going to be more difficult. If it absolutely won't run, then try slower with nice tighter timings and it will be as good. Try 2133CL9 (and CL8 or CL7 if you are super lucky). All of these TridentXs are dual...
  5. damric

    German Company to Sell Binned Core i7 8700K With 99.9% Silver Heatspreader

    He's making a little money doing what he loves, so people are going to pour hate on him out of jealousy. Binning, delidding, and repasting takes time, and those custom lids are not cheap. He's a nice guy, always answering forum posts on hwbot and ocn. He's a hardware enthusiast, just like us...
  6. damric

    AMD Announces New Radeon Embedded GPUs

    That's a huge amound of GPU power for such low TDP, better than my old HD 6850s!
  7. damric

    MSI's Vortex G25 Squeezes Desktop Coffee Lake Performance in 2.5 L Enclosure

    I really dig that case. Did MSI design that or is it available from a manufacturer?
  8. damric

    Rambus Has DDR5 Memory Working in Its Labs, Gears for 2019 Market Release

    Manual tuning in the BIOS.
  9. damric

    Rambus Has DDR5 Memory Working in Its Labs, Gears for 2019 Market Release

    My DDR3-2400CL9 is 7.5ns. I had some old DDR2 PIs that were 6.7ns (1200CL4). I think overall latency is getting worse. At least density and power draw is getting better though.
  10. damric

    Rambus Has DDR5 Memory Working in Its Labs, Gears for 2019 Market Release

    Get ready for CAS latency 30+
  11. damric

    Pirate Bay Mines Coins in Your Browser - Revenue Model of the Future?

    Pirates stealing...this is news?
  12. damric

    FM2+ CPUs. Are there any programs to change the multipliers for CPU's Power States

    Try these http://forum.hwbot.org/showthread.php?t=86959
  13. damric

    AMD Ryzen Threadripper MCM De-lidded and De-packaged

    If it works, I'm sure ASROCK will capitalise on this with some interesting boards. Is Epyc even available yet?
  14. damric

    Crucial BX300 480 GB

    After losing several SSDs due to power loss, I wouldn't ever get one again without protection, which is one reason I would much rather go with the MX300. Slight performance penalty is worth peace of mind, besides MX300 is still magnitude faster than HDD and has some more capacity.
  15. damric

    Arctic Announces BioniX Gaming Fans and Freezer 33 eSports Edition

    CEO Magnus Huber...sounds like a porn star :pimp:
  16. damric

    Cooler Master Announces MasterSet MS120 Gaming Combo

    I have purchased CM's memchanical keyboards for my kids and indeed these suck, some of of the worst keyboards ever built.
  17. damric

    Raijintek Paean

    Wow this might be a worthy successor to my HAF XB. Only thing is I dislike vertically mounted mobos.
  18. damric

    Intel Core i9 7900X Overclocked to 6.01 GHz Under LN2 - Beats HWBOT World Record

    All cores and threads active. Impressive.
  19. damric

    Radeon RX Vega Needs a "Damn Lot of Power:" AIB Partner Rep

    Reminds me of Fermi launch.
  20. damric

    Ethereum Mining Wipes Out Radeon Inventory, AMD Stock Rallies

    Would it be a good time to list my HD 7850s on ebay then? What should I expect to get for them...
  21. damric

    Does a Intel Core i3-7100 bottleneck a Zotac Geforce GTX 1060 mini 3GB videocard?

    i3s are great for pure gaming. Streaming/recording game play makes them choke but for that you really need something with as many logical cores as possible.
  22. damric

    MODERATOR VACANCIES - Volunteers wanted

    Wow what a bunch of inconsistent, biased AMD/Intel/Nvidia Fanboys!!! I guess the leaders here just don't give a shit anymore and picked random bums off the street!!! J/K Congrats guys! Feel free to use me as guinea pig to issue your first infraction :D
  23. damric

    AMD Ryzen 5 1600 3.2 GHz

    Thanks W1zzard. This is the best CPU review I have seen in a long time. I especially love that you made all of the resolution graphs for minimum and average FPS. I just wish there was a performance per dollar graph, but I can see how compiling one would be quite a chore. It would be epic if you...
  24. damric

    Original Windows 10 Release will be EOL'd Next "Patch Tuesday"

    Or people like me that manually shut those stupid assed updates off in the registry. Nothing is more fun than doing critical work, playing a game, or running a benchmark and that update/telemetry shit bogs down your SSD and connection to 100%.