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  1. AhokZYashA

    Ghetto Mods

    thong, or stocking? :confused::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh:
  2. AhokZYashA

    How long does your pc take to boot to windows?

    my laptop takes about 30 seconds until desktop, my PC takes between 3-4 minutes, because the LSI card takes a while to boot
  3. AhokZYashA

    Is Raid 0 worth it?

    im using RAID 0 on my home PC, but its hooked up to an LSI 8i controller, and its a 600GB 15k SAS drives, the only upside is the read/write speed which scrapes a single SATA3 SSD. load times are also quite fast with this setup but i dont suggest building RAID 0 for any important data, one...
  4. AhokZYashA

    So how long did you get from you last build?

    E7400 bought 2008, 6600k bought 2015 so 7 years. the E7400 is still running as a family PC
  5. AhokZYashA

    Fractal Design Define R6

    a very good improvement from an amazing case, good airflow (for a silent oriented case), dust filter for all fan mounts, and the flexibility. if its really up to 10x3.5" drives, i might switch to the R6 next year. tempered glass is a nice addition too
  6. AhokZYashA

    Anyone have experience with infiniband?

    im pretty sure infiniband cables are pre-made in factory, dunno if you can open it up and re-crimp it to the length you want, i think you'd better using teamed 10GbE for 20Gb of bandwidth because infiniband is not something like ethernet, its a completely different protocol altogether
  7. AhokZYashA

    +80TB NAS

    for NAS, you can buy used xeon E3v4/v5 processors that supports ECC RAM, some supported motherboard, some ECC RAM, for SATA ports, i can suggest you get some of these https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16815158365&cm_re=sata_expansion_card-_-15-158-365-_-Product its a...
  8. AhokZYashA

    Cooling for i7-8700k @4.8 - 5.0GHz

    short answer : yes
  9. AhokZYashA

    Mass Torrent Server Build

    i can assure you most server hardware last a very long time, i have a IBM x3650 which is still running strong, and i've seen Compaq proliants dating back to 2003 still going strong today. so if you want longetivity and good upgradeability, get used Nehalem based server hardware. the...
  10. AhokZYashA

    Which of these 3 fans is best ?

    i do read the reviews, and no im not biased, of course there are plenty of cases out there that has more airflow than the R5. my ambient are around 26-27C all year long, my GPU and CPU hovers around 65 and 60 respectively at full load, with all those drives obstructions up front. so for a...
  11. AhokZYashA

    Which of these 3 fans is best ?

    I have that case, and i can say, it has outstanding cooling options, lots of fan mounts, the door has ample vents on the side to help with airflow, and its very silent too. i have a 15k SAS drive in there, and the drive while spinning never gets above 50C, that shows the amazing airflow this...
  12. AhokZYashA

    Which of these 3 fans is best ?

    i currently using 2x140mm fractal design silent R2 in front, 1 Thermaltake luna 120mm at the bottom, and 1 140mm phanteks F140-XP at the back, all except the luna are whisper quiet and pushes quite a bit of air even when turned down. I have 7HDD inside the drive cage, and my SAS card or my GPU...
  13. AhokZYashA

    First ITX build - input very much appreciated

    standoffs are included in the case usually
  14. AhokZYashA

    How Many of You Moving to Coffee Lake from Skylake?

    its on the same socket right? LGA 1151
  15. AhokZYashA

    How Many of You Moving to Coffee Lake from Skylake?

    if coffee lake is usable with Z170 motherboard, i'm likely change it to 8700k or some sort, if its not, i might rethink about it. its a real PITA to swap motherboards when you have lots of SATA and SAS cables dangling around
  16. AhokZYashA

    Mass Torrent Server Build

    i thought that you want to max your ISP bandwidth, so i suggest that, but if you dont want to max it, just go for the LSI HBA card. it has served me well for my 15k SAS drives, because most motherboard now has 1 or 2 ports gigabit ethernet, so you are all set with that.
  17. AhokZYashA

    First ITX build - input very much appreciated

    the 450W should be enough for most modern single GPU build, the RX470 is 170W, the CPU is around 90W give or take, RAM, fans, SSD is around 50W total, so you are only using around 300+W from the PSU, and that is when all of them are fully loaded, (ie. benchmark) normal gaming load should be...
  18. AhokZYashA

    Mass Torrent Server Build

    i can suggest an addon 4port GigE NIC, and an LSI HBA controller for motherboards, you can go for a cheap x58 board, a 1366 xeon CPU and ECC RAM, those setup will spare you from rebooting the OS every now and then.
  19. AhokZYashA

    First ITX build - input very much appreciated

    are you really fixed on that case? for ITX build i can suggest you silverstone rvz02, my friend uses it for his build, and he is using a GTX970 windforce in it no problem, plenty of room for cables, HDDs, and such. as for the PSU, a good 450W psu is more than enough for that build, so i...
  20. AhokZYashA

    Looking for a Decent Left Handed Mouse

    the deathadder is a very good mouse, the sensor is very good, ergonomics are amazing too
  21. AhokZYashA

    Buying new PC or Upgrade my? I have some Hardware questions need help.

    i5 750 is still a pretty good CPU even today, go for the GTX1060 and buy a good quality new 500W PSU
  22. AhokZYashA

    Looking for a Decent Left Handed Mouse

    go for mionix avior or the G900, both are ambidextrous, so you can use it both ways
  23. AhokZYashA

    quad core non-gaming laptop for around 1000-1100USD

    like the title said, suggestions on a quad core non-gaming laptop, around 1000-1100USD, preferably from dell/asus doesnt have to be thin an light, 15,6" preferred. must be somewhat upgraeable (RAM/SSD)
  24. AhokZYashA

    Cherry MX style switches on mechanical keyboards

    i prefer blues, the tactile feedback is satisfying to hear and feel.
  25. AhokZYashA

    Google Android users clubhouse

    im still thinking of getting the XZs or the XZ premium, gonna replace my slightly aging Z2