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    8-10 15" monitors for sale (must buy all)

    yeah, kinda don't expect to be able to sell these cause of the hassle involved in shipping them but O well! here it goes :) kk, so i've got about 8 to 10 x15" monitors in my shed out back they all work to my knowledge and will be tested before shipped. Buyer pays shipping + 40$ per monitor...
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    awesome sound card

    saw this and thought id share the awesomeness :) http://www.auzentech.com/site/products/x-fi_prelude.php gawd i want that thing.. lol :banghead:
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    x-fi problems

    sup dudes having a few problems with my rig problem #1 random freezes while playing music and playing games (this is the one im asking about) does anyone else with a x-fi have this problem cause the problem followed the card when i moved it from one pc to another so its either the card or...
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    turning on your pc the hard way

    this is what i did when a ESD broke the power button functionality of my motherboard the switch shown is from a AT power supply thought id share :) btw power on by keyboard is a easier way to go but this mobo didn't have it in the bios
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    dfi CFX3200 DR windows boot temporary hangup

    dfi CFX3200 DR windows boot temporary hangup sup dudes this thread is just here for anyone looking for info on this problem well anyway on this motherboard it will sometimes hang during boot (windows xp) for about a minute i eventually found a way to fix this problem in the bios. I set...
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    turning on crossfire without ccc

    does anyone know how to enable crossfire without installing ccc like can crossfire be enabled from ati tool, tray tools, registry, or riva tuner? don't see the option in ati tool so don't thing so for that :( problem is ccc often doesn't launch or save settings on my comps for some...
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    x1900xt software crossfire

    custom bios clocks cat 6.11 cfx3200-dr xp pro ddr500@ 500 cl 2-2-2-5 t1 just thought id share :)
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    cat 6.10 beta (fix for f@h)

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    7900gt to 7950gt flash

    I know not much point.. but if the bios was moded to 256 meg shouldn't it work? i'm just curious. :)
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    w1zz need help here

    i was taking off the pressure clip and the clip pivioted on one of the courners into this resistor breaking it off and i cant get it back on :banghead: what is it for?
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    cant get temp reading to display in ati tool for x1900gt

    any ideas i have it all set up right as far as i can tell but the optin for temp isnt there
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    getting 1.4ns ram to run at 1400mhz

    hey dudes i have a x1800xl with 1.4ns ram which i believe is 1400mhz ram is it not? well anyway im asuming the bios has some funky timing on it that is making it not like to run at 1400 or something or maby its a voltage thing so i have 2 questions what is the rated voltage for this ram (not...
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    x1800xl bios mod

    hey dudes havn't realy been keeping up with the new x1 series cards i was wandering if there are methods of editing x1800 bioses yet like i wanna make a custom bios that is a x1800xt bios with a slower ram clock or a x1800xl bios with a higher core voltage and a higher core freq thanks :)
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    new voodoo drivers

    anyone have the link to those? there was a link on the newspage a while back some peeps made some new voodoo drivers with bug fixes and such
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    playing dvr-ms files on windows 2000

    i need to be able to play these on my win 2000 rig or be able to convirt them to something i can play (using a free software program) can anyone help? :) sry about putting this here but i didn't think i would get many views in the software section :)
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    cat 5.11 download!!!

    http://www.anandtech.com/news/shownews.aspx?i=25250 http://www.tweaktown.com/file-library/download.php?go=2&file=12&mirror=16
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    Radeon X700 IGP Very Soon... X1800XT Master Cards Very Late

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    DFI nF4 SLI-DR Expert w/ FX-57 @ 3.9GHz!

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    ATi RV560 Info Emerged

    http://www.vr-zone.com/?i=2932 :)
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    3dmark 2006 pics. :)

    http://www.beyond3d.com/interviews/fm05/p2/index.php?p=01 http://www.vr-zone.com.sg/?i=2930
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    kool little demo :)

    It's called rthdribl.exe google it :) www.google.com it's a realy pretty hdr demo :) i recomend it to anyone who is bored or want's to see something kool :P
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    I get 15+ more mhz mem out of the x850 cf ed bios than i do with the xtpe bios...

    any thoughts as to why? (reply here) http://www.overclock.net/showthread.php?t=52797
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    Overclocker breaks the 1.0ghz core mark! :)

    http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?t=77157 Wow.. :toast:
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    anyone have a x1800 or x1300 yet?

    post here :)
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    wizz need confirmation of a ic

    this is the bios chip correct? I am going to try and use it to fix a bad flashed 9600se any thoughts? (x800 is toast btw ;))