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    Intel Updates Desktop CPU Roadmap, Haswell-E, Broadwell, Devil's Canyon Blip

    Still rockin' my Sandy Bridge i7-2700K and see no need to upgrade anytime soon.
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    DRAM Price Fixing Case: Get a Piece of the $310 Million Settlement Pie

    Well Shoot ... the last PC I bought in 2001 was an Alienware and it had RDRam ... Overpriced pieces of crap those were. $400 for 128 MB!!!!!!!!!
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    Seagate Readies 6 Terabyte Hard Drive for Q2

    That is a Myth and those results were tampered with. It has been proven time and time again that failure rates between Seagate and WD are nearly identical down to the 1%.
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    Razer Unveils Project Christine, the World's Most Modular PC Concept Design

    Drivers are handled by the Operating System, which has nothing to do with Razer. Have you ever used a Computer?
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    Razer Unveils Project Christine, the World's Most Modular PC Concept Design

    Yea... No. This thing is a proprietary nightmare. Essentially it is a Desktop Sized, Laptop. I'm willing to bet my entire years salary that we will have Organic Teleportation and Light Speed Travel before this is anything more than a concept.
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    Western Digital to Stop Shipping PATA Hard Drives

    3 of my 7 working Desktops have IDE/PATA HDD's installed.
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    Pioneer Releases the BDR-XS05 Slot Loading Blu-ray Burner

    All slot loading drives can be used in any orientation, but NOT all tray loading drives can. Although I believe MOST (if not all) "slim" tray drives can. Because the spindle is part of the tray that slides out. With Standard 5.25" drives, the Spindle remains inside of the drive.
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    NVIDIA Prepares Two New Sub-$250 SKUs, Price Cuts

    Depending on how the Prices are, I'll either add a second 760 ... or possibly just buy either 2 770's or 2 760Ti's and use my 760 in another rig.
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    Seagate Ships First Hard Drives Using Next-Gen Shingled Magnetic Recording

    I highly doubt it. They can increase the density and the amount of data the HDD can hold, but I dont think they can increase the speed of the platters or heads much more without complications. 15,000rpm seems to be the limit.
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    Corsair Announces High-Capacity, High-Peformance USB 3.0 Flash Drives

    You do realize that nine times out of ten the forums are run by people that have nothing to do with the actual company right? They were probably laughing at you, deservedly so.
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    SilverStone Unveils New, Useful PC Peripherals

    The Hubs look cool enough, but the cables .... ughhh. I'd be afraid to use them. They look as fragile as the cables that connect your power and reset switch.
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    Battlefield 4 Running DirectX 11.1 Could Give Radeon HD 7000 an Edge

    Wow .. omg ... That may be the single funniest comment, that I have read in the past 30 years. My sides hurt .. I cant stop laughing ....
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    Intel Cracks Down on Motherboard Vendors Offering Overclocking on non-Z Chipset

    You sir, are an idiot. Intel is doing exactly what they should do. How would you feel if you were selling a 2 products. A cheap one and an expensive one. And someone came along and started giving your cheap product more capabilities, so that no one bought the expensive one. You'd feel broke.
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    CPU Overclocking On H87 And B85 Motherboards Made Possible By ASRock's Non-Z OC

    Ignorance Defined Only 2% ??? LOL you must be smoking some good stuff if you really believe that. I suppose you are one of the crazy people that actually believe GNU/Linux's desktop market share is less than 2% also.
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    MSI Rolls Out a Pair of GeForce GTX 760 Graphics Cards

    According to TPup's review, This card ,playing Skyrim, at 1920x1080 is faster than a 780 (77.4 to 76.1), and .1fps slower than the 770.... Either a major glitch in their test or something isnt optimized correctly. Either way, for $260 this card is an amazzzzzing deal for someone still running...
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    Five Custom GeForce GTX 760 Cards To Feast Your Eyes On Before Tomorrow's Launch

    The Asus one posted a few hours ago has my name written all over it. I need a shorter card so i dont have to move my reservoir.
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    Custom NVIDIA GTX 760 Card Pictured And Tested

    I really like that cooler design. Too bad its a Palit offbrand.
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    EVGA's GeForce GTX 760 Lineup Detailed

    Your numbers are backwards. The 760 performs around 10% faster than the 670.
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    ASUS GeForce GTX 760 DirectCU II OC Listed

    Uhhhh No They are NOT. GTX 670's still retail between $350 and $420. If you are lucky you can find a crappy one for $320 after rebate. 760 at stock clocks is faster than a 670, and should overclock to atleast match a 680. At the price of a 660Ti (Possibly a 660 NON Ti if you want a lower...
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 Specifications Redux

    $250 for a card that at stock 'should' be slightly faster than a 670, and very well could be overclocked to beat a 680 .... I would call that a definitive WIN.
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    AMD A10-6800K Cracks 8.00 GHz Mark

    I just really dont see the point of this. It has absolutely zero real world impact. Dont even bother trying to sell the argument that it helps the developers and manufacturers create better chips in the future. It does NOT. Until there is a Heatsink/Fan or Watercooling Kit that can cool as...
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    Xbox One Chip Slower Than PlayStation 4

    Those numbers are wayyyyy off. Go do some homework.
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    Xbox One Chip Slower Than PlayStation 4

    Not much of a gamer are you? Higher CPU clock speeds have been proven time and time again, to have zero effect on gaming, after a certain point. It is the GPU that you want to be faster, not the CPU.
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    Seagate Unveils Complete SSD Product Line

    MTBF for Seagate SSDs ... about 2,000 hours.
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    ASRock Z87 Motherboard Series Detailed

    If only Asrock would make a motherboard that lasts longer than 32 days...