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  1. DM3K

    [WTB][US] Monitor Wanted

    My tertiary monitor just died and I am looking for a replacement. My budget is $80 shipped, but I can add a little more if it is a very nice one. Must either have a vesa mount or a stand that can be rotated to portrait. Display port is preferred, but DVI or HDMI would work. Must be at...
  2. DM3K

    [WTB][US] Monitor 27" or greater

    EDIT: I got one from newegg.
  3. DM3K

    [FF] Ftl essay contest

    I am giving out a copy of FTL. I got one in the latest HumbleBundle, but I already owned a copy. I will be choosing the winner from whoever I deem the best respondent. Due to the TL;DR effect limit 100ish words.
  4. DM3K

    [WTB][US] i5 or better cpu + mAtx mobo

    My brother is upgrading his studio computer. I am looking for a mATX or possibly itx board and matching cpu. A PCI slot for his old sound card would be nice but is not required. I will also need a quiet heatsink.
  5. DM3K

    [WTB][US] PSU 450w+

    I need a power supply at least 450w. It must support 2 PCIe 6 pin and have an 8 pin cpu cable. I can spend around $40. Heat: DM3k Edit: Got one!
  6. DM3K

    [WTB][US] gtx 460 HSF

    I need a replacement fan or hsf for this GTX460 for obvious reasons. It does not matter to me if it is oem or aftermarket as long as it is cheap. No WC please. Ouch! Bottom view for mounting holes. I have a 90mm fan zip tied in place for now but I would prefer something thats looks...
  7. DM3K

    [WTB] USB front panel assembly for Lanboy AIR

    A client of mine broke the front usb ports on his lanboy air. Antec does not have parts available. Heat: DM3k
  8. DM3K

    [WTB][US] Core 2 dou or core 2 quad 775

    My Q6700 just died. I am looking for a replacement chip. If dirt cheap I can settle for a dual core, but I would prefer a quad. Heat: DM3k
  9. DM3K

    [WTB][US] DM3K's wish list

    DM3k is currently seeking the following items: Fast Hard drive (WD Black or raptor) or 120gb+ SSD (expecting to spend around $100 on this item) Windows 7: I am not putting a pirate copy on this system so it must be legit. Just need the COA, I have install medium. The above items will all...
  10. DM3K

    [WTB][US] 9800gt or better

    I need to replace a failed video card with an equivalent or better card as cheaply as possible. The failed card is a 9800GT. Nvidia is prefered, but not required. PM me with an offer. If it is under manufacteur warranty that would be a plus. Heat DM3K
  11. DM3K

    [WTB][US] [borrow] 1366 i7 or [FS] Rampage II Gene

    I recently got a Rampage II Gene motherboard, however I do not know it it works or not. In order to test it I need a 1366 i7 (I have access to a Xeon but it is not compatible). If the board works I will buy the I7 if it does not I would want to return it (I will pay for shipping both ways.)...
  12. DM3K

    [FS][US] Intel Advanced N mPCIe Wifi card

    Just upgraded my wifi card so I am selling the old one. Intel Centrino Advanced N 6205 Model: 62205anhmw $10 shipped to us48 Heat: DM3K
  13. DM3K

    [WTB][US] Laptops in bulk

    I am looking to obtain several laptops preferably of the same model. P.M. me if your business is upgrading and needs to get rid of the old machines. I can and will securely erase all hdd. I may also be interested in win 7 (must have COA attached) desktops if they are cheap. I have a couple...
  14. DM3K

    [WTB][US] DDR3 2x4gb SO-DIMMs

    Got one: black Friday special $25 I looking to upgrade my newest laptop. I can get a new kit off the egg for $33 shipped. I just thought I would check here first if someone had a cheap kit. Heat: DM3K
  15. DM3K

    [WTB] AM3 Motherboard

    Bought one from Kantastic I need an AM3 or AM3+ motherboard, The board must support 8gb DIMMs, core unlocking, and have a usb3 header. PM me a pic of your motherboard with your name handwritten in it and your asking price. My budget is between $50 and $70 for this project. Heat: DM3k
  16. DM3K

    [WTB][US] Gtx460 2gb

    I need a GTX 460 2gb. I will need to see proof of owner ship before I buy, so have a picture of it with your name handwritten prepared. Also let me know how well it overclocks if you have overclocked. Cards still covered by manufacturer warranty are preferred. Heat: DM3K
  17. DM3K

    [WTB][US] modular power cables

    I just pulled an antec bp550 plus power supply out of a dead computer, but it is missing most of the cables. I only have the molex/ide power cable and the hard wired main connections. All cables use the typical 6 pin connection to the power supply. I may also need an AM3 motherboard soon...
  18. DM3K

    [WTB][US] AM2+ motherboard

    I am in need of an AM2 or AM2+ motherboard it MUST support a Phenom 9500. Micro-ATX is preferred, however I can do a case change if I can get an ATX board at a good price. PM me with an offer if you have one. I could also use a second board for an Athlon x2 4000, atx or matx, quad core...
  19. DM3K

    [WTB][US] Items that DM3K desires.

    Dm3K is in need of the following items: Crossfire bridge. Got one from kantastic Dm3k is also interested in obtaining the following items, but they are not a pressing need: mSATA ssd I also refurbish computers to sell locally, so I can often use other common components as long as...
  20. DM3K

    [FS] [Chicago] 42U Server Cabinet

    I bought this because I wanted the server inside. I am in the Chicago area. Since shipping would be ridiculously high I would prefer to have local pickup or delivery, but I can ship or deliver if you want to pay the cost. It is a 42u unit, with nothing inside. The brand or model is not marked...
  21. DM3K

    [WTB][US] Copper shims

    I need a .8mm copper shim, for my laptop's GPU. I looked on ebay and amazon, but the only ones I could find ship from overseas, but I do not want to wait, or pay a lot for faster shipping. Anybody have some or know of a good seller in north america?
  22. DM3K


    Just purchased a latitude e6420, and I would like to add a ssd. MSATA is strongly preferred, but if i can get a large sata ssd at a good price I may be interested.
  23. DM3K

    [WTB][US] am3+ motherboard

    I am switching to radeon video cards and my nforce980g chipset does not support crossfire. The board must have 990fx or 990x chipset, usb3, 8 sata III ports, and 3 or more pcie x16. Heat: DM3K
  24. DM3K

    [FS][US] 48gb dual hex-core xeon workstation

    Hp z800 workstation for sale. It is missing the case and hard drives. Only the power supply is left. Price drop 10% off Now parting out I purchased this from someone who inherited it from an it professional brother. The motherboard and power supply are proprietary so I could not throw...
  25. DM3K

    [WTB][US] 1156 cpu

    I would like to obtain a 1156 cpu i3, i5, or i7. The chip must have never been over-clocked. Inclusion of a heatsink (stock or better) would be preferred. I have everything I need to build a system but the cpu. After completion i plan to resell the system locally. Please PM your offers...