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  1. MT Alex

    OFFICIAL Battlefield 1 (Discussion)

    The ferocious French? That's a real doosey.
  2. MT Alex

    AMD Files Patent Infringement Complaint Against LG, Vizio, Others

    Hopefully this isn't a last ditch lifeline because they realize their upcoming gpu/cpu offerings are going to wind up as underwhelming as their last few attempts.
  3. MT Alex

    Upgrade to 7700K was a let down!

    I'm wracking my brain trying to come up with a more diplomatic and less caustic way to say "No duh" but I'm getting nothing.
  4. MT Alex

    Best DSL modem under $100 (preferably under $50)

    Sorry for the double post, here is a pic of it from March of 2013 on a stand I threw together that has a fan pointed directly into it's innards. The fan is hidden in the bottom.
  5. MT Alex

    Best DSL modem under $100 (preferably under $50)

    Yes, although I believe it's been replaced by a newer, flashier model. It's a TD-W8960N.
  6. MT Alex

    Best DSL modem under $100 (preferably under $50)

    My condolences, I am also on CenturyLink DSL. I pay for 10 and am lucky to get 7.5mb/s, peak times of the night are simply atrocious. I have been using a TP-Link ADSL2+ modem/router for at least 4 years, with no complaints. I had to make sure they quit charging me my monthly rent on the old...
  7. MT Alex

    OFFICIAL Battlefield 1 (Discussion)

    Super nice cape, Reayth!:clap:
  8. MT Alex

    GPU bottlenecked but not by the CPU.

    What game is that?
  9. MT Alex

    Bricked GTX 970

    Wow, super glad this story has a happy ending!
  10. MT Alex

    $ 15,500 electric vehicle to go on sale this year

    It would go perfect with a man bun.
  11. MT Alex

    Question for productivity of Corsair sleeved cables

    Sleeved cables are for esthetics only. They perform no better or worse than standard cables.
  12. MT Alex

    The Extended Battery talk

    I think you will get the same responses in this thread as the previous one you started.
  13. MT Alex

    Caterpillar Bulldozer

    My thoughts exactly. Looks like you've only been here a few short years, maybe you will learn better.
  14. MT Alex

    Caterpillar Bulldozer

    I voted 8/10 because: Nice job!
  15. MT Alex

    My Personal Experience

    I actually had a very hard time after switching to an NV card, the colors to my eyes are much less vibrant than AMD. Things look fine, but just not as striking. It's been several years now, and a couple of cards later, so it no longer bothers me as much. Talking to a few other users on this...
  16. MT Alex

    RGB Keyboard Question

    Perhaps I wasn't clear in my post. Right now I have all keys a lightish blue, except the ASDW and spacebar, which are a darker orange. Any key can have any light scheme, as well as a macro assigned to it.
  17. MT Alex

    RGB Keyboard Question

    My Corsair uses proprietary software to program any key any color, with profiles for any program I launch. I've watched a bunch of keyboard reviews from Joanne Tech Lover, she actually goes through all the programming options of each keyboard she unboxes. Easy on the eyes, too. JTL Keyboard...
  18. MT Alex

    Building my liquid cooled gaming rig! Help appreciated!

    I'm rather fond of the Scottish version of the famous Rolling Stones song: Hey, McCloud, get off of my ewe.
  19. MT Alex

    Building my liquid cooled gaming rig! Help appreciated!

    Yeah, it's not like a choice between Coke and Pepsi or Ford and Chevy. The differences are very real and are common knowledge among power users/enthusiasts. Hell, even cdawall has moved to Intel.
  20. MT Alex

    *CLOSED*Giveaway ! CPU Intel i3 4160 + Corsair H75 AIO cooler &Corsair PSU 430W

    Please count me in! That cpu would make a great minecraft/trove rig for my kids, who are beginning to use mine more than I like.
  21. MT Alex

    EVGA supplying retailers, before sending cards to direct, paying customers, preorderers and members.

    Add me to the list I don't see how potential bad heatware reviews should add towards your stack of grievances against EVGA. This entire thread is a diatribe about someone/thing not honoring their end of a presumed bargain. You told people you would ship your 980 this week per YOUR word, not...
  22. MT Alex

    Should I be worried about lightning? [Giveaway]

    One of the greatest RTS of all time! Thanks for the great giveaway, nothing for me, but your list prompted me to begin replaying Call of Juarez. Good stuff. Also, I took FR@ANK's post to be tongue in cheek comedy, got a chuckle out of it. Hopefully that was the intended purpose.
  23. MT Alex

    OFFICIAL Strategy Gaming Thread

    Are there any glaring reasons to buy Stellaris over Glactic Civ 3? I may have to review some youtube vids before deciding. I'm a huge Stardock fan.
  24. MT Alex

    OFFICIAL DayZ Standalone (Discussion)

    Not me, Sweet Cheeks, I never fell for the standalone, just a mod guy. Seems more like the neverfinishalone version.
  25. MT Alex

    A Memorial to Kreij - Holiday 2017 PC build and Giveaway- Congrats to the Winners!!!

    MT Alex In for a shot at the Spring PC, what a great opportunity! My favorite part of spring is getting to shave off my long underwear.