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    Which Razer Blackwidow mechnical keyboards, sound like a type writer?

    The 2014 Edition of the Black Widow is more noisy and clicky than the 2013 Edition. Hear it:
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    Razer Launches New Headphone Series

    The In-ears are good but not better thatn the Hammerheads which provide a mic also unlike the Adaro In ears.
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    Razer Launches New Headphone Series

    Cool headphones you might say but overpriced for just a tad bit. The design also is not that quite elegant unlike the Adaro DJs for example.
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    Advice in upgrading GTX 660 Ti to GTX 780 Ti

    I'd recommend you to get a new 780 Ti because it has newer architecture and stuff like that.
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    R9 290X Tri-X or Windforce Edition?

    Jesus thanks for the so quick response ;). I have already installed a decent quiet cpu cooler so I don't mind having some noise from the GPU only.
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    R9 290X Tri-X or Windforce Edition?

    Can you tell me which one of those is the best solution to the 290X series?
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    Need advice on upgrading from GTX 650 Ti Boost

    If you don;t want to wait the GTX 800 for a greater performance boost then the 750 Ti is an option for you :) Check out a review
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    Headset (headphones) Advice Please.

    I'd go for the Siberia Elite chech em out if you're interested
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    Razer Goes Metal With Kraken Forged Edition Headphones

    It's top notch quality I've tried them and its funny that metal music sound better than any other kind of music in them. Look out for this review that was posted on Razer's CEO FB/twitter pages
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    Sapphire Radeon R9 290 or 290X?

    Sapphire Radeon R9 290 or 290X? I don't have any particular badget limitation but the 290 is good enough for me and some review like the one below describe particularly that there's no meaningful reason to go to the higher priced 290X for 5-6 frames more.
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    Sapphire Radeon R9 270X Vapor X or Toxic Edition?

    Hey guys, I just came across this video and I never knew that a Toxic Edition of the R9 270 X existed. I'm looking to upgrade my video card with not something quite pricey and this looks like to be among the best choices. What do you suggest? I think that the Toxic Edition is the best one like...