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  1. selway89

    Contemplating Upgrades

    Just to update people with where I got to with this. Basically got a new case with an AIO cooler. Got some more memory nice and cheap, and pushed the overclock a bit more. Moved my Windows install to a faster 120GB SSD I had, didnt know it was faster till I bench marked it and realised...
  2. selway89

    Contemplating Upgrades

    Thanks all. Yeh after a bit of thinking new processor and motherboard etc is stretching the budget as something has come up I hadn't expected. Anyway will hunt for some used RAM to keep costs down. Got a Coolermaster seidon 240v cheap and a cheap case with better ventilation and space for...
  3. selway89

    Contemplating Upgrades

    Interesting suggestions people. Thank you! I was expecting people to be slating the FX. Would bumping up to 16GB RAM, a 1060 6GB and if possible push the CPU more with better cooling see me net better performance? It is possible I had expected the RX 470 to be better than what it is...
  4. selway89

    Contemplating Upgrades

    Hi All, Long long time since I posted anything on here but I am thinking of doing some upgrades but unsure where to start and what makes the most sense. Current specs are in my profile but quick summary is: AMD FX 8320 @ 4.5GHz 8GB DDR3 2133MHz RAM Gigabyte GA-970A-UD3P (1.0) Sapphire NITRO+...
  5. selway89

    Custom Hi-Fi Systems/Car Subwoofers for PC Speakers

    My setup is as follows: 2x Mission M30i HiFi speakers powered by Cyrus One HiFi amp (amp was and still is the dogs dangalies) 1x Home-made sub - Has a Mission 8" driver out of a £300 home cinema sub unit, powered by a Kenwood car amp. All of this is driven off a Creative X-Fi ExtremeMusic...
  6. selway89

    5850 Fan at 100% During Welcome Screen?

    I have it occasionally when waking my computer from sleep mode.
  7. selway89

    Razer Reaffirms Commitment to Support Mac Users

    I guess this is in some way related to Valve providing Steam and Source based games for the Mac. I have the Deathadder Mac edition but only because the white led matches my screen leds and keyboard :P
  8. selway89

    FF XIII (My impression)

    From what iv seen the new FF looks pretty good. I dont have it as i dont have a PS3 or Xbox =/ Been watching/playing with my mates at uni, which got me playing my first FF game and that type of game not long ago. Been hooked on FF7 and love it!! Definitely up there with my best ever games...
  9. selway89

    How to hook a car amp up to your PC

    I would NOT recommend using the PSU to power BOTH the amp and pc. You could take the whole lot with it! A separate PSU with a large current rating on the 12V rail. I have a home made sub-woofer using a car amp to power it with my hifi speakers. I measured the current that my amp drew at the...
  10. selway89

    DIY sewer sub. 6" of DIY powah!

    Yeh I know, don't worry I haven't done it like the initial drawings. Main speakers are driven normally and the low level headphone out is then connected to the RCA on the sub amp. Works a treat.
  11. selway89

    DIY sewer sub. 6" of DIY powah!

    Good work man, although I prefer the sound of an infinite baffle instead of a tuned ported sub. I did some work over the summer on a sub-woofer for my pc and hifi gear. http://forums.techpowerup.com/showthread.php?t=101818 Sounds fantastic no matter what the music is, nice deep bass with a tight...
  12. selway89

    PS3 Gets 3D

    Iv read that the people working towards a standard 3D bluray format are targeting the PS3 as a 100% compatible. To me this says you do not need a 120Hz tv etc. PS3 has HDMI 1.3 which supports upto 60Hz, HDMI 1.4 when finished should support greater refresh rates. So surely for the PS3 to work...
  13. selway89

    Poll: Desktop Screen Res

    2048*1152 on 23" 16:9 aspect. :)
  14. selway89

    Win 7 Pros&Cons

    If you don't like the small square tabs on the task bar and would prefer it like vista. Then right click the task bar and hit properties, and change the Taskbar buttons option to; Never combine or combine when full. I myself prefer this.
  15. selway89

    [FS][EU] [UK] - Corsair XMS2 PC6400 800MHz RAM and Intel Core2Duo E4500 CPU.

    Sale pending to Nick259 for the 2 RAM sets. CPU still up for grabs.
  16. selway89

    [FS][EU] [UK] - Corsair XMS2 PC6400 800MHz RAM and Intel Core2Duo E4500 CPU.

    I did notice the price had gone up recently, but a quick look on ebay showed there wasnt much interest at a higher price point, and would like a pretty quick sale. Prices have now been adjusted slightly. Cheers to those who have given me a heads up on this :) Nick you have another pm.
  17. selway89

    [FS][EU] [UK] - Corsair XMS2 PC6400 800MHz RAM and Intel Core2Duo E4500 CPU.

    Hi all as the title suggests im looking to sell these as they are no longer needed. My motherboard has recently died so the memory and cpu are up for grabs. I dont believe there are any issues with them, however should that be the case I will offer a refund. Item Details: 2GB Kit (2x1GB) -...
  18. selway89

    Smartphone owners club!

    I have the Nokia N900. Nokia don't like to call it a phone (i do :P). Absolutely love it! I may do a bigger post on it with information etc. Previous smart phones include: Nokia 7610 (old symbian handset - first 1MP camera phone) Nokia N80 (loved that to bits that phone!) Sony...
  19. selway89

    Team Fortress 2 low framerate

    well my issues seem resolved after a series of issues. installed windows updates and turned off to give graphics card fan a clean. and had issues loading, then booting as motherboard went kaput :( now got core i5 750 new mobo and ram with clean install and im ok. thanks anyway for the...
  20. selway89

    Team Fortress 2 low framerate

    Hey all, I have exactly the same problem... :( Radeon 5850 with a Core2Duo E4500 @ 3.4GHz 4GB RAM and I'm getting 30fps and lower, which it hasn't done before. Changing the settings etc. has had no effect. Even disabled my anti virus active scanning etc. and still nothing. Updated to cats 9.12...
  21. selway89

    I believe your hosted Avatar The Game Demo has a virus.

    Without an anti-virus running, you wouldn't know if you have a virus or not. Something behaving not quite right maybe a sign, but some act silently. If the checksum is correct then there is little chance of it having a virus or any other differences.