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  1. Dazzeerr

    Valve promising three 'surprises' within next 12 months

    No, because that would be boring. Half-Life 3 in 3D Some kind of RTS game Steam on 360, PS3 and multi-platform gaming.
  2. Dazzeerr

    Need For Speed Hot Pursuit Thread

    Is the voice at the start of that trailer Johnny Drama from Entourage?
  3. Dazzeerr

    Microsoft raising Xbox Live Price

    Another reason to keep it PC. :D
  4. Dazzeerr

    Crysis 2 New Multi-Player Footage

    Looks pretty good and I'm guessing because it's being made for consoles too it will be less of a struggle to run?
  5. Dazzeerr

    Current Sales, Bundles, Giveaways

    Cheers ShiB :P Bethesda Pack looks good on Steam guyyss, dunno if you've all already seen it but it's £38/$59 for Fallout 3, Oblivion and Morrorwind. Not personally much of an RPG fan but I know some of you are. http://store.steampowered.com/sub/4875/
  6. Dazzeerr

    Current Sales, Bundles, Giveaways

  7. Dazzeerr

    How To...Capture, Convert, and Post your PC Game Play Footage II

    Very nice thank you will be using this in the future.
  8. Dazzeerr

    strange wow support emails

    I also don't play WoW and get similar e-mails and just ignore them, I guess it's quite a good idea, if they send that e-mail out to millions of random email addresses they are bound to get some return on it, after all it's the most played online game ever.
  9. Dazzeerr

    Mafia 2 Demo Benchmark Results Thread

    There we go. Thanks erocker :)
  10. Dazzeerr

    TV Advice: Plasma, LCD or LED?

    I'd go for a LED backlit LCD personally, they are minorly more expensive than regular LCD's, cost a lot less on electric compared to a plasma, and a fair amount less than a regular LCD too so you'll be saving for years to come. ^_^
  11. Dazzeerr

    Build a Gaming Rig or Get a PS3 ?

    I couldn't stand going back to console now because there is no tweaking, it is what it is. You can't change it, you can't improve it, you can't mess it up then scratch your head wondering what the hell it is you've done wrong then congratulate yourself for somehow figuring it out and fixing it...
  12. Dazzeerr

    Mafia 2 Demo Benchmark Results Thread

    Urrgh, can you guys see those images? Because I can't.
  13. Dazzeerr

    Mafia 2 Demo Benchmark Results Thread

    Forgot to screen the benchmark, got a decent score considering my system though. :) I really like the style on this game, I've always loved 2K's choice in art style. Borderlands, Bioshock and now Mafia 2. Here's some screens I got during the demo, really thinking about buying this game today.
  14. Dazzeerr

    Borderlands DLC worth it?

    This is possible, but if that's true then no type of games appeal to me at the moment :/ I'm bored of straight-up FPS games because it's all I ever seem to play, it's more a case of getting to play the games I think. Once I start playing them I enjoy them, it's literally just starting them up.
  15. Dazzeerr

    Survey for TPU

    Sure I'd do it.
  16. Dazzeerr

    Borderlands DLC worth it?

    Just did a bit of my own research, the new DLC is coming in September and is called Claptrap's New Robot Revolution. It's been a while since the last DLC was released, so maybe it's a big one. More likely they slowed down on development but whatever. :P Think I will get all the DLC's as long as...
  17. Dazzeerr

    RUSE New updated PC DEMO Released.

    I've downloaded it, will have a go tomorrow. There's something about the graphics style that irritates me though, maybe I'm just tired. :P
  18. Dazzeerr

    Borderlands DLC worth it?

    I've just start getting back into Borderlands again after not really giving it a fair shot the first time, which I do a lot with games... It's annoying, I still haven't completed Bioshock 1 yet didn't think twice about buying the 2nd one because I knew it would be a good game, just haven't even...
  19. Dazzeerr

    Steam hijack attempt

    Haha :) This is a pretty lame attempt to some I've seen, but then most of the ones I've seen have been for MMO accounts and such, people try harder with them because they can sell for A LOT sometimes.
  20. Dazzeerr

    This monitor good for the price?

    I thought so, nothing comes close on competitor sites. Is LG a decent company to go for with monitors? I don't trust or like their phones one bit. Are they up to Samsung's standard?
  21. Dazzeerr

    This monitor good for the price?

    http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct.php?prodid=MO-087-LG&groupid=17&catid=949&subcat= It's LED backlit and 1920x1080 native, seems REALLY good for the price. Am I missing something or should I grab it?
  22. Dazzeerr

    COD:Black Ops gets modding back

    I'll get it, just the single player is worth the money and I still found MW2 multiplayer fun. Your allowed to bitch about things, ESPECIALLY if you've bought and tried it out.
  23. Dazzeerr

    Brink The Game

    Nah I can't imagine it would play much like Borderlands. Borderlands was an FPS RPG in a REALLY wide space, Brink's more of your typical shooter, I see the similarities in the artwork though.
  24. Dazzeerr

    Brink The Game

    Spring 2011 though?! Does look nice.
  25. Dazzeerr

    first person tetris...lol

    Why do they always try to make perfect things better...