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    Return 680 Classified?

    Hi All, Just wanted some input...I ordered a 680 Classified, as soon as it popped up on Amazon for sale on Friday. However, I haven't opened the box. I happened to read Anandtech's review of the 680 Classified Saturday morning, and it was somewhat dismal. It's not guaranteed to be binned any...
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    Recommendation? 7970 Ghz or...

    Hi All, I've been reading through many of the previous threads, and there's a lot of great opinions and information to be gleaned. I was wondering what you may suggest, because I'm having difficulty deciding whether to buy an EVGA 680 FTW 4GB (I'm concerned about VRAM in 2GB versions) or wait...
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    Zotac 680 4GB or EVGA 680 2GB SC+?

    Hi All, This is my first post and I've got a question about the Zotac 680 4GB. I'm not familiar with that brand, and I've currently got an EVGA 680 SC+ unopened. I've held off opening it till I was positive it was the best card. I ordered it on impulse and now I'm having second thoughts. I...
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    EVGA GTX 680 SC+ OR Zotac 680 4G Stock?

    Wrong part of the forum. I tried to move it. I apologise.