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  1. arroyo

    i7 8700K, 8600K, 7700K Overclock results

    CPU (no delid) 4800 MHz (HT ON) CPU Voltage = 1.25V AVX offset = 2 Vcore LLC = High Memory (2x Ballistix Sport LT Gray 8GB DDR4-2400 UDIMM BLS8G4D240FSB) 3000MHz 16-18-18-38 1T Mem V = 1.28V VCCIO = 1V VCCSA = 1.1V Cooling: Thermalright Macho + 12cm fan 1500 rpm Case: Chieftec Cube Stability...
  2. arroyo

    Do you still believe in Cryptocurrency ?

    Bitconnect BCC from 200$ to 10$ in just 1h ... yes I believe in coins :kookoo:
  3. arroyo

    Do you still believe in Cryptocurrency ?

    In my personal opinion virtual coins are the most pathetic and least useful currency of all time... next to tulips. Why: 1. they are resource hungry to mine (its like you burn a forest and someone is willing to pay for photo of it). 2. every transaction has huge cost penality. It cannot be...
  4. arroyo

    Emulation vs. real console

    I like to have all beloved consoles in my home, but I do not have a space for that. Also floppy disks from my old Atari 65XE are dead now. My SNES does not work since 15 years. With Raspberry Pi3 I can have all my memories and my old consoles in a pocket. I just connect it to TV and play...
  5. arroyo

    Emulation vs. real console

    Emulation! Mainstream PC + Libretro/RetroArch ... and you can emulate every console from Atari 2600 up to PS3/Wii U! Raspberry Pi 3 can emulate every console up to PSX/Dreamcast.
  6. arroyo

    AMD Radeon RX 470 Could Surprise with Pricing

    Can it be unlocked to RX480? If yes, then ... YES!
  7. arroyo

    [Rumor] RX480 AIB Card Leaked and Tested!

    I have not seen such big hype around graphics card for a long time. Pascal architecture was a big surprise, because no one expected to be really that good. And now AMD is expected to be even better. God, please don't let me down like you did in last AMD few GPU generations. I want to buy...
  8. arroyo

    [Rumor] RX480 AIB Card Leaked and Tested!

    Back in the days OC meant 50% more power. Do anyone still remember Radeon 9500@9700, Geforce 6800LE@6800GT or E2140 1,6GHz@3,2GHz?
  9. arroyo

    Swiftech Unveils H2Ox20 Elite Series Liquid Cooling Kits

    3 bodies won't fit in Cosmos II. Only one will, but you must chop off legs first. But you can fit a whole computer in it and you will have free space for XBOX, PS3 and a hamster terrarium inside :)
  10. arroyo

    Giveaway: Nuclear Dawn

    something good
  11. arroyo

    Giveaway: Portal 2

    Me want Portal! Oh boy, oh boy! And me proudly waiting for result.
  12. arroyo

    Giveaway: Deus Ex - Human Revolution

    FUTURAMA Reason for this: Bender
  13. arroyo

    6950 Price Drop?

    I thing they will become unavailable sooner then they will get cheaper. Right now in Poland HD6950 are available only in second hand market.
  14. arroyo

    Recycling gold from computer parts

    I have tried this already 5 years ago, on my studies. I have ended with a scar on left hand from acid and two years after I stopped playing with gold mining I discovered, that I have asthma bronchiale. If you want to do this at home...don't. It is just not worth. If you want to start it with...
  15. arroyo

    Convince me not to go Nehalem

    Proof or it did not happen. I found a proof that Phenom II X4 is enough for GTX480: http://alienbabeltech.com/main/core-i7-vs-phenom-ii-x2-vs-x4-scaling-performance-analysis
  16. arroyo

    How to edit 6950 2GB bios to make it run hotter?

    I do not recomend this solution for 250$ card. I had the same problem with my old GF 6800 GT. It started to artifact some day. Always after 15 minutes of Furmark artifacting dissapeared. I have made oven trick but it helped for 2-3 months. Without proper reballing, overheating trick is just...
  17. arroyo

    Convince me not to go Nehalem

    I think right now going to Nahelm or Sandy Bridge is a bad option. Ivy Bridge is coming soon and your CPU is more than enough for games. With GTX580 you wont get bottleneck. CPU is important in low resolutions. In 1680x1050 it just does not matter.
  18. arroyo

    How to edit 6950 2GB bios to make it run hotter?

    I think your card is damaged. If it runs properly only when has high temps ... this is not normal. There is no way to get VRM in range 30C. Maybe it is burned already and temperature sensor do not work properly. You can remove all cooling from this card and see if it helps (do not do this, just...
  19. arroyo

    HD 7970 Overclocked to 1.26 GHz: 28 nm Tech Really Stretches Its Legs

    1.26 GHZ ... Great Scott! That is more than 1.21 gigawatts!
  20. arroyo

    Everything You Need To Know About GeForce GTX 560 Ti 448 Cores

    NVIDIA "The Way It's Meant To Be Renamed" I just hate when they do that!
  21. arroyo

    Upgrading a 2 year old gaming rig!

    I see no point for upgrading this rig. Since you schould be able to run Battlefileld 3 in fullHD and all details.
  22. arroyo

    Project: MNU

    Another question: Did you used standard mounting mechanism for side panels? Oryginal panels with acoustic dumpers are quite heavy and as I see you have put a lot of wood on them. I know the mounting mechanism uses metal hooks, but I already broke two of them on my Define R3. They are too soft...
  23. arroyo

    Project: MNU

    It is gonna be very interesting build. One question: Why did you painted black case when there is white version of Define R3.
  24. arroyo

    Prolimatech Launches Aluminum Vortex Silver Wings 140 mm Fan

    "Will It Blend?? That is the question!" Sorry...I just could not resist to say that.
  25. arroyo

    ASRock Announces Wide-Ranged Support for AMD FX Processors

    ASROCK SUCK! They have released Bulldozer support for old AM2 chipsets like nForce 630a and lefted in a dust most popular motherboards like 890GX Extreme 3 while ASUS and MSI releases BIOS updates for all line of motherboards. I do not believe in their explanation where they said that...