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    Name of hardware question?

    Im not plugging the 360 into it. I have a old xbox that is modded with the X3 chip so it acts as a media center. Infact the best media center around. Just had no clue about the NAS drives. I think Im starting understand how to use it. Anyone got one for sale. 0.5 TB would be nice.
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    Name of hardware question?

    Now that you say it, yes I think I mean a NAS drive. Can I run a LAN cable from them into my xbox?
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    Name of hardware question?

    I have an xbox media center and play all my movies through it. I told a friend about this and they suggested a type of drive you can buy that just has power input and ethernet output so it works as a server and I would be able to keep all my files on it without having to boot up a computer...
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    Warez Censorship??

    Well done (y)
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    Warez Censorship??

    Btarunr, the link that was given was the link to the home page of katz for the second time. I agree with closing this thread. Thank you
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    Warez Censorship??

    Im pretty sure I have already said my part. I did not post a illiegal file link. Just the link to the home ppage of katz to help someone out. I did that not knowing that you look down on such talk. Im fine with that and have thanked the individualed that have enlightened me. No worries, thanks.
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    Warez Censorship??

    Ok then thats fair enough. Thanks for yout time, I can see that people are against it and thats all I wanted to know.
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    Warez Censorship??

    Well yes its not hard to deduct from what I have posted I am talking about sharing information about illegal downloads. Alot of people do it. Most people couldn't make you believe everything on there computer is 100% legal, no MP3 downloads from limewire ect. One of my quesitons was, why is...
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    Warez Censorship??

    Pease delete this thread I've not been here long but already enjoy all the usefull and interesting banter within the forum. I have no problems with individual members and believe everyone on here is as helpfull and polite. My only qarm with this forum is the censorship placed over discussion...
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    Nintendo Wii Can Now Stream Music Wirelessly from MP3Tunes

    I think if your not running it through HD the graphics do look a little xbox the 1st. Can you run it through 1080p yet?? A mate of mine has it through 720.
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    Need a 'Free' MP4 converter...

    I dont think its been mentioned but TVersity is the leader in Xbox streaming software. Install the free program, Load up your libary on it. STart sharing and it will stream all your videos in MPEG4 at a good qaulity also. The best thing to do is purchase an old xbox orignal. Stick the X3...
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    DVD burner

    Theres always Express Burn. Its a very small program but does its job well. http://www.download.com/Express-Burn/3000-2646_4-10752727.html?tag=lst-6
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    Nintendo Wii Can Now Stream Music Wirelessly from MP3Tunes

    Lol very true! You got me, I'm off to camp outside argos. :D
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    were can i fid my wep key

    If all else fails there may be a reset button on the side of your router. Stick your pen in there a couple seconds and this will normally strip the WEP from your router. To add a password just go to your internet browser and type at the top. Should be simple from there. Thanks
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    How to share files?

    Right click on the foudlers you want to share then go to the sharing panel at the top. Once your there you can enable the sharing and view these files on the new computer by going into your netword through My Computer.
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    terrible routers

    Just get a Belkin :D lol
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    Router Firewall?

    It's already been said but it's a very good idea to use firewall on your computer also as they are more advanced. Thanks
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    Nintendo Wii Can Now Stream Music Wirelessly from MP3Tunes

    Not bad. Will be looking at a Wii once the demands slowed a tad.
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    New HDD making odd noises?

    it could possibly mean that the data it is trying to access to damaged. One example of this is putting a scratched CD into your computer and hearing the exess nosie casused by the laser having to scan faster. Re-install and defrag.
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    Microsoft Plans Motion Sensing Xbox 360 Controller

    Just another example of Microsoft stealing something and no dout running it into the ground.
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    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to All Our Readers

    Was a good chirstmas... New laptop :D
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    I find NOD32 to be pretty good.
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    To PS3 or not to PS3

    True, I think COD4 is better on xbox though. Since I got t 360 I've not really used the pc as a games machine atall. If microsoft supported avi playback and didnt charge you for live it would be perfect.
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    To PS3 or not to PS3

    Ok aparrantly fireware 1.80 now upscales games and DVDs. http://www.ps3fanboy.com/2007/05/23/firmware-1-80-to-include-1080p-upscaling-for-games-and-movies/
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    To PS3 or not to PS3

    Is that a fact about upscaling?? Sony tend to make a big deal when a unit does upscale. Like the recorders that I work with.