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    MSI Entering SSD Business with SandForce-Driven Products

    Better than disaster-prone HDDs.
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    HD7990 Release?

    According to SemiAccurate, AMD has been waiting on process maturity and collecting enough low leakage chips to create the 7990. These binned chips will be on the 7970 GHz edition, which will probably be launching this week.
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    7970M or 680M ?

    GTX 680M is the faster part.
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    AMD Radeon HD 7850 & HD 7870 2048 MB

    :confused: I wasn't talking to you. I also never said anything about the color meaning anything. I don't see how your thoughts pertain to anything. I was just showing a guy the die shot of Tahiti. Why do you need to get involved... and what is there to be involved with in the first place?
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    AMD Radeon HD 7850 & HD 7870 2048 MB

    Here's a nice diarrhea-brown colored die shot of Tahiti: