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    Ryzen and 3000/3200MHz DDR4 - does it work by default?

    This is question mainly to current owners of such rigs: what is current status on it? Do such high frequency memories run on ryzen cpus with their speeds or are they getting downclocked and it is needed to overclock them to get their nominal frequencies to work? Of course i'm thinking about...
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    New gaming mouse - which one to choose

    Thanks for awesome suggestion! This guy reviewed some decent mice. I looked on his page: http://www.rocketjumpninja.com/mouse-reviews/ From what i checked so far the closest ones to what i am looking for are Finalmouse 2016 Classic Ergo, Fnatic Clutch G1, Gigabyte MX300 and probably i will find...
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    New gaming mouse - which one to choose

    A4 tech back in the day was very crappy, they were manufacturing very budget mice and keyboards which were awful. As i was working at local computer shop i was selling them and i saw how horrible they are. I'm surprised many people are recommending it now. I took a look at their gaming optical...
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    New gaming mouse - which one to choose

    My current mouse is getting old and i'm thinking about replacing it. I used to be playing games with awesome microsoft habu mouse but this one is not manufactured anymore unfortunately. I loved in it everything: shape, software, cable, dpi on-the-fly switching. I see razer deathadder seems to be...
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    NVIDIA to Focus on 2-way SLI with GeForce "Pascal"

    Changelog for nvidia driver v376.66: -removed support for 3 and 4 gpu sli configurations to improve compatibility between supported operating systems. P.S. Yes, i'm making fun of nvidia which removed in one of linux drivers support for more than 3 displays.
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    AMD-The Master Plan

    English is not my native language, my english is far from perfect but... i watched these videos just for sex! :D This reveals that this guy is german or other similar language speaker.
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    Doom (2016) Supports Vulkan API, Demoed on GeForce GTX 1080

    Anyway, did they show any proof of this game being running on geforce 1080 or, what i'm more interested with, it really runs on vulkan? I do not trust to these nvidia full of poop marketing guys at all, especially after hoaxes like 970 "4GB", fake gpu on presentation and so on. Did anyone see...
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    Hitman Episode Two Update Breaks DirectX 12 Support

    I love borderlands series, i share this love with my gf and we completed borderlands 1, 2 and pre-sequel, in 1 and 2 we have 100% steam achievements done, in pre-sequel we will have 100% soon but when tales from the borderlands was released... we both watched it on youtube and we both have no...
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    ZOTAC Outs a PCIe x1 GeForce 710 Graphics Card

    DDR3L? Is it regular, desktop memory? Not even GDDR? That's curious choice of memory.
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    OSD monitoring software not based on Afterburner?

    If you want to change osd tool only because of nfs i would try first other thing. Usually startup crashes and crashes in ea origin games are caused by conflict between ANY external osd and origin overlay. Disable origin overlay completely or just for need for speed and try the game again with...
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    [ENDED] Giveaway : Trine 3, Door Kickers, Outlast, FORCED, Else Heart.Break()

    I totally would get in for trine 3, when i took a look at list "Else Heart.Break()" title sounds so catchy :D But game itself is... not in my taste ;-) So as second game if you would be that kind i would ask for outlast. BTW, you guys totally should take a look at Frozenbyte's new game which is...
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    More than 16 tap anisotropic filtering?

    Agree, in most games x16 samples is not taking fps at all so i do not understand why not to extend it with more samples. I've heard in assetto corsa af drops fps a lot but personally i didn't find it to be the case on my hardware (fx-8320+r9 380). Anyway, currently a lot companies prefer to...
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    More than 16 tap anisotropic filtering?

    The only game which i know is possible to be forced to use more than 16x af samples is brothers a tale of two sons and it can use up to x32 samples of anisotropy filtering. This i know from this site: http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Brothers:_A_Tale_of_Two_Sons I have no idea how it is with other...
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    AMD Announces Radeon Software Beta for Vulkan

    If anyone needs more benchmarks here is a video from me: https://youtu.be/v74oJ5552mQ I compared all available in game APIs: vulkan, dx9, 11 and opengl on fx-8320 and r9 380 4GB. More you can read here: http://steamcommunity.com/app/257510/discussions/0/412447331651559970/#c412447331652212809
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    7 Zip or WinRAR?

    Download and install 7-zip. Even if it comes as beta or alpha it is still more stable than any software available on market. WinRar for regular user and even advanced user has no real advantages over 7-zip. P.S. Money which you saved by installing 7-zip instead of buying winrar license you can...
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    Should I refund?

    IMO all TUL brands are not that great so i never bought anything from powercolor, gainward and absolutely do not buy anything from vertex3d. Vertex3D is the cheapest brand for radeons but its failure-rate is huge. I had hd3850 from powercolor, tbh still have it and it is working, was great card...
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    Upcoming Games Most Excited For

    Just announced, Shadwen, stealth with time manipulation, looks very interesting to me. Official trailer: and a bit of pre-alpha gameplay i recorded today:
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    Ubisoft and NVIDIA Team Up On Assassin's Creed Unity, Far Cry 4 And More

    " NVIDIA's GameWorks technology includes TXAA antialiasing, which provides Hollywood-levels of smooth animation" - so do they mean all their games will be running at 23fps? I think fps in movies is not the same what fps in games and it leads me to conclusion: they do not think.
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    Tropico 3/4/5 HPK Archiver

    Awesome tool! Time to mod El Presidente and his country :-) I was always dreaming about such tool for any assassin's creed game... FordGT90Concept, could you try to create one?
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    Decent replacement for Microsoft Habu

    My Habu since some time is not working fine and it is long after warranty period, unfortunately so i'm forced to buy something new. So far i had two units of this particular model, currently it is almost impossible to find it in stores which is bad because i really like this mouse. What should i...
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    Acto Control - anything about it?

    If i remember correctly elder thief games were protected with starforce but my memory can be wrong about it. Ok, already received answer and protection is, as you were suspecting, rebranded and updated starforce crap. Here is more info, unfortunately in polish only...
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    Acto Control - anything about it?

    A moment ago i've sent an email to support, asked wtf is this protection :D
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    Acto Control - anything about it?

    Only anthology from muve digital is protected with it, not the coming one. New thief probably will be protected only with steam but that's only my thought about it.
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    Acto Control - anything about it?

    It is legit and yes, i've bought from them some games before, physical and digital.
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    Acto Control - anything about it?

    I'm about to buy thief at polish shop muve.pl and they are adding thief anthology digital to it and this their digital release is protected with this thing and that's why i'm asking. I googled for it too and came up with nothing xD Muve.pl has their own digital distribution service called muve...