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  1. ZakkWylde

    You pick the game giveaway!! Part II

    Farcry 4 Gold! My story begins with my family being given a intel 286 running dos/windows 3.1. My father was attending college and was given a less than legit cd filled with software much of which was games. I played hours and hours of wolfenstein 3d, doom, one must fall, hocus pocus, aces over...
  2. ZakkWylde

    Choosing new headphones for gaming(sometimes music)

    A second positive review of Sennheiser! I had the Sennheiser hd 439 that I scored for $50 cad a few years ago, they were excellent and extremely comfortable. I upgraded to the Sennheiser hd 598 when amazon had a boxing day deal for about $110 cad. The hd 598 are fantastic, a clear improvement...
  3. ZakkWylde

    [FF] ENDED - Giving away Windows and Office keys

    I would like an Office 2013 key if possible. Thank you!
  4. ZakkWylde

    **ENDED**Giveaway Time!! Mafia III

    Sign me up! I enjoyed Mafia II quite a lot!
  5. ZakkWylde

    [ENDED] Giveaway : Trine 3, Door Kickers, Outlast, FORCED, Else Heart.Break()

    In for a double trine 3 entry!
  6. ZakkWylde

    Still Use a Software Media Player for Music? If so, what? (Poll)

    Love Music Bee its great. It has the ability to convert on the fly from FLAC to mp3 which is nice for putting on the mobile phone. *Also! It is great for ripping to FLAC as it checks the accuraterip database and you can even set the offset of your specific optical drive
  7. ZakkWylde

    [WTB] Rise of the Tomb Raider

    Thanks for the tip! I would deff grab it for that price even with the exchange rate, looks like its expired? Shows $59.99 for me
  8. ZakkWylde

    Games WINNERS! Rise of The Tomb Raider & Deadpool

    Im in for rise of the tomb raider! Need a copy for the gf, I have a WTB thread as well if I dont win ;). Favourite tomb raider moment would actually be the co-op puzzles from lara croft and the guardian of light!
  9. ZakkWylde

    [WTB] Rise of the Tomb Raider

  10. ZakkWylde

    [WTB] Rise of the Tomb Raider

    Looking for a key. Would like to pay $25 usd, canadian dollar is hurting bad atm. Paypal Thanks
  11. ZakkWylde

    Best Gaming Computer for Budget $1000-1500

    This is fairly comprehensive and straight forward. I encourage you to give it a go! Its not much harder than assembling a lego set and the feeling of accomplishment is well worth the effort!
  12. ZakkWylde

    GAME GIVEAWAY to End 2015 and Begin 2016

    Thanks for the exciting few days to ring in the new year, and for all the hard work and prizes!
  13. ZakkWylde

    GAME GIVEAWAY to End 2015 and Begin 2016

    Thanks for RE4! Last time I played it was on my cousin's gamecube many moons ago! Great game!
  14. ZakkWylde

    GAME GIVEAWAY to End 2015 and Begin 2016

    Wooo! All pumped up for round 4! Thanks for Slender! and many thanks to those involved in the giveaway! Mark me down for Resident Evil 4, Metro Redux Bundle, and Zombie Army Trilogy! And can't forget the big finale! Happy New Year and Good Luck All!