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  1. Silas Woodruff

    Following Ryzen's Launch, Intel's CPUs Likely to See Price-Cuts

    Wow, they are some greedy mofos, took getting their ass kicked to have some acceptable prices.
  2. Silas Woodruff

    World of Tanks graphics.

    Well, there is this but it is a little old in my book.
  3. Silas Woodruff

    World of Tanks graphics.

    Hi, I'm here to talk a little about World of Tanks console vs PC graphics. There's been a lot of years since I've used a console and a few years since I played World of Tanks, but now when I see the console version of the game I think it looks absolutely amazing, bright colors and great weather...
  4. Silas Woodruff

    Running your Browser in a VM?

    Could always try https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/self-destructing-cookies/, kills cookies as soon as you close the tab, it also has a white list feature.
  5. Silas Woodruff

    How many times you've used your email.

    From all the sites listed on that, I use only one, being yahoo mail accounts and they've been updated like last week.
  6. Silas Woodruff

    Should '30 fps' lock on PC games exist? Some people think it should...

    It's probably the same people that think the human eye is limited to 30 or 60fps. There is absolutely nothing that limits "the frames" your eyes see, as a side note, your eyes don't see in frames and motion blur is a thing that gets added when your eyes can't process the information fast enough.
  7. Silas Woodruff

    I've been hacked...

    Well, can't really give any concrete answers, but these might help in giving your PC a thorough clean of anything malware. TDSSKiller run this first RogueKillerX64 second Emisoft emergency kit third adwcleaner forth JRT fifth After that, do pretty much what others have said, new passwords for...
  8. Silas Woodruff

    How many times you've used your email.

    Wow, it's nice to know I'm not the alone when it comes to having multiple email accounts and getting junk on them. In the future, I'll probably pull the trigger and delete my other email accounts and make 3 new ones: -one for real life stuff -one for games -one for junk Either that or one...
  9. Silas Woodruff

    How many times you've used your email.

    Hi there, I'm here to talk a little about my adventures using my email to make different forum and game accounts. I've got at least 25 different sites/games accounts over 5 different email addresses How did it get to this ridiculous number? Well like everyone else I used to be young, and...
  10. Silas Woodruff

    What are other websites similar to "for players. Com"?

    Read it foreplayers for a sec :)
  11. Silas Woodruff

    Unigine Announces the Superposition Benchmark - Coming Soon

    Looks stunning and reminds me of source engine for some reason.
  12. Silas Woodruff

    NVIDIA Announces the GeForce Now. $25 for 20 Hours of GTX 1060 Gaming

    Really, pay by the hour, how about no. Anyone serious enough or in dear need of real gaming, should just save the money and get their own PC and play the way they want, not some subscription crap. On a side note, games are fun, but hell you can use your PC for a lot more so it makes this...
  13. Silas Woodruff

    Company Bricks User's Software After He Posts a Negative Review

    Of course an apology is not enough, he claims whatever he downloaded also affects other programs, therefore I think legal action is appropriate. It's not cool for them to give him a link and mess with his computer claiming that whatever they downloaded is the fix for their problem....
  14. Silas Woodruff

    Escape From Tarkov

    Seems great. Looks like the ultimate shooter game, with great RPG elements, animation and high level of detail. With one minor flaw I notice, the flashing lights - Will they be BF3 style, used to blind you, because it seems that way.
  15. Silas Woodruff

    This new World War II videogame promises 100 player battles that aren’t ‘sports like’

    No, just no, it's a money hog. This video explains it
  16. Silas Woodruff

    Dream Build

    Let's say that by some miracle you manage to have that dream build, would you have enough money to pay the power bill afterwards... It's just a pipe dream, really get something more realistic.
  17. Silas Woodruff

    Time to replace some of my old harddrives/SSD?

    If I'm ready this right and you have two 150GB HDD's and the 1TB 7 year old are the only ones I would replace with a higher capacity drives even if they are still good. I'd recommend a 500 or 1TB HDD to replace those two or one 2TB drive to replace all three 7 year old drives.
  18. Silas Woodruff

    Antec Announces the GX330 Chassis

    That's a high price for what the case offers.
  19. Silas Woodruff

    CSGO and the state of PC multiplayer gaming.

    CS:GO is a downgrade, I mean sure it has slightly better graphics and weapon skins, yet to keep those two things they killed their biggest feature, proper skins from the likes of Gamebanana. I really don't want a reskin of a default weapon, even if it is very good, I want a proper replacement...
  20. Silas Woodruff

    Help using CMD transfering files.

    Thanks for the help.
  21. Silas Woodruff

    Help using CMD transfering files.

    Hi everyone, I'm facing a tricky task. My problem is that the other PC(Windows 7 Ultimate) refuses to boot to desktop anymore, instead it prompts me to choose between normal boot and startup repair, although for a very long time I am no longer able to use keyboard at that stage, so it always...
  22. Silas Woodruff

    cookie issue in firefox - unable to login and open website in firefox

    Maybe this will help, https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/self-destructing-cookies/
  23. Silas Woodruff

    SSD vs HDD Failure

    I don't know about you, but I don't fear my ssd dying anytime soon http://techreport.com/review/27909/the-ssd-endurance-experiment-theyre-all-dead
  24. Silas Woodruff

    Advice For People wishing to update to Windows 10 Redstone

    Well I've updated to the anniversary edition and no problems before or after install. Just checked for updates and let it do it's thing.
  25. Silas Woodruff

    What is wrong with people?

    I'll try to elaborate on this, well it's precisely because they are grown men that they can't act accordingly. I mean, If they had rage problems when they were young, now that they are older it certainly gets a lot harder to remove a habit. Just as it's a lot easier to learn new stuff when you...