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  1. MarcusFoX

    [FS/FT] FS Gigabyte Gtx 580 Soc

    Great card but I dont have enough fan cooling in my case to keep this card were I like it so its gotta go. its only a month old. This card stayed much cooler than stock reference models and only ran at 72c at 966 core very impressive for air. This is a super over clock Card stock speeds are...
  2. MarcusFoX

    How do I up the core and memory clocks on a 6950 higher?

    Cant seem to figure this out ..... I havent spent a gob of time in it ive unlocked the shaders with my stock xfx 6950 bios. Ive only had this card couple months really is there a new version of afterburner??? um do I have to edit the ccc registery, maybe dont run CCC at all??? I now this is...
  3. MarcusFoX

    [FS] HX850|6GB OCZ Platinum|PC HD5870 LCS

    Hi everyone I got a few things for sale. All These items come with there retail boxes and accessories. Non of these are regisitered so they all have full warranty when registered. I made sure all the Pictures were real real big with lots of detail for our more visually challenged Crowd...
  4. MarcusFoX

    [FS] FS: Worldwide 8GB 4x2gb patriot viper ddr2 | 300GB velocity Raptor 10k

    Welcome to my FS thread.. Here Ive got for sale some Odds and ends that I have lying around. Updated: 10/07/2010 Another set 4x2gb 8gb of Patriot PVS24G6400LLK 800mhz 2-2.1v 4-4-4-12 this stuff with run 1066mhz easy. SOLD http://i30.photobucket.com/albums/c333/AMphoto_1/AMDx62.jpg...
  5. MarcusFoX

    [FS/FT] MarcusFoX's FS Thread

    Close this thread
  6. MarcusFoX

    [WTB] WTB: Intel 875k or i5 655k

    im only looking for these 2 chips. im putting together a new build and im looking to get some nice clocks out of this new system. Im From Ontario Canada so shipping to Canada is a must. Please any prices offered must included shipping. Please bump if you look, pm with your offers...
  7. MarcusFoX

    [FS] MarcusFoX FS Thread Updated weekly

    open a new thread this one is closed
  8. MarcusFoX

    [WTB] 8gb of ddr2 2x2 kits only

    Id prefer 1 set of Mushkin 996599 or 2 sets of corsair dominator must be 2 matching sets please Pm with what you have and your price. Things to Note: I Am from Ontario Canada 95+ heatware under MarcusFoX 46+ Ebay under Siliconxtreme
  9. MarcusFoX

    [WTB] WTB: Crysis And Crysis Warhead| 4870 1gb

    Just as the title says im lookin to buy both retail games. If you have either one and are willing to sell them cheaper than steam than let me me know. Things to Note: I Am from Ontario Canada Steam is selling both games for $39.99 95+ heatware under MarcusFoX 46+ Ebay under...
  10. MarcusFoX

    [WTB] WTB: Intel s775 Quad Core

    Looking for any type as long as the price right of course... if offered a Q6600 id prefer the G0 stepping, if the VID is great then the ill even take a B1. All 45nm penryn cpu's ill accept at that the right price. Ill also take a good Xeon. im looking to pay between $80-$180 shipped for the...
  11. MarcusFoX

    [FS/FT] ATI HD5970 2gb Worldwide

    ATI HD5970 2gb shipped Worldwide Got another one of my OEM 5970's up for sale... card in mint condition straight from ATI and OC's like a beast. Reason im getting rid of the card is because Its to much card for me atm, id be happier putting some some money back in my pocket. Price lowered...