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    AMD Releases Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.7.3

    is there will be new update for Windows 10 redstone build?
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    AMD RX480 Confirmed at $199

    I pray for 8GB RX480 to come out top of GTX 970 at every game. A 230$ Card will be available in India for 310$ which is almost without breaking budget of most Indian gamers. Average pricing of GTX 1070 here will be 575$.
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 8 GB

    Overpriced shit in India, showing @ Rs. 80,000 (1180 $) .. Hopefully Polaris will be available under 350 $..
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    AMD Polaris 10 "Ellesmere" as Fast as GTX 980 Ti: Rumor

    I think 300$ price point for AMD polaris 10 is true because AMD has stated polaris 10 as mainstream card. But i do not believe it will match GTX 980 Ti but more like 95% performance of GTX 980 or equal to R9 390.
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    GamingPC Releases 4.4 GHz Core i7-5960X-Powered Gaming System

    Bugatti Veyron? :confused:
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    3,000,000 in 1 year and 10 days......:rolleyes: I thought of 10 million in 1 year in GPU crunching days. :nutkick:
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    TPU-WCG Game Giveaway for the February Challenge!

    :lovetpu: and I will be crunching on 4 cores/4 threads during this February Challenge. :D Assassin's Creed IV: Blackflag :respect::respect::respect: Sid Meier's Bundle Codemasters Humble Bundle.
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    Which PSU to choose: Corsair or Cooler Master?

    Corsair TX 650W PSU
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    Christmas Giveaway - Payday 2

    DO WANT!!! Sorry, never got any Christmas present. MERRY CHRISTMAS :D
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    WCG-TPU Team Captain's Christmas Giveaway

    DO WANT!!! :D P.S. Yesterday Techpowerup website stop responding whenever i tried to post in this thread...:/ hope this go through from my cellphone and MERRY CHRISTMAS.
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    TPU's WCG/BOINC Team

    7.0.64 to 7.2.31......Changelog? worth it?
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    WCG-TPU 9th Birthday Challenge (11/16-11/22/2013)- Join us/Crunch/Win Stuff

    @Vinska I loved that anime "Fate-Stay Night". But i didn't derive my id from it :p
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    WCG-TPU 9th Birthday Challenge (11/16-11/22/2013)- Join us/Crunch/Win Stuff

    Yeaaa, Battlefield 4. Lol i have to wake up 5:30 a.m IST to get a shot in this plus sacrifice a little DOTA 2 playtime.
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    WCG-TPU Game Giveaway for the 9th Birthday Challenge

    I am a member of TPU's WCG Team and will be crunching for the Team for the 9th Birthday Challenge. I choose :- Metro: Last Light Serious Sam 3:BFE Gold Edition Shank 2 And Splinter Cell: Blacklist. :D
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    New team captain has been appointed

    Congratulations Norton. :)
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    TPU Dota 2 Thread

    ^^I am not talking about usual counters but bounty is much needed now to track her cliff jumping.
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    TPU Dota 2 Thread

    Broodmother is back in action and will be feared once again. Have you guys think of any solution to counter her?
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    World CEP2 Challenge (6 october - 14 october)

    [H]CM Sentinel Advanced 2 [W]Any other digital stuff :laugh::laugh: :toast:
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    TPU Dota 2 Thread

    yeah same here, i like to play ogre magi and jakiro the twin head dragon..:toast: but aghanim spell mana cost is way too high.
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    World CEP2 Challenge (6 october - 14 october)

    Oh shit man, I am not from USA or Canada. :cry: I am from India. :nutkick: I love that mouse but i bet shipping will be equal to the mouse value. :roll::roll: Now what?
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    TPU Dota 2 Thread

    Spiritbreaker bash or skullbasher and i always rush for basher on slark . Bloodseeker rupture counter is not silence and shadowblade but teleport scroll.
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    TPU Dota 2 Thread

    Shadow blade helps in running away when there there is no slark , spiritbreaker or bloodseeker in opposition team. Bloodseeker having fun below. :D http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=i03zCXiIVFg
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    TPU Dota 2 Thread

    ^^indeed daedalus is a must have item for Drow Ranger. Cant comment on shadow blade now as it got a 10 sec nerf yesterday. My dear slark ulti from 25 sec to 65 sec. :(