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    high memory useage in game

    Posted to the game support forums and they have no answer.
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    high memory useage in game

    I was planning on asking there also just thought my tech friends here might have an insight,
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    high memory useage in game

    I have 6 gig in the system. I have another 6 gig set but the two sets do not play nice with each other.
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    high memory useage in game

    The game is Americas Army and memory usage goes up to 98 percent while in game. It is an issue because it is what I believe is causing the USB to lag out during the game and the character to either not shoot or keep running after I let go of the keys. what are your thoughts
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    qubit finally upgrades to Windows 10 permanently!

    I quit using edge and went back to regular explorer. Edge is a nice concept but still needs work especially on lower end machines.
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    qubit finally upgrades to Windows 10 permanently!

    Would like to know how to keep win 10 from phoning home etc where can I find the info. I have 10 only on one pc at the moment until I figure it all out
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    Shrinking my media rig

    Nice build Have thought of building a media center pc but need to study the concept.
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    I present to you the meaning of lag.

    worst latency I have had was on satalite and it was 1000ms so one second was fun to shoot at wall and hope an enemy ran into bullet.
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    PCI 2.0 x16 running at x4 even at load??

    Pic does not show it but there should be some rivets or screws you can remove to eliminate the floppy cage.
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    gaming monitor

    ASUS makes a good gaming monitor LED back light and capable of 144 htz. I have the 24 in
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    Dead PCIe x16 slot... wtf

    Its all about the magic smoke.
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    [FF] Acronis True Image HD

    Most defiantly
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    Transferring old Hard Drive to New Computer. Is it possible?

    Windows 10 is still a free upgrade if your on win 8 or 7 and yes if its a sata drive you can move the Hard drive over to a new computer but the operating system will not work.
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    laptop cant connect or stay connected to internet

    The antenna connects to a card plugged into the mother board. disabling and enabling the wireless will reset the drivers if it happens to be a driver issue. I assumed a bad on me I know that you would automatically try this when you actually got your hands on the computer.
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    laptop cant connect or stay connected to internet

    The wireless card in the laptop has a built in antenna. If it can keep connection when close to the wireless access point then I would suspect the antenna. If this is the case an after market card or usb wireless adapter should fix it. I have taken a few laptops apart and I don't recommend some...
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    laptop cant connect or stay connected to internet

    Sounds like the antenna has lost connection. I would run some tests and possibly try an axillary card if you have one.
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    [WTB][US] Late 90's early 00's Enthusiast Hardware

    I threw a bunch of this stuff away about a year ago when no one wanted it. I do have memory sticks from that erra and I have an older machine that I played with linix on so if you are still looking for parts let me know I will see what is in that machine as my wife wants a lot of it gone LOL...
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    What are you playing?

    My son has me playing rebel galaxy by double damage games. got it off of steam for $20. Its a simple fun space combat game.
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    Laptop Wont Stop Falling Asleep

    My dell laptop does the same it dose not matter what power profile I am on or what I set the sleep settings at it goes to sleep in just a couple of minutes. Do not know why.
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    Fake hacks get cheaters banned

    I agree I wish there was a way to perma ban some one. But until that is figured out we gamers do the best we can.
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    Fake hacks get cheaters banned

    The problem is banning a player does nothing if they can come back in as little as two minutes with a new account and kill the fun of every one else. It does not matter what type of game it is the same. I still play ffp mostly and currently play Americas army but used to play MW4 mercs and have...
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    Opening Devices and Printers in Control panel takes a while

    My laptop does the same it takes a wile to populate. It is a windows 10 issue as I did not have this issue on win 8. I do not have a solution just wanted to post to let you know that you are not alone with this issue.
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    Having a problem with games freezing.

    I always try to rule out all other causes before I tell some one they have to go buy new hardware. But the card going out is a possibility.
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    Having a problem with games freezing.

    Check mechanical hd it will run hard while gaming. Are al your drivers including the Mobo chipset drivers up to date?