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  1. J

    AMD Ryzen Benchmarks Leaked - Amazing Multi-core and Single-core Performance

    if it doesn't wow us in the price department, it won't matter that it's so close to intel
  2. J

    ASUS Announces the ROG Strix Impact Gaming Mouse

    this is Sica v2 but with and old sensor, will not sell. i own the Sica, was hoping to see braided cable and a new sensor on v2
  3. J

    Your PC ATM

    Thanks and i just installed (for testing only) a reference design 8800 GTX wich fit confortably About the power supply, the screws mounts on the Corsair HX 750i did not match the screw mounts on the case
  4. J

    Your PC ATM

    wanted to build a PC small enough that you can fit in a suitcase and take into a plane so the case became very important for my built first i looked at Cooltek C3 https://www.techpowerup.com/reviews/Cooltek/C3 but could not get it delivered in time from Germany so got this - MODECOM ALFA M2...
  5. J

    ASUS Announces its Mainline Z87 Classic Series, with a New Look

    the GOLD/YELLOW is a big mistake...they should have sticked to BLUE even if it has great specs i will certainly NOT buy such a board. i need a black/blue/red MB
  6. J

    Presenting the All New TechPowerUp

    nice design but too bright white for my eyes...
  7. J

    Intel Core "Haswell" Desktop Processor Box Pricing Compiled

    A good deal would be to get the i5-4570 with a CHEAP (under 100 EURO) ASRock Z87 PRO3 motherboard
  8. J

    ASUS Rolls Out ROG Eagle Eye GX1000 Gaming Mouse

    look on asus website, this mouse uses the 8200 DPI laser sensor which is obviously the Avago ADNS-9800 http://rog.asus.com/peripherals-accessories/gx1000-eagle-eye-mouse
  9. J

    ROCCAT Lua Tri-Button Gaming Mouse Available Now

    if you look at the official pictures (2nd in first post) you see a braided cable but in reality the mouse doesn`t have braided cable. marketing FAIL, they really think buyers can be tricked so easily? think again ******* ! marketing picture vs review picture...
  10. J

    Leetgion EL'DRUIN ARPG Gaming Mouse Now Available Worldwide

    a new mouse with an OLD sensor Avago9500...sold at a premium price
  11. J

    Leetgion Cuts Hellion Price for X'mas Shopping Season

    they should not sell it in a 2012 mouse, even cars get new engines with every new model why didn`t they just put the newer Avago 9800 laser, most 2012 mices that cost 80$ OR LESS have it CM Storm Sentinel Advance II Logitech G600 Thermaltake Tt eSPORTS Level 10 M Roccat Kone XTD Asus GX950...
  12. J

    Leetgion Cuts Hellion Price for X'mas Shopping Season

    November 20th 2009 - Mionix Announces new Naos 5000 Gaming Mouse "the Naos 5000 which is based around an Avago 9500-series laser sensor"
  13. J

    Leetgion Cuts Hellion Price for X'mas Shopping Season

    Avago 9500 is an OLD sensor, it`s from 2009. gamers know these things, they can`t be fooled like this and i hope the sells will make Thermalright understand it
  14. J

    Nvidia GTX 260 & GPU-Z 0.3.1

    The lates version of GPU-Z 0.3.1 is displaying incorrect results for the latest Nvidia GTX 260 I have the BFG GTX 260 OC MAXCORE : http://bfgtech.com/bfgrgtx260mc896oce.aspx The latest BETA build Everest displays the correct specifications but your software doesn`t ! It`s GT200b on 55nm not ...