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    Will we ever see 3D with AMD/ATI GPUs?

    As in title. I prefer them, because of lower power consumption with the same performance (comparing to NVidia products), but I want to have an ability to watch movies or/and play games with stereoscopic 3D.
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    Motherboards with PCIe 2.1 support for AMD Phenom™ II processors

    Like in topic. Are there any motherboards with that already on market? I tried Gigabyte, MSI and Asus, but they have only motherboards with PCIe 2.0... And if not: when will they be release? I am asking because I saw new HD5xxx line has that bus interface. What if someone use HD5xxx with PCIe...
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    [question] PES2009 song / record sound

    I have played this game at friend' home. Sometimes, I heard at the end of the match or in half-time a song which... doesn't exist at track list (or sth like that) in gallery! I listened all of them and no one suit for this. I am not sure, but there was something like this (woman voice): "I want...
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    [help] registry -> double click

    Hi. I've tried to find here solution for this, but I couldn't, so I made this thread. Yesterday I was cleaning manually windows registry and... in one I was to fast: I have deleted a Windows Registry key in charge for double click propably, because I had problem with open folders - I...
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    GPU-Z 0.2.9 shows G71 instead of G73

    GPU-Z 0.3.0 shows G71 instead of G73 When I use debug from windows command line I have: from this version (0.2.9) of GPU-Z I have: It's better than in previous version and I'm glad with that^^ but still there is one? wrong? information about that GPU, because I have G73 - not G71...