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    New Nvidia card.

    Hi I have in the last couple of weeks to a Zotac NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 8GB AMP Extreme Edition I am having problems I can play Fallout 4, Prey with no problems but when I try to play previous call of duty games they play okay the first time but when I try to load they crash just as the game...
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    GPU Christmas Upgrade.

    Hi looking for advice on graphics cards, I am looking to upgrade the 2 Sapphire R9 290s I have. I was hoping to wait with AMD and Sapphire custom Vega 56 but so far there is no sign of it but these 2 Nvidia cards caught my eyes...
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    tower wont start up.

    Hi I have my daughters desktop down to have a look at it because the last time when she turned it on it shut off all the electric sockets and turned the switch of on the main circuit board and she said she smelled burning in the tower. I gave it a good clean and plugged it in here and it didn't...
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    new ssd

    Hi buying a new ssd which one is the best out of these two https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B073W4N5KB/?tag=tec053-21 https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01IAGSD68/?tag=tec053-21
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    speaker system not compatable with sky Q

    Hi i have just got Sky Q installed but I cannot use the ultra hd part as my Sony HT-AS5 speaker will not work is there any way I can connect my speaker system to the sky Q box.
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    is it time to upgrade.

    Hi well is it time to get rid of the 2 x Sapphire AMD R9 290 TRI-X OC I am quite keen on the Vega 56 or are they still okay for a while yet, if I did take the leap I won't be doing it till Sapphire bring out their own version but I will need a while to save up as I will be giving the sapphire...
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    slow boot

    Hi after doing a clean install of Windows 10I have noticed it is slow to boot to the desktop and when I shut the system down the monitor shuts down but the tower takes a while to turn of, by that I mean longer than it used to could it be the main ssd. The drives are C: 512gb - Crucial...
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    connection problem

    Hi hopefully it's something simple my grand daughter computer was working last night but when she turned it on it says no hdmi signal, it is connected through the dvi cable, any ideas. Zalman Z3 Plus ATX/M-ATX Tower Case - Black Intel Core i5 4690 3.50GHz Socket 1150 6MB L3 Cache...
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    Help choosing a new phone.

    Hi I am thinking of getting a new phone my phone at the moment is a Nexus 5x which I can't find fault with except the memory being tied to 16gb has it's faults, I was out this week window shopping and two phones caught my one was the new Samsung 8 but that was to expensive as I usually buy...
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    gpu overclock.

    Hi I have two questions 1. Would I see much improvement, if I were to overclock my graphics cards and 2. How would I go about it, can I use strixx to do it.
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    are the two R9 290s past it.

    Hi I usually have no problem playing games in ultra with everything turned up but playing Mass Effect Andromeda I had it on Ultra but it was very glitch so I have had to turn it down are my 2 x R9 290s getting past it or is it just the game as there was no problem playing Battlefield 1...
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    problems after windows update.

    Hi I have been playing Mass Effect Andromeda and enjoying it then I downloaded the latest windows update now it just goes through Origin and the desktop freezes I have to shut it down holding in the stop button, any ideas. I only happens in Mass Effect. It was the Windows 10 Creators Update.
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    is Nexus 10 on it's way out.

    Hi I think my grand daughters Nexus 10 is on the way out each time it's turned on it says Android is Starting, optimising apps, and it takes up to 30 minutes and the charge doesn't seem to last as long, lf it is on it's way out l have been looking at a couple of other ones what is your...
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    hp pavilion b052sa keypad.

    Hi I just noticed the L key on my hp pavilion b052sa is not working, I searched with Google and could only find one new keypad at £44. Any ideas where I could get one and are they easy to replace, from what I see the whole back will have to be removed.
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    should the 2 gpu's be running in Skyrim.

    Hi I have just notices while playing Skyrim Special edition I heard a noise like a fan rubbing on one of my R9 290 but I noticed the bottom card none of the three fans were running should it take 2 R9 290 to run skyrim with everything turned up full it shows as 2 cards enabled in GPU-Z, its to...
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    how to block YouTube.

    Hi I have Nexus 10 and I let my grand daughter of 6 use it and I was wondering is there anyway to block or password YouTube as I don't want her to use it.
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    total upgrade

    Hi to upgrade to Skylake and above I know I will have to upgrade my motherboard, cpu and ram would I see much of a difference to what I have now.
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    error message

    Hi I got this error when I was trying to load windows essential into windows 10, error: 0x80070660 also it said source: crt110-i386. I have tried different registry cleaners but no luck, oh the windows 10 was a fresh install, I have not had this error before,any ideas before I format the drive...
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    sky router problems.

    Hi my daughters sky router isn't working right according to sky but they want £60.00 for a new router plus £10.00 for delivery can she use any router if so any ideas of what one as she uses fibre.
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    problem with Windows Update.

    Hi after a clean install ooh Windows 10 64bit I keep getting this message from windows update, There were some problems installing updates, but we’ll try again later. If you keep seeing this and want to search the web or contact support for information, this may help: (0x800705b4)
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    skyrim special edition.

    Hi I have just downloaded the Skyrim special edition through Steam now I have two editions, I was playing the ordinary Skyrim for the 6th or 7th time so can I use my saved games from the ordinary Skyrim on the Skyrim special edition or will I have to start from the beginning again.
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    HP ENVY 23 cpu upgrade advice.

    Hi I am thinking of updating the CPU in my HP ENVY 23-d010ea, and I was wondering if either of these would do, they are on the list o suitable upgrades but I was wondering if there would be much of an improvement as the CPU that is in it seems to be getting a bit sluggish. This is what I have ...
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    replace one R9 290 with an R9 390 or 390x

    Hi I have read that I could get rid of one of my R9 290 and replace it with an R9 390 or an R9 390x would it increase my graphics much if any.
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    Samsung notepad problem

    Hi my friend got given a Samsung NP355v5c-a0euk but when he started it up nothing happened so I opened it up and the hard drive was missing so I put one I had in but all it says is, no boot manager found, any ideas what I should try next.
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    startup problems

    The problem started when I moved to Windows 10 if I used any graphic drivers other than WHQL ones. When I push the start button it starts about 2 seconds then shuts down it doesn't even get to the boot screen then I push it again and it boots up, so I only use WHQL graphic drivers and that...