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    Radeon AIB Partners "Frustrated" at AMD

    Always a fun time, watching "journalists" earn their nvidia handouts. No wonder AMD closed the doors to most sites during their last event. The media falls in line to nvidia every time and sells their PR as fact while everything AMD does is under a critical eye. Don't get me wrong, I can see...
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    Mushkin Shows Off a 500-Dollar 4 TB SSD

    Sounds amazing but this breaks from conventional pricing so much that I'll have to see it on newegg before I believe it and I could be wrong but outside of a controller most flash should come from only several places, so either everyone has this on the way or Mushkin knows some dirty secrets on...
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    Samsung Shows Off its Biggest and Fastest SSDs at FMS 2015

    however I would think HDD prices will adjust or capacity will move up greatly. We have gotten back to pre-flood prices long ago, but price:capacity has been stagnate. I think in a competitive world 2GB @ 50 would be more common these days, instead, we still sit at 1TB @ 50 as kind of our entry...
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    Logitech Unveils the G910 Orion Spark RGB Mechanical Keyboard

    why complain about the colors? They are just on display to show variety, you can customize every key color if wanted.
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    NVIDIA Moving Around the Fabled GeForce GTX TITAN II

    Thats quite a bit different, 7970 owners could easily OC their cards to GHz edition and I say many enthusiasts already enjoyed that well before GHz edition, Therefore no real reason for buyers remorse. The equivalent of that would be 780 owners unlocking the extra cores to "make" a 780ti.
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    AOC Goes Slim with Its New 23-inch Virtually Borderless IPS Monitor

    This looks exactly the same as the LG monitor that claimed to have hardly any bezel but ended up with a fairly large (compared to its claims) one and it looks like its the same display and scam based on that thread. it was this LG monitor...
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    ASUS VivoBook U38DT Ultrabook Pops Up with Radeon HD 8550M Graphics

    I would just like to note that 1080p IPS will be in full swing next year on smaller laptops. Tablets finally embarrassed laptops enough to push it to be a lot more common and once competition sets in, its likely to be in most mid range laptops. Even the lower mid range.
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    Microsoft Working on Xbox Surface, 7-inch Gaming Tablet

    hmm IBM cpu? Must be going for backwards compatibility.
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    NVIDIA Kepler Refresh GPU Family Detailed

    hmm? This only confirms their right to rage. If this comes to pass and they are justified the real rage has only begun!
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    Third GK104-based Single GPU Graphics Card SKU Detailed

    I disagree. Theres plenty of people who are comfortable enough to "take a chance" installing a videocard but dont know jack about the hardware. Really from personal experience I'm amazed that I have friends who know how to build computers or do significant upgrades but dont really know jack...
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    Third GK104-based Single GPU Graphics Card SKU Detailed

    Im pretty sure a gpus specs are always related to what consumers will buy; you even said Nvidia wants people who think they need more ram to go to the next tier...but im saying unless they are nvidia die-hards, they dont have to go to a next tier when the 7850 should be competitive. Then take...
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    Third GK104-based Single GPU Graphics Card SKU Detailed

    most people buy in their price range, not by the amount of GBs they can get when it costs them 100 more. Conveniently AMD has a 2gb model in that price range which will probably be similar in performance - people are not going to say "this only has 1.5gb?? oh well lets move to the next pricing...