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    [FS] 5820k, X99-G1-Gaming-Wifi, Kingpin DICE/LN2, DDR4, Misc

    Kingpin F1 Gemini 2.0 RED - $200 shipped Only used one time with DICE, all mounting hardware is included as well as some additional foam insulation. EVGA 1600w T2 PSU - $350 shipped -- Original box, and pouch with all (holy crap it's a lot) cables included. Gigabyte X99-G1-Gaming-Wifi W/...
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    GPU-Z Bios upload missing Titan X

    Just tried to submit my Bios, but there's no Titan X selection, only GTX Titan. I submitted under GTX Titan, with model name of Titan X, but I just found it odd that there aren't any others. Perhaps unify the TITAN list now that it's probably going to be a persistent line of models? i.e. Merge...
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    Whats your EDC? [Every Day Carry]

    So many desktops, I know theres a lot of laptop users. What bags do you use? How do you organize your cables? Etc. Theres a lot more to mobile computing than just hardware on the INSIDE. :toast: Ill start with mine: [Ignore the dirt, dust. Its impossible to get rid of around here.] Its a TAD...
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    Project N.A.R.A.

    Project N.A.R.A. Project N.A.R.A. is an open source Arduino robot project. NARA is a combination of cannibalized components, and some premade things, making the frankenstein that will be. "Specs": 4 WD Dagu "Wild Thumper" chassis 1x Arduino Mega 2560 1x Arduino Nano 1x Netduino Plus 2x xBee...
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    GPU-Z Bios Submission for Black edition

    I have the XFX 5850 1Gb Black edition, which has a GPU clock of 765/memory of 1125, but if I try to submit the bios, it says one is already in the database. Either the DB is wrong, or the duplicate bios name is giving the error. http://img.techpowerup.org/091228/Capture043268.jpg Bios is...
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    Scratching my itch....

    Ok, so I've been using my trusty macbook pro for a good while now.... playing too much WoW... and now that i've cancelled that I've been quite bored. And the itch is back :eek: So my trusty A64 3700+ sitting in the corner is getting revisited... I used to be running 2x 512mb Mushkin DDR...
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    MMO-radio Rises again....

    Did anyone else here listen to MMO-Radio back in the day? It was an awesome radio station to listen to while playing WoW, CoH, etc. Basically what happened was MMO got big enough that the RIAA threw a hissy fit about online radios, and they too had to close its doors. But the community...
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    Parallels Vs. Vmware, User opinions!

    I have parallels, and vmware, both the latest versions.. Ive been in the beta for both and ive got a good bit of use time under the hood for them, and watched them both progress to what they are now. My question, is from anyone else that has both or either of these, how you like them? :)...
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    ARM- Competition in the future?

    http://www.computerworld.com/action/article.do?command=viewArticleBasic&articleId=9131098 Pretty cool article, I really like the ARM, it has allowed cool things like iPod linux, and the wide array of Gameboy mods. Interesting how it has remained such a tiny amount of transistors for the power...
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    Who thinks they know hard drives? ^^

    HDD1: Loud squeak when operating. Intermittent, random. Not a rotation problem (not consistant). HDD2: Doesn't appear on system. Swap the PCB from HDD1 to HDD2. HDD 2 makes slight squeak noises, but is in general loud. (i.e. not the same squeak noises) HDD1 behaves the same as HDD2 did...
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    Windows....... lucky to be pirated?

    http://tlug.jp/articles/Windows_Is_Free Perhaps microsoft knows too little about the piracy? :laugh: Perhaps it would be bad if microsoft DID finally come up with a legit activation... :laugh:
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    Do you OWN antivirus+antispyware?

    As in actually have PURCHASED a copy of antivirus, not use free alternatives. I'm curious as to how much people actually spend on this stuff.
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    Mario strikers... for wii.

    Has just completely and utterly destroyed any reason to buy a ps3 or xbox 360. If you don't have a wii...... well, sucks to be you :cool: If super smash bros. brawl is this polished, Nintendo has just struck GOLD.
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    Cell phones... an extension of the desktop..

    http://www.investorvillage.com/smbd.asp?mb=445&mn=75373&pt=msg&mid=2548510 Read the whole article before commenting please. ;)
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    Forum addition suggestion.

    In the My system link on the left. Add a "My system" link that you can add to link to the Case Gallery! :toast: ©Dippyskoodlez 2007
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    WTT/WTS W/C parts+more

    College is getting ready to roll around and I need to clear out some misc stuff. |_-_-_-_-_DD Maze 4 CPU block-_-_-_-_-_| This is a nifty version of the Maze 4.. Supports 754, 939, AND AM2. I'm not sure if it would work with LGA/478. Should be 1/2" OD barbs IIRC. I'll double check. [pic...
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    NEW: Safari 3.0 Beta. Windows AND os x.

    www.apple.com/safari Its quite snappy on my 10mbit cable :D
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    [Case Gallery] Out of Sight, Out of mind.

    To view this case mod, go here. Specs: A64 3700+ DFI NF4 Lan Party 2x 512mb Mushkin Ati X850XT Seagate 250gb Sata hdd Lite-on CDRW PC Power And Cooling 610w Silencer Mods: Brand new. :)
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    [SERVER] Benchmarks, Woodcrest Vs Opteron

    http://www.worlds-fastest.com/d.pdf/x3o3sql2.pdf Impressive test, impressive results. For those too lazy to read the pdf, images attached.
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    OS X... Parallels.... Windows...

    Wow. Seriously. If you have a dual core intel mac, get parallels. You wont be disappointed. I'll post screenies when I get more stuff installed. :D
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    [FS] Dippy's macbook Pro garage sale.

    USA based.. :) I'm wanting to sell a few things I have laying around to assist in my expensive plans for a macbook pro.... ;) First up: NEW! Heat
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    Handy OS X Tools and Apps

    Browsers Firefox Camino Chat/IM Adium- All in one IM tool. Colloquy- Traditionally, chat clients on the Mac have been anything but glamorous. Colloquy is an advanced IRC, SILC & ICB client which aims to fill this void. By adhering to Mac OS X interface conventions, Colloquy has the look and...
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    Interesting dell fine print....

    http://www.dell.com/content/products/productdetails.aspx/latit_d620?c=us&l=en&s=bsd&cs=04 Click product brochure, scroll to the bottom of the second page.. Looks like that could be fun :cool:
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    Zune highlights... yay!

    clickie I won't say much, I just wanna highlight a few things, for you zune fanatic, ipod bashers.... w00t for everyone loving WMP, eh? Still hating itunes? This is just funny.. woot for akwardness! no games? :banghead: Oh, no volume limiter? haha.. I smell the lawyers rubbing...