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    ViewSonic ViewPad 10pi Dual-Boot Tablet Shipping this Month

    I've owned a Viewpad7, as far as android tablets go, it sucked. really wish viewsonic would either release a good tablet or not at all. these half ass attempts are pointless. especially at $850. FAIL!
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    Seagate Take A Leaf Out Of WD's Book, Offer Crummy ONE YEAR Warranties On Some HDD's

    seagates quality over the past 2 years has dropped significantly. I'm seeing way more fails of late. I have 5 seagates fail for every 1 WD. and love when I get the warranty replacement back and it's a "Certified Repaired" POS and not a brand new drive. The industry needs to find a way to do...
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    Windows 8 'Irrelevant' For PC Users

    agreed. working fast and stable for me.