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  1. J

    Giveaway: Payday The Heist

    My friend has this and says it's fun, so I bet this would be awesome to play in LAN. :) Also zombies + bank robbery = can't go wrong.
  2. J

    Giveaway: Trine 2

    Studying 10 hrs a day week makes you wanna reset your brains.... I'm in.
  3. J

    OMG! ...no longer a Crysis virgin ;)

    Maximum edition is on sale today at amazon for 8.99$. link :) Other games on sale too. link
  4. J

    [FS][US] Batman Arkham City Digital Download Card

    I'll offer 20$. I live in Finland but that shouldn't be a problem as I have a paypal account and the code is redeemable worldwide.
  5. J

    OFFICIAL Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim (Discussion)

    Well it basically is
  6. J

    Deus Ex: Human Revolution - out Feb 11

    For those suffering from mouse smoothing: A) Turn off V-sync B) Turn the mouse Y-sensitivity to 2-4 times the X-sensitivity.
  7. J

    Why has no one made a JRPG like this?

    Never heard of Demon's Souls? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demon%27s_Souls
  8. J

    Anime Nation

    Watched "The girl who leapt throught time" and enjoyed thuroughly. A great movie, definately in my top five. The plot is interesting - not the usual shounen "beat the opponent only to find a new one". Next up is Summer Wars, which should be good as the director is the same. Also got to know...
  9. J

    Anime Nation

    Watched Last Exile and Toradora!. I especially liked the latter one though LE was OK too. I didn't particularly like the ending of LE - otherwise it was solid quality (I think it would've really profited from 720p/1080p). Watching Monster atm and it's looking good (15/74 eps).
  10. J

    Alien Swarm - New Valve Game

    If it's anything like Crimsonland it's gonna be awesome (survival mode ftw!). :toast:
  11. J

    Reliable and fast DVD Burner?

    Anything but Samsung SH-S223F (they tend to break).
  12. J

    Congratulations to Our New Moderators

    Be afraid, be very afraid. ... J/K. Congratz :D
  13. J


    One of my favourite sites announced they were quitting on the april day 3 years ago. Unfortunately that wasn't a joke, and it's still not back. Sooo... thinking about that made me really believe in w1zz's quitting. Not funny at all.
  14. J

    I will be leaving TPU!

    That's EnJoY from techreaction.net http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/member.php?u=4669
  15. J

    Valve to Deliver Steam and Source on Mac

    No problems. I've got HD3650 (basically the same card with smaller node) and the game is very playable. Mind you, I don't know how the Mac-version performs.
  16. J

    Ive RMA'd a XFX 4890 and received a 5770

    You're right on that..
  17. J

    [FS] Batman Arkham Asylum voucher

  18. J

    Crossfire - What are the rules?

    /thread :)
  19. J

    Bad Company 2 Beta Details Surface: PlayStation 3 and PC

    *cough*US proxy*cough*
  20. J

    Antec Readies Airy LanBoy Air ATX Case

    yeah me too... to my worst enemy. :D
  21. J

    Is buying a sound card necessary

    It's supposed to move some of the load (sound does take some horsepower) from the onboard sound to external card which gives a performance boost. In reality (in my opinion) the performance boost is very neglible and in this case when there isn't any specific need and the onboard sound works...
  22. J

    Is this a wise upgrade choice (Graphics & PSU)? Suggestions?

    9800GT has higher clocks and 55nm gpu compared to 65nm 8800GT. Same clocks with them = same performance. 9600GT is a bit better than HD3870 so the difference between 8800GT and 9600GT is about 10-15%.
  23. J

    I think the vram on my HD4850 is going.

    Yeap. A corsair HX520 could power a HD5870CF even though it's rated 520W by Corsair. Quality and +12V-line(s) are what matter the most.
  24. J

    Will this work?

    Corsair 400CX: http://www.shopbot.com.au/pp-corsair-cmpsu-400cx-400w-price-143447.html Made by Seasonic whichs means high quality. Don't let the 400W specification fool you, it has 30A on +12V-line.
  25. J

    Upto $100 off select Corsair PSU's

    Or a Finnish one. :toast: The 400CX is awesome deal though --- Seasonic quality for 29.99$. A good choice for mid-highend PCs on a budget.