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  1. lZKoce

    NZXT Updates Price of N7 Z370 Motherboard

    The armor is like 10-20 bucks alone :D. To be fair, I like the idea for an armor. I wouldn't mind buying one aftermarket/bundled with a MB, but these are rare commodity. I am guessing their initial price is so high, because they don't have scale of production kick in. After all, NZXT uses a...
  2. lZKoce

    Leaked AI-powered Game Revenue Model Paper Foretells a Dystopian Nightmare

    There's no stopping the rape train, right? I can see a lot of unhappy parents that have 1-click-payment set up for everything. And their phones and PC's are in kids orbital.
  3. lZKoce

    Doubt with my RX-560D

    Check with other free hardware test program ? - HWinfo64 and two more others. I am not saying there is anything wrong with GPU-Z, but a quick and dirty way - statistically - will be to have a few more validations.
  4. lZKoce

    Spectre / Meltdown Fiasco - User Side

    I don't really much follow what's going on. Asus released BIOS update for my MB : Prime H270M and I flashed it two days ago. No errors, no dialog boxes. I don't really see a slow down of the machine. ( Kaby lake here). Keep going - Johny Walker? :D
  5. lZKoce

    The show off your tech related purchase thread

    PSU was in need of replacement and I run out of thermal paste, so I used the occasion to order both. Seems like a decent unit, but only 3 years warranty. Little light on connectors IMO, and some of the wires are pretty short. I really like the fact its 140mm, because I definitely need that extra...
  6. lZKoce

    Your most embarrassing PC building story...

    You have balls, young padwan :) or cash to burn, whatever comes first :D
  7. lZKoce

    Silverstone Showcases Myriad of Computer Cases at CES 2018

    So much front panels with no 5.25 bays. I am living in the past perhaps, because I can't go without at least two 5,25 bays. I use pro-card reader 5.25', fan controller, empty drawer etc. etc. More and more cases skip 5,25 altogether. Are people using all of these on USB now? I don't know.
  8. lZKoce

    ASRock Intros Ultra Quad M.2 Card

    Each individual drive on this card needs Adata XPG storm on it ;) Would be quite a light show and may be sound show ( was it 16 500 rpm on that little bugger ?)
  9. lZKoce

    ADATA Shows Off "Project Jellyfish:" A Mineral-oil Based DIMM Heatspreader

    Sweet! :) I hope it makes to mass market. But QA must be top notch, you don't want that RAM leaking. It won't short anything, but mess up everything :D
  10. lZKoce

    Microsoft Halts Meltdown-Spectre Patches to AMD PCs as Some Turn Unbootable

    I don't think this is right. I literary assembled my PC a few months ago. And probably use it for 5-7 years or so. Like millions of people that are not super tech savvy/ on a budget. Are you suggesting all of us should just sell, or whatever our current systems and switch right away with...
  11. lZKoce

    Alienware Launches the AW3418HW Monitor on CES 2018: 34", WFHD, 3800R, G-Sync

    If your planned cost for monitor is $600 I guess you can find 3440x1440, although I am not sure about my country. I need to check, and I am still at work now. I was pointing more like sub-$300 price point where IPS + 3440x1440 is something I didn't see when getting my new monitor last year.
  12. lZKoce

    Alienware Launches the AW3418HW Monitor on CES 2018: 34", WFHD, 3800R, G-Sync

    Because all of us can afford 4K / 144mhz monitors....it's a budget option for Ultrawide and I see nothing wrong with it.
  13. lZKoce

    Games you beat (2017)

    With my 2nd daughter newborn, I am lucky for a quick match on SC:Remastered. :) I think the only game I completed this year is Skyforce on my phone. I am mildly tempted by Prey and Deserts of Kharak. But the more I think about the games...it's just every minute you put into a game is a lost...
  14. lZKoce

    Your PC ATM

    Small home project. Kraken x31 on my GTX970. I got the G10 from Ebay, one of the bolts was snapped, but not a biggie. The heatsink for the VRM I did from an old LG TV set. I cut to size with a dremel and drilled two holes for the screws. It's all I've got at the moment. I kept the original...
  15. lZKoce

    DeepCool Launches Baronkase Liquid Case with Pre-installed AIO Liquid CPU Cooler

    So, the included flow meter will work if you build a WC setup? I don't see it part of the AIO.
  16. lZKoce

    SilverStone Intros TP02-M2 Heatsink for M.2 SSDs

    Nice find, but where can you get it and how much does it cost? I searched for it for a while and nothing shows up.
  17. lZKoce

    SilverStone Intros TP02-M2 Heatsink for M.2 SSDs

    I can see how the thought process went about the mounting system: - Brainstorm team: "How should we mount this?" - Engineering: Now now, let's first see competitors (EKWB ) ...aah yes complicated clip on bracket, might break the ssd. Next - Adata active hearsink...no no, too much overkill. Let's...
  18. lZKoce

    Suggestions for pimp my rig.

    So, you have 330 eur, that you want to throw at something :). Looking at your specs, I would say buy only SSD and save the cash. Do you use your PC for work? Any noticeable area you feel you need upgrade? Nvidia completely abandoned GTX6xxx series. Like really abandoned. I got a 2nd hand GTX970...
  19. lZKoce

    Crytek Implements Crycash Payment Options Into Some of its Games

    I think they actually are. It is the blockchain technology, they are based on, that is the future and that is phenomenal. Blockchain will replace the SWIFT system in banking and there isn't a big corporation that is serious about it's future that is not investing in blockchain right now. But the...
  20. lZKoce

    RX 560 WATER BLOCKS ?????

    Absolutely. That is the reason I am changing mine this weekend. I used to have HD7870 and RX560 can't match even that. For a quick run on Warframe I had to turn off all eye candy to have some decent FPS. Not worth it. In my case I got a second hand GTX 970, because 2nd hand ATI now is out of...
  21. lZKoce

    Corsair H70 not seated properly?

    +1 to this guy. I get around 30C with Kraken X31 on a 54W ship during the winter here. These are some amazing temps :)
  22. lZKoce

    Corsair H70 not seated properly?

    Apart from the paste, discussed above, which header you have plugged the pump into? Is the CPU fan header or some of the others on the MB? Try dissabling fan control from the BIOS, or simply put it to the "max" to provide maximum power for the pump. Are the tubes on the rad facing down or up in...
  23. lZKoce

    The show off your tech related purchase thread

    Not my direct purchase, but wife caught me off guard with a present. Believe it or not, I've never heard of this one, so I have to google it now :) :
  24. lZKoce

    Your PC ATM

    Duude, that web cam is an offense to this monitor:). Please get at least Logitech B910, it's dirty cheap on the 2nd hand market. ( way better value than the c920, the "consumer" version). And you are correct, that thing is awesome. :D
  25. lZKoce

    Giveaway any game up to 50$(from gog.com)

    This happend right this past week (13.12- 15.12). So, the operation is forthcomig in the next months. We will see what happens.