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  1. olithereal

    Elder Scrolls V SKYRIM !! 11-11-11

  2. olithereal

    Project Idea, Input needed.

    You might want to assign stuff to students, or just specify something like "**beginner/intermediate/experienced" on the roles description so that we don't get lost too easily. ;) my 2c.
  3. olithereal

    Syncing folders on a thumbdrive

    I'm in the same boat and I usually use Synctoy. Works well enough for my needs.
  4. olithereal

    Project Idea, Input needed.

    Where's all the input?! I think it's a good idea, and I'd be willing to help. As you said, great learning experience.. I'm fairly good (keep in mind--I'm still a student, second year) with with C# and SQL Server.
  5. olithereal

    Java Help

    Funny, BufferedReader was the first thing my teacher thought us when we started Java this semester. I think it works better IMO.
  6. olithereal

    Java Help

    There is ReplaceFirst() function. Try using that ;)
  7. olithereal

    Need C++ project ideas!

    Hey guys, just want do stop by and say that I've been looking at project ideas for C++ too, and that I have saved all of yours! It's good stuff, hoping to get on that soon, when I get some time! College semester just started so I don't have much time. Network Programming class and COBOL (fuck...
  8. olithereal

    libre office versus open office

    Never heard of it either. I'll try it out, see how it is. I'm fairly content with Open Office though...we'll see.
  9. olithereal

    Win Bench

  10. olithereal

    Which distro are you running: redux

    Arch Linux for a little while now. I had the basics down pretty well, but I wanted to get to know a bit more of "in-depth" stuff, I guess. Arch seemed like a good place to go to learn once I had gotten the basics down with Ubuntu and such.
  11. olithereal

    Elder Scrolls V SKYRIM !! 11-11-11

    This is great. More games should go that way IMO...hell, Ultima Online back in the days had this type of system and it worked really well for it, same goes for the Gothic series. So far I'm really happy with what I'm reading on TESV: Skyrim.
  12. olithereal

    C++ & sdl?

    Sorry for the late reply! I was in Quebec city visiting family...didn't really have access to the internets :P But yeah...I'll go with XNA I think....after all. Thanks! I know I'm a bit hard headed ;)
  13. olithereal

    C++ & sdl?

    Thanks to both of you! So yeah, I'm looking at making a fairly basic 2D game, a sidescroller of some sort...kind of like this, to give you an idea: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dkd6u8jIWVQ So yeah, that's why I don't really mind the fact that it doesn't support any higher than DX7. I'll...
  14. olithereal

    C++ & sdl?

    Yeah, I've been thinking about that, but really I think it could help me with learning C++ as well...and I've only really worked with .NET yet, and I want to try something else for now. But yeah, chances are I'll probably end up playing around with it, that's pretty certain.
  15. olithereal

    C++ & sdl?

    I've just finished my college semester, and as I have nearly a month of break, I thought I should do something half productive during this time. As I've been thinking about learning C++ for a little while now, why not do it while I have the time? I've also been wanting to give a go to basic...
  16. olithereal

    Programming Paradigms

    1) He eats the elves. 2) ...whene Justin Bieber's voice will mature. 3) Tatty, because I've never seen him hanging 'round here! Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to y'all!
  17. olithereal

    .swf has sound local, but not online

    Well, I hear the little click sound when I press the next and back buttons in the gallery. Did you fix it already?
  18. olithereal

    The Official OOP guide for Rednecks ™

    Great thread Kreij! I'm sure this will help a TON of new programmers! It probably will clarify and teach me more than a couple things as well! I'm still in college, so I try to read as much as I can on the subject! Keep it up, and a big thanks!
  19. olithereal

    Deus Ex: Human Revolution

    My most anticipated game ATM! I just cannot freaking wait....it's killing me! :(
  20. olithereal

    Find the oldest gamers .. am I too old for gaming ?

    18 here, been gaming since I'm 4. ;)
  21. olithereal

    Official WoW Cataclysm Thread

    Fucking bad ass cinematic!
  22. olithereal

    Official WoW Cataclysm Thread

    Yeah Priest's sets have always looked good IMO. I'm thinking of leveling one when Cata releases..been wanting to get one up for a while now. They were pretty fun to play as Shadow back in Vanilla. How do you think Shadow Priest will do in Cata man?
  23. olithereal

    Official WoW Cataclysm Thread

    Am I the only one who thinks the Mage T11 looks fucking bad ass? Click on the set you want, then you'll be able to see the set in 3d on what ever race you want. I'll look delicious on my Undead. http://cata.wowhead.com/blog=170693
  24. olithereal

    Gothic 4

    Starcraft II did the same as far as I know. Will probably play it, but I don't expect too much as it's not the devs from the original Gothic series. Risen was a very good spiritual successor though :D
  25. olithereal

    Official WoW Cataclysm Thread

    Yeah, PvE mage in WotLK was ridiculous, especially arcane...but they are getting major changes in Cata; might wanna have a look at those videos. Fire and Frost looks like they'll be really fun in PvE, and of course in PvP as they have always been. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LjhdJedV4-Q...