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    New Intel Itanium Processor 9500 Delivers Breakthrough Capabilities

    because it is so unpopular it's harder to hack and I am not kidding !
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    Eizo Intros FlexScan S1703-T 17-inch Professional Monitor

    it so happens I have 17" Eizo it's MVA and I can already tell it's way nicer than this TN W-LED cra...
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    VIA Unveils the World's Smallest x86 Quad Core System, ARTiGO A1250

    new Via Nano are decent CPUs with OoO execution. Much better design than Intel Atom. it was C3-C7 series that was slow (very weak FPU). Via Nano are made from scratch and have nothing to do with C3 IPC wise Via Nano is not so bad. If this quad core were made in normal form and clocked 4GHz...
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    Dell Readies the U2913WM 29-inch Monitor

    It will be very nice gaming monitor
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    Tegra Completes its Long Walk to the PC, Courtesy Kontron

    900MHz? are they mad? :banghead:
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    Opera 12 Beta Released

    Hardware acceleration have ugly font rendering and a lot of other issues related to fonts and other things. WebGL basically don't work at all. and it crashes like crazy on me...
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    Opera 12 Beta Released

    I used most Opera 12 builds and some were quite good (those more similar to 11.6x) and some (new ones) horrendous with a lot of issues (like bad favicons scaling - very annoying), instabilities, html5 video was screwed up and some builds had problems with loading pages (sometimes very slow and...
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    Haswell to Use 4th-Level On-Package Cache to Boost Graphics Performance

    4 core is performance/price (manufacturing costs) sweet-spot and with HT it can take advantage of >4 thread support if someone needs or think he/she needs more processing power then there are 6 and 8 core CPUs in the market... (and I'm not talking AMD here :shadedshu)
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    Haswell to Use 4th-Level On-Package Cache to Boost Graphics Performance

    you are probably right. In case of GPU it's better to add more cheaper memory
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    Microsoft Increases Windows Vista & 7 Consumer Support to Ten Years

    Me too :toast: Vista is not only not worse than Win7 but it's actually faster :eek: Some tweaking is needed (disabling services that trash hard disk all the time) but after that it's obvious that GUI speed of Vista is much better :rockout: Also what I find strange: audio quality in Win7 is...
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    NVIDIA Delivers the GeForce 290.53 Beta Driver

    +25% performance in Skyrim? Can't skip this one :D ps. hope they didn't disabled dragons ;)
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    R&D: 15 nm Circuits Have Wires Just 150 Atoms Apart

    my crappy i3 (from beginning of 2010) is 15x faster than processors the had in 2000 (~PIII 1GHz) and more than 6x faster in single core perfrormance. Intels 10GHz figure is because they had high hopes for NetBurst and it is understandable because they were able to double clock speed with this arch.
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    Finally, Gigabyte Goes UEFI

    my motherboard wasn't HP branded (there were no HP logo) but where from it was I don't realy know cause I bought it used. It was probably generic thing on AMI BIOSes of that time... as for web browser in bios asus boards with linux inside could write on flash drives :rockout:
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    Finally, Gigabyte Goes UEFI

    I had such thing too for my Pentium 166. It looked somewhat similar to GEM (and with that to Win3.1x too) but you really couldn't move any windows around :) I was pretty disappointed that later computers had normal ugly bioses but eventually got used to them :)
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    Finally, Gigabyte Goes UEFI

    what a ugly board :wtf:
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    Intel SSD 320 Series 8 MB Bug Firmware Fix Ineffective?

    in lame'o'meter Intel scores 10 out of 10 points...
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    AMD's Next Gen. Korona High-End Desktop Platform to Fuse Processor with Northbridge

    let's hope for AMDs sake those are semi-cores, at least if those leaked results are true
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    AMD's Next Gen. Korona High-End Desktop Platform to Fuse Processor with Northbridge

    8 semi-cores vs 8 cores + HT what a fierce competition it will be...
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    AMD's Next Gen. Korona High-End Desktop Platform to Fuse Processor with Northbridge

    @seronx LGA2011? :twitch: first Bulldozer have to prove it can beat Nehalem :laugh:
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    FX-Series Processors Clock Speeds 'Revealed'

    NetBurst wouldn't be that bad overall if Intel didn't made Prescott and just shrinked Gellatin cores to 90nm for top P4HT and Northwood (with at least 256kb L2) for Celerons and cheaper P4s. Then we would definitely see >4GHz dual-core 65nm cpus and those would be much faster per MHz than 9xx...
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    FX-Series Processors Clock Speeds 'Revealed'

    Bulldozer will be fast CPU coz it will have high clocks for 1-4 thread apps and many cores for >4 thread apps :toast: I wouln't hope for beating Intel in performance/clock ratio or performance/power_consumption though... Bulldozer will be one power hungry beast :) ps. there were only one...
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    Intel Acknowledges SSD 320 Series ''8 MB Bug''

    Intel is on the rampage this year :rockout: at least they don't make faulty CPU's* :D *) and should they have any nested bugs Intel have enough cohones to tell us about it :toast:
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    Patriot Torqx 2 128 GB SSD

    This SSD is very simple so it is slow as flash chips have very slow random writes in general. Bu slowness is not what concern me with this drive. Reliability is. With no over-provisioning and probably fake TRIM (it certainly don't work as on other drives) its going to fail sooner or later...
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    AMD FX-8130P Processor Benchmarks Surface

    So you think pci-e controller can be integrated onto AM3 cpu? :wtf: You're some kind of noob or smt? :banghead:
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    AMD FX-8130P Processor Benchmarks Surface

    On 686+/K5+ designs all instructions are "emulated". It's just a matter how well decoder can transform and reorganize in real-time badly written code (from execution units point of view) and to have good execution units. AMD could be using less resources on x87 and then shame on AMD :mad: if...