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  1. bubba_000

    SiS Announces Atom-supportive SiS672/96/307DV Chipset, Drives Pegatron Ultra Slim PC

    Yeah, right:roll::roll::roll: That was a good laugh:roll::roll::roll::roll:
  2. bubba_000

    New laptop vs. old

    I don't know how to. besides, it's too late since i uninstalled it. But what about the SiS chipset? Or the GPUs? I searched around and found out that a "regular" (128bit) x1700 is better than a hd3470(64bit), but my x1700 is 64bit also, so that should reduce the gap between them.
  3. bubba_000

    New laptop vs. old

    Hi. My mom just bought a new Asus x59sl laptop with the following specs: Core2Duo T5450 @ 1.66 ghz 2 GB RAM( single DIMM) Mobility Radeon HD3470(64 bits, 256 MB VRAM) 160 GB HDD My own laptop is an older packard bell model: Core2Duo T5500 @ 1.66 ghz 2 GB RAM (dual channel) MR...
  4. bubba_000

    Laptop HDD Clank?

    Is it only making that sound when idle? If yes, that's normal. Alot of laptop drives do that. Basically, the drives parks the heads so that they don't damage the platters in case of shock and to preserve power. Mine did that too, but i now have hd tune running in the background(it acceses the...
  5. bubba_000

    Need Help - WD 2520GB drive shows as 20GB

    Look at the jumpers. Some drives have a jumper that limits their capacity to 20-30 GB so you can use them in older OSes like Windows 98 which cannot work with very big drives due to FAT32 limtations. Removing that jumper should fix it.
  6. bubba_000

    Potentially worrying SMART attribute

    This is the diagnostics of my external seagate baracuda 3.5" 7200.10 250 gb HDD. I use this for backup. Is it bad? And this is the diagnostic for the 100 GB 5400rpm seagate momentus in my laptop. It's almost 2 yrs old and has similar values, but nothing is highlighted. why?
  7. bubba_000

    Which DVD burner?

    I have an Optiarc(i think it's a joint-venture between Sony and NEC) in my laptop. It's 2 years old now and is great. It's a little noisy, but not that bad. My old desktop has a TEAC drive that's now 4 years old. Also working like a charm.
  8. bubba_000

    best game music

    Syberia (mostly the track in Valadilene), but all were beautiful. And so was Syberia 2. But IMHO they all pale when compared to Dreafall: TLJ. The hospital room at the beginning and end of the game was very impressive and touching: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BYnX7k8vzdo Faith's...
  9. bubba_000

    NVIDIA Sued Over Faulty GPUs

    ALL chips are affected, since they're basically the same. Laptop GPUs are more affected because they have to go through more temperature variations, and that's what kills nvidia chips.
  10. bubba_000

    ATI Deliberately Retards Catalyst for FurMark

    I just looked at the furmark homepage and the app is just 1.4 MB. sorry if i sound stupid, but ca a tyni program like this really stress a GPU more than, say Crysis or 3dmark06 and fry it? And can't artifacts appear because of bugs in the program? For example, when i play mass effect on my...
  11. bubba_000

    CPU Errata Turn Security Vulnerabilities

    Did you know.................. that a virus can copy itself to your DVD burner's buffer:eek: And evade any antivirus and then copy istelf back to the HDD, while overcharging the drive's motor causing CDs to explode and posibly shred any living thing within 10 metres? The solution? GET A...
  12. bubba_000

    Elpida Develops Top-Tier Power Efficient 2Gbps High-Speed DDR3 SDRAM

    My laptop's ram (2x1GB DDR2 667) is made by kningston with elpida chips
  13. bubba_000

    Did ASUS Place an Enormous Sempron Order?

    Finally some good news from AMD. Unfortunately there are alot of intel fanboys around there. for example, there's a guy in my class that thinks his gma950 beats my radeon x1700 in gaming just because its intel, and mine's ati/amd.
  14. bubba_000

    Silly external HDD question

    Ok,thats good to know, thanks for the replies. Altough i noticed that it vibrates more when its vertical than when its horizontal. Maybe because it has some rubber feet on its side but the stand doesn't. And while we're at it, do you have any idea how i can read the HDDs SMART? I tried...
  15. bubba_000

    Silly external HDD question

    HI. I have a 3.5'' 250gb seagate 7200.10 hdd in a vantec nextar 3 enclosure. Is it OK if i store and use the drive vertically? will it shortent its lifespan?? I have all my data on it so if it dies it would be a disaster Thanks in advance
  16. bubba_000

    RIAA Does Not See Need for ISP Filtering

    these riaa guys are incredible. long live torrents
  17. bubba_000

    FDA Report: IPods Are Not Hazardous to Your Health

    reminds me of the wi-fi scandal and the fact that a computers electromagnetic field will kill cells, when a washing machine has a much more powerful field:laugh:
  18. bubba_000

    Forcing resolutions

    None of those work, but thanks anyway
  19. bubba_000

    AMD RS780 is 261% Faster Than AMD 690G in 3DMark06

    are you sure you don't have a 7300 GS? To my knowledge, the gs scores about 2k in 3dm05 , but the gs reaches about 4k
  20. bubba_000

    Forcing resolutions

    HI I was just wondering if i canforce a particular resolution in a game that doesn't support it. For example, the only widescreen resolutions that the witcher supports are 1024x640 and 1280x800, both being too much for my 64bit x1700. it would be nice if i could run it at 848x480. Thanks...
  21. bubba_000

    Sapphire ATI Radeon 9550 256Mb AGP

    I heard that new catalists have problems with agp cards. Also, the fact that your mobo is only agpp4x might have something to do with it. And isn't your psu a little weak?
  22. bubba_000

    Unreal Tournament 3 Beta Demo Patch Released

    You probably have a uk keyboard. Press SHIFT+ALT and the language for your keyboard will change to US. Then use SHIFT+2 for @
  23. bubba_000

    Ripped off by packard bell

    Since i heard that a new version of the praised omega drivers was launched, i decided to give it another go. As expected, it didn't work:it installed, but after a reboot there was still no driver installed. However, i managed to install it using the add new hardware wizard(looks like the x1700...
  24. bubba_000

    Ripped off by packard bell

  25. bubba_000

    Ripped off by packard bell

    Just downloaded and ran it. It's showing 64-bit and a bandwith of 6.3 GB/s. So, is this conclusive proof that it's 64-bit afterall?