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  1. mitsirfishi

    TechPowerUp Application Now on Android Market

    Shall be dl'd for me when I get my new HTC start of next month :D
  2. mitsirfishi

    Asus HD6950 1GB Direct CU Unlock :)

    Followed the guide used RBE job done 3dmark & company of heros seems to give a little more FPS Despite hearing most 1gb Asus directCU couldn't be unlocked from what I had been reading i thought id give it a shot nothing to lose pretty chuffed with it if anyone wants the bios then i can upload it
  3. mitsirfishi

    Direct cuII 6950 idling quite hot?

    you can't on this card ive googled it
  4. mitsirfishi

    AMD Starts Selling Radeon-branded DDR3 Memory Modules

    looks like micron ram put a sticker on it and rebrand it
  5. mitsirfishi

    The AMD Phenom II OC'ers Club

    at 1.35 she cuts out
  6. mitsirfishi

    The AMD Phenom II OC'ers Club

    yeah its 24/7 stable primed her and intel burn test there are way to many options now in overclocking not like the good old days
  7. mitsirfishi

    The AMD Phenom II OC'ers Club

    got my new setup done really happy with the way the ph II x6 performs over my old q6600 took a little more voltage than I had thought the get to 4ghz but im relativity happy with 4ghz no doubt its probably capable of more but
  8. mitsirfishi

    Which TIM is better?

    always used mx2 never let me down :) as hookeystreet said big smiles :D
  9. mitsirfishi

    xbox 360 splitting video signal

    right ive got a picture but doesn't look good :(
  10. mitsirfishi

    xbox 360 splitting video signal

    yes i have tried to set to the low resolution first
  11. mitsirfishi

    xbox 360 splitting video signal

    how much does these cost ? the setup you happen to have ?
  12. mitsirfishi

    xbox 360 splitting video signal

    hi thanks ive tried pretty much everything you have suggested its a dc60+ easycap no i havn't removed any insulation its just a hdmi to vga cable with composite coming out. the device works fine if i just have connected to the xbox alone no problems but i have to play and record through a small...
  13. mitsirfishi

    xbox 360 splitting video signal

    this is how i set this up im sure its right but don't appear to be getting signal :banghead: tried all sorts where can i be going wrong all im doing is splitting the hdmi signal i know there will be loss its just so i can record forza 3 or cod black cops zombies. Help please :respect:
  14. mitsirfishi

    time for a upgrade... i think

    slowly dying because it cuts out in some games then artifacts even though ive modded the cooling system just the vrms keep overheating
  15. mitsirfishi

    time for a upgrade... i think

    atm i have a q6600 which isn't the best oc'er at 3.25ghz with 4gb of ballistixs and a hd4870 which is slowly dying :nutkick: and a p5q prem which is only a few months old whats the best options for my money i5 or am3 rig ? amd x6 1055T then oc it ? or i5 750 and oc will need some ddr3...
  16. mitsirfishi

    EX38-DQ6 died which p45 board ?????

    my q6600 is a pants clocker :( don't intend to xfire but would be nice if i could its the sata connectors i need more than anything
  17. mitsirfishi

    EX38-DQ6 died which p45 board ?????

    Ive got a choice between a few boards Asus P5QD TURBO, ASROCK P45XE, MSI P45 NEO-3 or any other suggestion which won't break the pocket to much or would a p43 be good enough ?
  18. mitsirfishi

    .exe to .Bat

    How Can i go back to a batch file I converted into a .EXE ?
  19. mitsirfishi

    Hardware that sucks!

    hiper 580w type R the original ones had 4 of them blow on me look the business doesnt cut the mustard
  20. mitsirfishi

    Biostar TPower Intel X58

    http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct.php?prodid=MB-000-BS&groupid=701&catid=5&subcat=1283 any body know if they are good as the old p45 version they did. looks a well kitted out board
  21. mitsirfishi

    Speedy ram

    i didn't have good experience with this memory 1st kit wouldn't run at specified speed 2nd kit ran fine for 2 weeks then one stick died, but clearance shouldn't be a problem
  22. mitsirfishi

    Intel to Release Three New Quad Core LGA775 CPUs with a 65W TDP

    think i might wait for a while maybe get a q9550/9650 over my q6600 which clocks ok but want more :D . would go for a i7 but as spearman914 said cost of mobo, ram and the cpu itself plus getting a new water block/ good air cooler for my cpu just isnt worth it at this moment in time
  23. mitsirfishi

    TPU VGA reviews - what to use as load?

    http://www.daionet.gr.jp/~masa/rthdribl/ this is a good one i use to stress the ole card out with nfs/crysis if not the old 3dmark comes out
  24. mitsirfishi

    revised force 3D 4870 DHT

    hey i got my force 3d 4870 DHT back from rma from ebuyer which i rma'd on tuesday got this morning really chuffed about the speed more on the card itself they have fitted a heatsink on the card over the vrms :) going to see how well it performs tonite after i got my pc back together sorry...
  25. mitsirfishi

    ASRock Core i7 ''SuperComputer'' Motherboard Announced

    in my opinion they arnt as bad as people knock them off for ive had a couple of asrock boards yes they might not look as good as the asus,gigabyte and various top end boards and dont go as crazy cooling but basing of the asrock x48 twinturbo was able to achieve 540fsb on one of the reviews cant...