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    OCZ Platinum 1GB 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800

    **forgot to add [FS] to the title. mods, please correct, and remove this line of my post. Trying to save some extra cash, looking to sell this for $90 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16820227085 Gets down to 4-4-5-12 @ 416MHz Also selling an Asus P2B Slot 1 motherboard for...
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    [wtb] 18x or higher DVD Burners

    Like the title says. if you have one for like $25 shipped, lemme know!
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    [wtb] Urgent!! Need Broken Dvd Burners!

    Ill buy any 14x+ dvd burners. Ill pay $5 + shipping for a 14x, $8 + shipping for a 16x, and $12 for an 18x. maybe higher if i get some offers.. I need the laser diodes for a project that I plan on doing, i can turn the diodes into burning hand held lasers. If you want, and have a broken...
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    FEAR Disks broke... mom put them through wash. Anybody know where to get new disks?

    My mom put my pants through the wash with my FEAR disk set in them(in cd case). Soap got in, dried, scratched the disks, cant use them, even if i try to use scratch remover. I have the CD key, im wondering if its possible to order a new CD set from sierra, or wherever i need to, but without...
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    [FS] Thermaltake 80mm Fan Silencers - Silicon

    i have 2 individual packs containing 2 fan silencers from thermaltake. they are green, UV reactive, and really quiet your fan down. http://xoxide.com/thermaltake-80mm-vibration-dampener.html $2 each, $4.05 shipping, or both packs for $8 shipped
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    [FS] Dangerden Fillport

    it is what it is.. $15 shipped. Never used it, bought 2, thinking I could have a fill and drain port, but i really dont need to have both..
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    [FS] 512MB/1gb Dual Channel DDR PC3500 Platinum Series GeIL RAM - 2.5-3-4-5

    Im putting up my old systems ram now. It is GeIL's Platinum PC3500 RAM that I got like.. 2 years ago for $220, roflmao.. $45 for a single stick of 512mb, or $85 for both. I may do a bigger discount if you can offer me a stick of your old ram. It does 2.5-3-4-5 the last time I checked in my...
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    [FS] 3 xbox games, joystick, Ipod Charger+FW cable, and Guitar Amp

    I'm trying to clear my ever building up closet again, so here we go. 3 Xbox games: Ghost Recon 2, Rainbow Six 3, and Dead or Alive 3. All in great condition. I got pics if you wanna see the boxes. Asking for $6.50 each. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 5" LCD: Sold...
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    Please Please!!! Tell about how the F@H GFX Client works! x1900xt users only.

    the new graphics card client provides a 3000% performance increase!! I wanna know how it works for you guys! Please, somebody utilize this for our folding@home team, # 57011 maybe we can break that 1k mark, haha... im curious how the performance increase affects the turn out of WU's a day. with...
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    c'mon lets get folding some more!

    most of us here have such amazing comps. the f@h team here has dwindled to about 5 people actively using F@H for our team. no offence if there are more than 5 folding. I wanna get our team rank below 1000.. were @ 1451 right now. I say we fold like mad all next week, starting monday, and...
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    [WTB] Crossfire dongle.. :-( I think mines broken..

    Ill pay like.. $5 paypal + whatever the shipping is for USPS.. it should only be $4.05 for flat rate anywhere in the US. lemme know if you can sell one! I need it!
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    Crossfire? How do I set this up?

    When I have both of my gfx cards in, one being a X850XTPE mastercard, and the other being an X850XT(with VGA and DVI plugs) It detects crossfire, but wont let me enable it. When i plug my monitor into the DVI dongle, it doesnt turn back on, and I cant select Crossfire. Im not sure if I need...
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    Watercooling is hot, and idk why.

    Well needless to say, my conroe is suffering of idles @ 48 degrees.. and this is with watercooling. I have no air bubbles in the liquid, and it has a perfect flow, 2 120mm fans ontop of an external radiator.. Dangerden TDX-775. now. The problem is that it doesnt seem to want to absorb heat...
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    Watercooling is HOT!!!

    Ok i got a problem, and idk whats going on.. I got my watercooling, it was doing great, cpu was at 35c idle under an overclock of 3.5GHz.. then the next day I went to use the computer, and it now runs at 47c idle, and 56c load.. My max stable overclock has gone to 3.2GHz now, and i neeeed the...
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    Computer cant find HD's..

    My new system cant detect my SATA hard drives. It says to reboot and make sure that they are connected, even though they are both powered on and working.. It sees the drives, but the windows xp installer doesnt see them... It saw them once, and then went kaput.. idk.. Help!!!
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    Friend has a problem: HDD Recovery Help/Advice

    My friend wants me to ask this for you guys. He had me post about his hard drive before, and he still hasnt fixed it.
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    what abouts should I be scoring(3dmark) with this crossfire and E6600?

    i got one X850XT (which i will hopefully OC to PE speeds, or higher) and an X850XT PE Crossfire Card (which I also plan to OC) and an E6600 conroe, probably @ 3.5GHz when i get it going.. so say... 560/600 for both gfx cards, and 3.5GHz on the E6600.. what do you think it would score in 05...
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    quick decision! today! help! motherboard choice.

    Im not sure what to get. should i lurk for hours and find the coveted P5W DH Deluxe? or should I splurge another $50 on a P5WDG2 WS Pro motherboard? The workstation board, i would think, would be much more stable and would OC higher. Ive heard reviews on it OCing to 420MHz fsb on stock vMCH...
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    Just ordered watercooling for my conroe. :-) TDX-775

    Heres the part list for my watercooling. Tell me how I did with choices. :-) http://xoxide.com/xoxide-external-radiator-kit.html External Radiator. :-) http://xoxide.com/swiftech-mcp655.html Swiftech MCP655 Pump http://xoxide.com/danger-den-tdx-775.html DangerDen TDX-775 (ordered the last...
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    High res E6600 shots.. The lga is weird on the bottom.. lol..

    odd to look @ very close up.. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v347/Napalm_Fire/Picture004.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v347/Napalm_Fire/Picture005.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v347/Napalm_Fire/Picture006.jpg...
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    Conroe and Allendale multiplier

    I keep seeing overclocking forums saying that you can drop the multiplier of the Conroes and Allendales. I thought that only the X6800 had it unlocked. These people are doing it on retail cpus. How?! I dont have my motherboard yet, and I'm trying to gather as much OCing info as I can...
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    A suggestion on temp readings.

    Could you label the temperatures as like.. Core, Vreg, and such like that? and also label the amps and fan %'s I find the 2 temps confusing. seems to be 3 in the picture of the X1950xtx review. whats the top temperature that reads as 0c?
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    I plan on buying GFX next..

    Well, for my next purchase, Im going to get GFX cards, now the question is, should I wait? I want to get the best ATI out for under $400 a card, and I want crossfire. I was going to get dual X1900's, but now I hear of this X1950 with DDR4, and im wondering if I should wait for that? Is...
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    Conroe shipped!

    My conroe is in the mail and due for arrival on tuesday, I have $1000 in hand to spend on parts, so I should be good to go conroe by the middle of the week of the 27th. My comp will consist as follows! (What I'll have by the 27th) E6600 Asus P5W DH Deluxe 975X Mobo 2x 250gb SATA2 Perp...
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    [WTB] Any pentium 4 Prescott or LGA775 cpu, BROKEN

    I want to test my way of removing an IHS on the pentium 4/LGA775 CPU's, and if I can master it, I'll do it for you folks if you want. I'll pay like.. $10 for everything, just stick it in an envelope or something, I dont need it to be working. It'd be cool if you could ship it with straight...