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    The air in the Forums seems to have shifted?

    I'd thank you for you post, but well... I just didn't.
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    The air in the Forums seems to have shifted?

    You're being similarly vague.
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    The air in the Forums seems to have shifted?

    Be a dear and tell everyone what "western foolishness" you're referring to when comparing to some nerds discussing their chips.
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    The air in the Forums seems to have shifted?

    I could have told you this years ago.
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    Back in Action! 2 years and the checkered flag

    Missed opportunity.
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    Can I run 12 Monitors from one Laptop using this box ?

    Wouldn't it be cheaper and easier to just use a PC instead of the laptop?
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    Computer on network can't get ip through DCHP or Static ip...

    Do you have any network connectivity at all or just no internet? ie can you ping the gateway or any local devices?
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    No need of 3.3v line

    What kind of help or advice are you looking for exactly? Like you said, everything works with a converter and thus 3.3v isn't a requirement.
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    NBN Router?

    Apart from this not being an American forum. NBN seems more like the backbone, from what I gather you just need a normal router? Ethernet to ethernet.
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    Seagate Ships First Hard Drives Using Next-Gen Shingled Magnetic Recording

    If you require speed get an SSD, get huge capacity disks if you need t store large amounts of data.
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    Need to modify VBS to append Number

    Replace strfilename with strfilename & environ("computername") or something.
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    I'm interested in VMware..plz help me with basics

    If you pick Hyper-V, be sure to use an Intel NIC. Yukons cause huge problems, and from that experience I don't trust other cheap vendors either with Hyper-V.
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    Solar Team Eindhoven: A practical car on Solar Energy

    You should read the news then, the Dutch are well represented at various solar challenges and have been for quite some years. Which is odd since there is no sun here.
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    Storage solution needed

    RAID, any level, doesn't come with an automatic backup feature. Press delete and your data is gone.
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    Win 7 destroyed my SSD

    Does it by any chance recognize the drive as the SSD's controller or some other fancy name other than OCZ agility? Try upgrading the firmware, or at least rewrite it.
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    Windows 7 Admin Password recovery

    Many of those fancy bootdisks come with a reset tool, UBCD for example.
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    XP vs 7

    Since when is there any scenario in which to recommend XP64?
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    Help with finding the appropriate cord

    I would guess the make and model of the car or more specific its radio would be relevant. In any case an FM transmitter could be an option.
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    Need specifics on RAID 10

    mdadm does, as did the raidcore stack. As for the latter, mentioning it made me wonder what happened with it, seems it's offered now under the name assuredVRA. I should play with it.
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    Mobo vs mobo

    No, it doubles the bus width.
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    Mobo vs mobo

    That's unrelated to bandwidth.
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    Need specifics on RAID 10

    Why is RAID 10 the most suitable? I'd go for RAID 6 instead. Similar redundancy and more space. Performance shouldn't be a huge issue with the right hardware. Also, apart from controller and drives you need to think about housing. Putting 10 drives in a normal case without decent drive bays...
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    What is the largest read/write speed across normal 7200RPM HDD possible today?

    Cat5 and cat5e are both rated at 100MHz and thus have the same bandwidth. Cat5e has less crosstalk though.
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    Radeon HD 8870M detection

    Please read the forum guidelines. If you got banned for no reason contact a mod. Don't create multiple accounts.
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    It does matter, you won't get any signal degradation on the LAN side.Making the phone cable longer might degrade the signal and thus internet performance. Keep phone cabling as short as possible.