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    Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Performance Analysis

    wow D: this game is kicking my gtx 1080's ass at ultra 1080p
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    Swiftech h220-x vs Corsair H100i

    the h100i was a bit noisey for me so i returned it. h220x is much quieter and cools better
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    PC hangs when opening GPU-Z

    i think my cpu was just unstable from not enough voltage, i think. nope, spoke too soon. after a long time of gaming i tried running gpu-z with someo ther programs running in background and pc froze/hangs again. i'll try uninstalling gpuz and making sure i have the one posted above installed
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    PC hangs when opening GPU-Z

    my pc freezes up as soon as i run gpu-z with my 2 r9 290's. i tried going back to 14.4 whql and it just froze on me 0_0.
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    Temps on a 4790k on stock cooling?

    4790k temps with stock cooling are a bit scary :/ i got up to 97c just gaming in battlefield 4. but it is pretty hot where i live. With the h220x, it doesnt go over 60c often now.
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    Your PC ATM

    I have a ASUS gtx 780 DCII OCjust sitting here for no reason already purchased 0_0
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    Your PC ATM

    My pc atm. I dunno if i will keep the r9 290's sell them an get another 780 or whaaat.
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    Swiftech Releases the H220-X CPU Liquid Cooling Kit

    my ambient is pretty high atm cus i dont have air conditioning 0_0. what sort of temps do you see with your AIO?
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    Swiftech Releases the H220-X CPU Liquid Cooling Kit

    got up to 74c for cpu package with case fans set to low and pump/radiator fans set to performance in bios. got same with everything cranked up. i may need to reseat the cpu block and reapply tim hmmm.. That is @ 4.6ghz 2 1.281v with windows performance mode ooh at 4.7 i got same package...
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    Swiftech Releases the H220-X CPU Liquid Cooling Kit

    welll, I installed mines this week :) I'm happy sofar with the purchase. its pretty quiet and seems to be working well.
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    ASRock Fatal1ty Z97 KIller (Intel LGA 1150)

    I've had this board for a little over a week now. It ran my 4790k at 44x multiplier on default heh. My corsair h100i just came so I will play around with overclocking a bit.
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    Cooler Master V Series 1000 W

    Nice review :) i ordered this and 2 280x's. I wonder if it would be able to handle 3 with my current build. hmmm
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    TechPowerUp Screenshot Thread (MASSIVE 56K WARNING)

    ^ what game is that is that Charlize therone?
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    [FS] Gigabyte GTX 670 Windforce 3 OC 2GB

    SOLD! GTX 670 Windforce 3 OC! It comes with all accessories and retail box. I just bought a gtx 780 so I don't need this anymore. http://www.techpowerup.com/reviews/Gigabyte/GeForce_GTX_670_Windforce/
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    Two 760's SLI or one 780? Not like the other threads.

    I just ordered the asus VG248QE AND it shouldbe here by tomorrow or monday :/. my ASUS gtx 780 DCUII OC came this week. I amwondering if i should've gone with 2 670 2gb's. those would probably maintain 100fps+ better but i was worried about sli issues.
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    3DMark (2013)

    My 24/7 settings pretty much. MAKE SURE To ENABLE HPET in bios under AHCI SETTINGS! that prevents crashing if you have hardware monitoring enabled for me. Gabkicks|136734|20402|6493|GTX 670 2GB|i7 920|1267/1701|3802 MHz http://www.3dmark.com/3dm/181492
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    MechWarriorOnline (MWO)

    the latest update (ECM!) has changed the game a bit. :laugh:
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    OFFICIAL Project CARS (Discussion)

    baaah I wanted to upgrade to senior but money is tight >_<. you snoooze you lose.
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    1366 advanced tweaking--PLL voltage?

    I've never heard of lowering pll below 1.8 helping. I'll try that out. What are the rest of your voltages: ioh/vtt/RAM, etc
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    OFFICIAL Project CARS (Discussion)

    ^there will be maaaany more cars added maybe mazda as well. www.youtube.com/watch?v=UQoCLct7uug
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    What to use $20 origin coupon on?

    LoL yeah ifound that out yesterday :( i ended up just grabbing Deadspace 1 and 2 since i never played those. I wanted batman for the gameplay/benchmarks/physx :(
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    What to use $20 origin coupon on?

    I am leaning towards Batman: Arkham City, but I thought that getting a game with an online mode would maybe be a better decision. Should I just get Arkham city? I already have crysis and its expansions. and I dont think the coupon works on battlefield 3 expansions.
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    OFFICIAL Project CARS (Discussion)

    Day night transition vid I recorded then sped up. and a video from digiprost :)