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  1. ccleorina

    Intel Core 2 Extreme and Skulltrail Go Pass the 6GHz Barrier, New World Records Set

    Damm....:twitch: Nice Intel....:respect: That the power of V8 Engine....:rockout:
  2. ccleorina

    pci wireless card compatible with vista x64 any ideas?

    Hmm... Try D-Link DWA-510???
  3. ccleorina

    [Case Gallery] My I-cute

    I give 10/10 because 2 3870X2 Crossfire... and nice rig man...... You should get the Quad Core Q9300.... haha...
  4. ccleorina

    [Case Gallery] Aluminium Flight Case

    WTF.... Nice man... I love it... 9/10 from me.... Very cool. Nice job...
  5. ccleorina

    430W Enough?

    i'm a AMD fan.... 70% of my system last time was AMD... Stop man... this way of topic...
  6. ccleorina

    430W Enough?

    I sell my QX6850 to my Bro.... So i build Phenom.... why would you bothering?:confused:
  7. ccleorina

    Nvidia acquires Ageia

    You right man:rockout:
  8. ccleorina

    430W Enough?

    yes it is fine...:rockout: But if u want to OC more... get 550W or 600W for batter power output... See your psu temp also... some time the psu will get to hot when in oc with 430W.. That what my old rig was with 430W...:rockout:
  9. ccleorina

    Nvidia acquires Ageia

    Wow.....:eek: That nice to know...:rockout:
  10. ccleorina

    Help me OC my q6600

    Just set your FSB to 333Mhz = 1333 FSB at your BIOS and u will get 3.0Ghz.... It should run on stock V-core in that speed....:rockout:
  11. ccleorina


    Get the Quad core:rockout:
  12. ccleorina

    Catalyst 8.1 Beta for Vista Available

    Oh... That good... Is this driver support CrossfireX in 3 or 4 way crossfire......?
  13. ccleorina

    crossfire-x with 3 or 4 cards

    I'm sure the will be single slot 3870's from Sapphire soon... I also run 3 HD3870 in my asus not in CFX yet because the driver... and i sure if to run 4 HD3870 need 1K PSU or more....:rockout: With 4 3850 if CF im sure u will good gaming rig... sure to send us the pic and 3dmark06 pic... Best...
  14. ccleorina

    4 0ptions from newegg,im ordering today HELP!

    Like ShadowFold say... get PCIe card... because it's batter the AGP... Get the HD2600XT or 8600GT:rockout: This is way batter DX10 card
  15. ccleorina

    4 0ptions from newegg,im ordering today HELP!

    If he run a DX9 game sure this card is faster but if he run on DX10 at mid setting then get a DX10 card....
  16. ccleorina

    4 0ptions from newegg,im ordering today HELP!

    Yes 4X pci-e card run just as much 8X AGP just pci-e run faster in most case...:rockout:
  17. ccleorina

    4 0ptions from newegg,im ordering today HELP!

    Sure good for your 4X pci-e... Get the Sapphire/ASUS/HIS HD2600XT 256/512 GDDR3 or EVGA/XFX 8600GT 256 GDDR3 this card have nice OC and nice in gaming:rockout:
  18. ccleorina

    4 0ptions from newegg,im ordering today HELP!

    This man right :rockout:... get pcie card if u have the slot... 4X is not bad at all:rockout:
  19. ccleorina

    4 0ptions from newegg,im ordering today HELP!

    Get the ASUS AH2600PRO/HTDP/512M Radeon HD 2600PRO 512MB 128-bit.... That card sure have bater OC then Sapphire and it run cooler... And u will get DX10 with HD2600...:rockout: If your modo support PCI-e 16X then u should get The PCI-e HD2600XT.... that card sure more faster or HD3850...
  20. ccleorina

    Your CPU Timeline

    Me:confused: I just a girl that like gaming and love OC my rig:roll: I have 2 gaming rig... One is Intel QX6850 at 4.0Ghz for my LAN Party and my new AMD Phenom 9600 at 3.2Ghz just at home...:rockout:
  21. ccleorina

    Your CPU Timeline

    So far from Intel CPU... Intel Pentium 133Mhz Intel Pentium MMX 233Mhz Intel Pentium II 500Mhz Intel Pentium III 800Mhz, 1000Mhz Intel Pentium 4 1.7Ghz, 2.4Ghz, 3.2Ghz HT 478 Intel Pentium D 820, 925, 945 775 Intel Core 2 Duo E6400, E4400, E4500 775 Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 775 Intel Core 2...
  22. ccleorina

    AMD Phenom Fails Most AM2 Compatibility Tests

    Hahaha..... Why run Phenom X4 on AM2 Mobo? Just make the CPU run 1/2 performance if its run at all... Use AM2+ Mobo with AMD 770, 790X, 790FX Chipset if u want to run Phenom X4....:rockout:
  23. ccleorina

    Xeon alternative to Q6600 GO CHEAP!!

    Can u show me the article link....:rockout: i just want to know more about this.....:rockout:
  24. ccleorina

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to All Our Readers

    Ho...Ho...Ho.... Merry Christmas to you all:rockout:
  25. ccleorina

    Xeon alternative to Q6600 GO CHEAP!!

    Are u sure about that man?:shadedshu I own a Xeon X3220 OC to 3.0Ghz and the Q6600 at 3.0Ghz in my old rig setup.... Xeon is faster then Q6600 in games for me....:rockout: