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  1. chuchnit

    Windows 7 freezes for 1 minute

    Exactly what model of ssd is that? It almost sounds like the LPM issue on the crucial C300's. Does your drive have a marvell controller by chance?
  2. chuchnit

    x58 classified FF problem.

    Any updates?
  3. chuchnit

    x58 classified FF problem.

    Oh yeah. The pcie slot that you are trying may be disabled. Make sure the jumpers are enabled too. I may have disabled a couple.
  4. chuchnit

    x58 classified FF problem.

    The "CB" jumper is at the end of the dimm slots towards the pcie slots. I can't remember the technical name but it was for cold bugs. The memory strap jumper is on the other end of the dimm slots by dimm slot 1. Please let me know if it is working now after fiddling with the pins.
  5. chuchnit

    x58 classified FF problem.

    Clear cmos and check all the jumpers (CB and strap). Make sure there arent set wrong or the plastic pieces are still there. That bios chip was never loose before noe did it cause problems. However if you didnt clear the cmos before putting different ram in, the board can act stupid. It always...
  6. chuchnit

    $1500+ wasted...

    16GB ram is hard on the IMC. What vtt are you running?
  7. chuchnit

    Looking for a new Printer

    I just got the Canon MX882 and like it so far. I don't use the fax function though. Wireless just works. I got it on sale for 124.99 on Amazon or I'd have probably got a lesser HP but couldn't pass up the deal.
  8. chuchnit

    Do you care about SSD wear?

    I say it's safe to say not to worry so much about endurance as long as a quality drive is selected.
  9. chuchnit

    Playing homefront demo on steam, is full version worth it?

    There is like 260 servers total. I wouldn't pay full price. The only reason I got it was the thq sale on steam. Like I said, I love the MP but that doesn't do you much good when you have no servers to play on.
  10. chuchnit

    Playing homefront demo on steam, is full version worth it?

    I love the mp but the problem is that no one is ever on the servers.
  11. chuchnit

    Raid Recovery question

    Umm windows won't red the file system from freeNAS will it? You might need to throw togther another freeNAS box to recover the data or maybe a vm wil do the trick?
  12. chuchnit

    Backup utility

    Acronis True Image and I *think* the built in backup utility in Vista/7 but I'm not sure about the latter.
  13. chuchnit

    [FS][US] Rick's Super Sale (gpu's, cpu's, mb's, ect.)

    Great seller here! GLWS Rick!
  14. chuchnit

    Looking for a sata600 raid controller

    LSI 92xx series or Areca 18xx series is where to look. The LSI 9211 is a good HBA. Its great for R0/1 or JBOD. You are just limited in available stripe sizes compred to the full ROC cards like the 9260.
  15. chuchnit

    Help I think I just got hacked!

    hehehe what would they do if you told them you are running Linux?
  16. chuchnit

    A8-3850 Has Ineffective BClk Multiplier

    Brandonwh64 how about posting the source of those screenshots and give chew* credit for his work?
  17. chuchnit

    Steam Summer Camp Sale Starts Today!!!!

    Steam working for you guys? It tells me I'm not connected to the internet. lol Edit: Working now. :)
  18. chuchnit

    Just playing around a little

    There is a great thread for that board at xs and lsdmeasap has a guide for it at tweaktown. I will link you later when I'm not on my phone.
  19. chuchnit

    Just playing around a little

    Looking good. Have you played with the gtl's??
  20. chuchnit

    G.Skill Breaks SuperPi 32M LGA1155 World Record

    ^ listen to this guy. :)
  21. chuchnit

    Z68 Question

    Z68 is the latest for the time being. If I were buying today that is the board I would get since it's looking like BIOS support is starting to suck for many P67's. As far as the 2600k, well that subjective. I mean it depends on exactly what you are using the computer for. The better processors...
  22. chuchnit

    The TPU Darkroom - Digital SLR and Photography Club

    Looks like what we called a camel spider in Iraq. I've seen some pics of HUGE ones guys had caught. Most of the ones I saw were no bigger than a pack of cigs. They were very very aggressive though.
  23. chuchnit

    Microsoft Tech Net Subscribers Club

    Just picked up my technet sub today. :)
  24. chuchnit

    Question about Graphic Cards- New Gaming Build

    Well nobody really knows how demanding BF3 is going to be yet. Plus gaming at 1080p will use lots of vram if you want to turn the eyecandy up. Overclocking will help though at that res. As far as the other games you listed, the 560ti should work great. Just take a look at Wizzard's reviews and...
  25. chuchnit

    Question about Graphic Cards- New Gaming Build

    When do you plan on actually building the PC? If its not going to be until the fall then the answer is obvious. If you are building soon then a 560ti or whatever would make a good gaming card.