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  1. Jimmy2k9

    [FT] Epiphone (Zakk Wylde) Les Paul guitar for your GPU

    Ok, decided to go ahead and keep the guitar. Ordered my gtx 780 last night, found a little wiggle room in my budget.
  2. Jimmy2k9

    [FT] Epiphone (Zakk Wylde) Les Paul guitar for your GPU

    Honestly I just don't have a passion to play music like I used to. Old jam buddies are all on dope and I've long moved on from them. I had money burning a hole in my pocket a few months back and bought it on impulse. Since then my daughter has started school, expensive car repairs and a recent...
  3. Jimmy2k9

    [FT] Epiphone (Zakk Wylde) Les Paul guitar for your GPU

    Thanks Brandon! Still have this guitar, still in need of a new GPU.
  4. Jimmy2k9

    [FT] Epiphone (Zakk Wylde) Les Paul guitar for your GPU

    Hello all, I recently purchased this guitar in hopes of becoming a legend in the art of metal. However I noticed I sucked just as bad at playing this as I do my two other less expensive guitars. I'm much better at video games. My two HD7770's in crossfire just don't cut it in the games that I...
  5. Jimmy2k9

    New GPU on a budget

    I appreciate all the responses, I've decided to get the R9 280x, only problem is I don't get paid till dec 3rd and newegg is all sold out? lol... Everywhere else seems to charge to much.
  6. Jimmy2k9

    New GPU on a budget

    Talking about the 4gb 770's, as I decided somewhere in this thread I wanted more than the 2gb version, the 280x being a 3gb card. Sorry if I'm being confusing, I'm not the most tech savvy member of these forums, plus its late and I've been reading way to many reviews/watching to many videos on...
  7. Jimmy2k9

    New GPU on a budget

    While I could technically afford a more expensive card, I would be much more comfortable staying close to my $300 price point as possible the more I think about it. My wallet is taking a pretty heavy hit already with my daughters birthday coming up the day before Christmas, plus I'm sure the...
  8. Jimmy2k9

    New GPU on a budget

    The R9 280x being $100 cheaper than the 770, seems to me its a much better value? lol, I'm confused. Am I missing something, or is the R9 280x the best bang for the buck at $300 bucks?
  9. Jimmy2k9

    New GPU on a budget

    What about the r9 280x, how does it compare at the $300 price point?
  10. Jimmy2k9

    New GPU on a budget

    Only thing about those 670's is I'm weird about buying older tech, granted it isn't that old, I'm just weird. Like even if I buy the newest of the new, it seems like it so quickly becomes "old", so buying something with some age to it would only make that happen even faster, if that makes...
  11. Jimmy2k9

    New GPU on a budget

    Interesting... I could go to $300 or slightly higher (350ish) if the performance gained is large enough.
  12. Jimmy2k9

    New GPU on a budget

    So I've been out of the loop for a while, last time I paid any attention to hardware the 660ti had just launched (when I bought mine). I sold my 660ti a couple months later when I got behind on bills, after catching back up, I bought two 7700's off a buddy that I currently run in xfire. I'm now...
  13. Jimmy2k9

    [FS] GTX 660Ti FTW Edition

    Would you take $250 for it?
  14. Jimmy2k9

    Sexy Hardware Close-Up Pic Clubhouse.

    A little messy, but good enough for me.
  15. Jimmy2k9

    What should my next upgrade be?

    Added this about a week ago. :D
  16. Jimmy2k9

    DayZ (Mod for ARMA II: OAH) Clubhouse

    Yeah I'm happy for him, hopefully he comes to visit Ohio before he ships out anywhere.
  17. Jimmy2k9

    DayZ (Mod for ARMA II: OAH) Clubhouse

    So is anyone playing on Erocker's server from the OP still? I'm confused where you all are playing at now.
  18. Jimmy2k9

    DayZ (Mod for ARMA II: OAH) Clubhouse

    I used the six launcher to install mine. Is there a difference in how commander installs? Like, does commander work better? six launcher seems pretty buggy and often gives me issues.
  19. Jimmy2k9

    Ok so im attempting my 2nd build.....

    I don't know nearly as much as most people on this site, but I do know you can save money on your ram. For gaming you will not need more than 8gb, I would give my 2 cents and say get a 2x4gb kit of 1600Mhz. Also it seems like bad timing to buy Bulldozer (if there was ever a good time) as there...
  20. Jimmy2k9

    OFFICIAL World Of Tanks

    I got some codes that came with my logitech G9x mouse for this game a few months ago. I don't have any intentions on playing it, so I'm going to link the codes here for anyone who finds this first, to use. :) One of the codes is a "INVITE CODE" for new accounts only, says it gives you 2000...
  21. Jimmy2k9

    MSI GeForce GTX 660 Ti Power Edition 2048 MB

    Finally made the decision to go with this card for my 660ti, this review made me pull the trigger just bought it.
  22. Jimmy2k9

    AMD Readies New Round of Radeon HD 7000 Series Price Cuts

    I've been putting back money for the 660ti but now I'm confused again. :(
  23. Jimmy2k9

    Looking for some advice for a gamer mouse

    You said you looked at Razor mice, but did you notice this one has 12 buttons? lol RAZER Naga Epic RZ01-00510100-R3U1 Black 17 Button... Personally I play diablo 3 and WoW with my Logitech G9x and LOVE the feel of it, its got only two side buttons but for me its much more natural feeling to use...
  24. Jimmy2k9

    [FS][US] Athlon II x4 645 / Asus M5A97

    Sold to stinger608. :toast: