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    Radeon HD 7950 comes on January 31st

    I am wondering the same :D
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    HD7970 - My Review (BF3 Eyefinity vs HD7970)

    Thanks for the reply, just what i wanted to hear :) I am then requesting the pictures, please :D Sorry about your troubles with cards, it actually helped me, that i hear others got not good pieces too, going for refund tommorow.
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    HD7970 - My Review (BF3 Eyefinity vs HD7970)

    thanks for the reply :) Not all cards will be able to hit that ? :) Damn :D I read quite the opposite :) Actually i forgot to mention, that i do own eyefinity setup too (3x 24", 5760x1080 - that is the right reason to buy this one, right ? : ) but i didn't even start to unpack the adaptors, as...
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    HD7970 - My Review (BF3 Eyefinity vs HD7970)

    my $0.02 Hey guys, thanks for the review, actually your case is just like mine (actually even your Fractal case :D) I bought a Sapphire 7970 myself yesterday also, just to find out that all like 10+ big reviews are not actually true, atleast it's not working for me. Started my testing...