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  1. Dave63

    NZXT Phantom Big-Tower in Orange with USB 3.0

    Newegg has them in black/green, White Finish w/Red Trim Steel and others i was looking at them just the other day. NZXT Phantom PHAN-001RD Red White Finish w/Red Tri... NZXT Phantom PHAN-001RD Red White Finish w/Red Tri...
  2. Dave63

    Got A Virus? It's Your Fault Says Microsoft

    I agree and stay away from them side ads and 3rd party apps like java and flash.
  3. Dave63

    Could this lost RAM contact tab be the route of all my problems?

    I have seen few psu's that was going bad and had a internal short that sent a low voltage back threw the ground. when it is all mounted in the case it brings it threw the screws to the case to the mobo ground screws
  4. Dave63

    Could this lost RAM contact tab be the route of all my problems?

    This sounds like a voltage back feed from the psu on the case ground side, if it works outside the case, or a short between mobo and case. Someone please correct me if wrong.
  5. Dave63

    POLL: Following the Bulldozer release are you still going to buy one?

    No, when I update think I will just go with the PIIx6 1100T BE.
  6. Dave63

    Magicool Diy watercooling kit good or bad?

    Have you look at a XSPC Rasa 750 RS240 Kit to start and you can expaned on it by adding a GPU block.
  7. Dave63

    RIP Steve Jobs

    Never like Apple But sad day for ALL.
  8. Dave63

    Your PC ATM

    Mice setup.
  9. Dave63

    Electronic Arts' Massive 2012 $1.6m Battlefield 3 Tournament: Consoles Yes, PC No

    That is because they know the PC far superior and that would be unfair.
  10. Dave63

    Your PC ATM

  11. Dave63

    Your PC ATM

  12. Dave63

    Your PC ATM

    This is what I use but Crafsmen, Can air cost way to much. LOL.
  13. Dave63

    Graphics Card Survey

    Did the survey, It will be cool to see how it turns out.
  14. Dave63

    Your PC ATM

    Looks very nice, like it.
  15. Dave63

    Will my CPU bottleneck my GPU?

    I have the MSI N460GTX TWIN FROZR II SOC on a amd 2+ mobo and a 550w psu works good. Now the gpu is oc to 925 core and my cpu a p2 X3 oc at 3.5GHz also I play some games NFS pro street, DiRT 2 and run AutoCADD as well as some audio and video editing for my use and do this all at 1080 hd. Hope...
  16. Dave63

    Case Mod???

    That is epic, Love the clean look. My understanding of a full loop is cpu,gpu,nb, and mem all on water. I am planing a water setup this summer and giving my son the H50 I have now the case i have is the first step have to do a little at a time. Have to move out of New York so I have more cash to...
  17. Dave63

    Case Mod???

    Well there is not much room and Limited space for graphics cards a full loop may not fit. If you can do without the External SATA bay. I have this case with the window http://www.techpowerup.com/reviews/Xigmatek/Utgard/ And for the price it has alot of room and set up for a big wc setup with...
  18. Dave63

    Case Mod???

    Nice case and good luck, alot can be done with that.
  19. Dave63

    Corsair cooler

    The H50,60 or 70 is like air put the in do not have to do any more had my H50 running for a year now no probems at all. Keeps my x3 oc to 3.5GHz below 50c at full load.
  20. Dave63

    Case Mod???

    If you have the cash the modmen may build anything you want. Here is the link to them http://www.mnpctech.com/
  21. Dave63

    Alpenföhn Launches Peter High-Performance VGA Cooler

    I was thinking the same thing with the GT 210 / 220 / 240 LOL.
  22. Dave63

    Alpenföhn Launches Peter High-Performance VGA Cooler

    Just look at this at Caseking must be a new list of compatibility. I'll be looking at this if I can get it here in the US. Kompatibilität: •Lochabstand: 43 / 51 / 53 / 58 / 61 / 80 mm •AMD Radeon X 1600 HD 2600 HD 3450 / 3650 / 3690 HD 4650 / 4670 / 4750 / 4830 / 4850 / 4860 /...
  23. Dave63

    A Survey on Nvidia and ATI Graphics Cards

    I voted Nvidia the drivers seem to be more stable. 1. Which factor do you lean more towards when buying a new graphics card, price or performance? Price is the biggest factor. 2. Is buying the latest graphics technology important to you? No wait for price drop. 3. Do you consider...
  24. Dave63

    Need ram suggestions

    The G.Skill is a good pick but the 4gb would be better I agree with LagunaX use the extra for video.
  25. Dave63

    Need ram suggestions

    This is the set I have and very happy with them. G.SKILL 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 ...