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    looking to buy a graphics card

    hi all been a while since iv been here....well i need ur guys advice once more :) i want to buy a graphics card.....a budget 1 at that i have around 50-60£ to spend i cud go higher maybe if the card had siginificant gains...anyways i need a card that doesnt require external power and one...
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    Graphics card power

    Does the X800GTO need external power?
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    Little help please EVERYONE

    I recently bought myself an X800GTO2 Limited Edition PCIE and realised it needs external power when it arrived. I thought okey doke to the local hardwares shop (maplins) got myself the cables and found that my PSU wasn't powerful enough Basically i want to game with minimum hassle with best...
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    Conroe MOBO!!!! read READ READ!

    hi ppl jus a cuple questions about conroe is it going to be AS good as it is being hyped up to be or is it just going to be another disppointment from intel agen? plus what are the distinct advanteages of conroe? y is it "supposed" to be simply the best when it is out and finally...
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    Onboard Sound

    gouys i hear that onboard sound really eats processor and ram so i have found a pci soundcard lying around will any soundcard take the stresses off the mobo n ram?? please advise
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    Mobo Upgrade HELPPP

    hi ppl i am lookin to get a new mobo i dnt have a clue wich 1 to get i have around £150-200 to spend can i get a decent mobo? for that? and will it be any better than the one i haev atm? please advise guys!
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    Calling All X800GT USERS

    Hi there people I just wanted to know what your 3D marks are? I am currently scoring 1058 and wanted to know if this is good for this card?? Also I can steadily overclock the card to 557 core and 660 memory is this the case with anyone else?? is this good overclocking for this card??
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    Graphics Card Opinions needed

    Hi I currently have the Sapphire Radeon X800GT I am looking to upgrade! Only thing is i dont know to what! I want a card that will give me noticeable performance at a decent price. However if theres a card which costs that little bit extra but will give me a HUGE performance boost i will...
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    -=========X800GT Pipe Unlock---======

    Hi there People Does anyone out there viewing this thread know how to unlock pipes on the Sapphire Radeon X800Gt?? I have the Ati tool screnshot thingy typed at the bottom. i hear that the x800gt has the r480/60/30 (one of these!) core and ati have just etched r423 on it, basically i...
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    X800gt Help Please!

    Hi there im new here And i need HELP! I recently read a a review HERE saying an x800gt can be flashed to an X800 Xt to enable 16 pipelines. anyway i did this and now the card is not working at all the cooler and everything else works but the monitor remains on standby! PLEASE SOME1 HELP!!!!!!!!!!
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    X800gt Help Please!

    Hi there im new here And i need HELP!