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  1. xBruce88x


    bump... dropped price to $500
  2. xBruce88x


    $500 in Northern Colorado along the "Front Range" I-25 corridor... will ship if needed (plus costs of shipping of course) For sale is a nice little compact gaming computer, great for a dorm. Case is part of the MSI z97 ITX barebones kit, comes with a 600w power supply and msi itx motherboard...
  3. xBruce88x

    i5-4690k overlcocking and igp issues

    Again this was not just about the overclocking but the fact that it would BSOD and crash any time the iGPU was enabled. I was able to get 4ghz on the original cpu just fine, it's just I wasn't able to make use of intel quick sync for video encoding since I couldn't get the iGPU to work. The...
  4. xBruce88x

    i5-4690k overlcocking and igp issues

    I know this is an old thread but I finally got a chance to swap CPUs with a 4670k. I popped in the 4670k, turned on the igpu, set OC to 3.8ghz all cores (didn't want to go too high since it's not mine) , and booted to windows. No problems with BSOD anymore. Didn't have to adjust voltage or...
  5. xBruce88x

    ID-Cooling Intros the Tiny SE-812i Tower-type CPU Cooler

    could be an affordable option for my MSI Nightblade Z97 itx system if I need to replace the cooler it has now.
  6. xBruce88x

    Want to build retro gaming PC (Win 98) suggestions/ideas for hardware

    You should really check out this site if you're wanting to get into a retro build. There are a lot of useful tips and tricks there. https://www.philscomputerlab.com/
  7. xBruce88x

    EVGA's Gargantuan SuperNova 2200W P2 Can Jumpstart Your Pickup Truck

    OK all this talk about car parts I gotta chime in a little. Yes most car alternators are between 65A and 150A, at 14.4v when running (not just 12). Or 936 to 2160w. This is not what starts your car, that's the battery. The alternator generates enough current to run the car's other electrical...
  8. xBruce88x

    Hello, World! :D - Robert B's PC builds - oogle away freely :) - OLD Hardware Emporium

    Awesome thread man, love these old parts. I had an AMD p75 until I moved to the other side of the USA, from east coast to the rockies. I was able to get Win98 se running with that cpu, 96mb total ram, and some opti brand vga card. I was able to play Starcraft Broodwar and CnC red alert with that...
  9. xBruce88x

    i5-4690k overlcocking and igp issues

    been trying just anywhere between stock and 4ghz with little luck. turning on the IGP crashes as soon as windows go to install its drivers automatically. ive reset the bios several times.
  10. xBruce88x

    i5-4690k overlcocking and igp issues

    actually the turbo buttons from back in the day actually lowered clock speeds
  11. xBruce88x

    i5-4690k overlcocking and igp issues

    pretty sure this board can handle a minor overclock. and yes i understand that itx isn't ideal but i should be able to get something out of this cpu. also, again i'm wanting to enable the igp to make use of intel's quicksync. i mean, they even built in an overclocking button lol
  12. xBruce88x

    i5-4690k overlcocking and igp issues

    So i've had this cpu for about 3 years and every time i've tried to overclock it doesn't stay stable long at all, even with a modest OC of only 300mhz more. I've been ignoring and and just figured maybe a board issue... but then today i decided to enable the feature that allows the igp and my...
  13. xBruce88x

    WTF is wrong with hardware these days?

    I've had the PG278Q for a little over a year now... still works great. And it'd better too since it was a little over $800. The bleeding doesn't seem too bad, or it just doesn't bother me as much.
  14. xBruce88x

    Opening New Computer Shop!

    Loveland, CO, South of Ft. Collins. Thanks everyone for the support. Right now I've got a job lined up with Staples pending a background check (which won't be a problem) as one of their Techs... though it seems there isn't much hardware work involved, but it's a job. I've seen competitors...
  15. xBruce88x

    Opening New Computer Shop!

    Last update on the shop.... for now. Well it was fun while it lasted, but unfortunately i've had to close up shop. Between some questionable local politics and other shady dealings, not to mention getting shafted by a certain communications company... i've had to close up shop. Not to fear...
  16. xBruce88x

    So who's using Windows 10? Thoughts?

    So i've been using windows 10 for a while now on my work desktop... and I've been pretty happy with it... until today. Seems they've released an update that took a good 30 min or so to install... and now every time I launch a full screen game the start menu for whatever reason decides to open on...
  17. xBruce88x

    I'm getting motion sickness when playing FPS games

    My issue with motion sickness didn't really occur until after my brain surgery. Buying this expensive $800 Asus swift helps a lot though. tried playing on a 4k tv and it made me feel sick, but i don't have that issue with this monitor
  18. xBruce88x

    What does this HD Tune graph means?

    its actually 2 graphs in one, the blue curve showing speed over time (with Hard Disks its normal for this to gradually go down over time, as the drives cache is being used up) with the yellow dots showing random access times. judging from the results, i'd say the Hitachi is either very old...
  19. xBruce88x

    Opening New Computer Shop!

    i had a "Game of Pwns" poster up at one point, I think it was EVGA.
  20. xBruce88x

    Opening New Computer Shop!

    Here's the pics of the CPU side of the NUC. The cooler reminds me of my old 8600GT from PNY and the case... you can see the WiFi and Bluetooth antennae, though none of these came with such cards, which would normally be installed in the slot under the SSD got the fan off... and here's...
  21. xBruce88x

    Opening New Computer Shop!

    Estimated retail for each system is about $800 USD, so i've got about $20k worth of computers sitting here. Not including w/e they paid for Office and other proprietary software, so easily $40k. Yea I'm keeping the name, whole reason I spent soo much to buy the place instead of just moving in...
  22. xBruce88x

    Opening New Computer Shop!

    skimmed through and will do a more thorough read later, but i can post some pics of the insides, they're pretty neat systems. I had to go out and buy a mini hdmi to hdmi adaptor though and pick up a couple msata to sata adaptors. drive duplicator helps a lot too! Pics! spent most of...
  23. xBruce88x

    Opening New Computer Shop!

    Just a quick update on the shop, sorry I've been busy lol As you can tell i've probably been busy with the shop, but business is finally picking up. Its a tough area it seems, but once I get more advertising going I'll be good to go. I'm also working another part time job to cover bills until...
  24. xBruce88x

    Windows 93, like windows on acid via your browser.

    pretty sweet... wish i could get those windows transitions though lol
  25. xBruce88x

    Ghetto Mods

    i think its voltage as well, since that's more the speed of the current whereas amps is the power in the current if that makes sense. where ohms is resistance of the current or path it takes then you got hz which measures frequency and watts which represents the total work the current can do