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    No Perfcap

    hello, a noob question. am i the only one with gtx 770 that in gpu-z the "perfcap" is missing? cpu: 3960x gpu: Asus Gtx 770 dcuII oc os: Win8 64bit Enterprise (uefi)
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    Asus GTX 770 DC II OC 2048 MB

    I have GTX 770 but it runs only on pci-e 2.0 16x. should I run the NVidia patch pci-e 3.0? my rig Rampage IV extreme, 3960x. (x79 + SB-E) yes I put my asus gtx 770 on pci-e 3.0 x16 slot(1) in my mobo. I don't run SLI. can somebody help me?