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    SOLVED-BF3 fps drop when zooming in 12x scope on huge 64 players maps

    I had large fps drops (from 100 to 45-50) when zooming in with a 12x sniper scope on 64 player maps over large distances. I have found the solution to this zooming in problem. It regards tesselation. I unchecked the option "amd optimized" in CCC and reduced the tesselation manually to x8 and...
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    BF3-system ram related

    Would upgrading to 2x4gb ram(instead of the existent 2x2gb-see specs) help my BF3 performance? I get a strange fps drop when zooming in with the sniper on caspian border. I use 11.10 prev. 3 with no caps (both gpu's stay at 99% so no bottleneck or anything). Resolution is 1680x1050, settings all...
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    BF3 problem

    I get intro freeze with crossfire enabled, all good using one card; but i want the extra fps...i installed all that is needed for the game and i use 11.10 preview 3 + 11.9 cap 3 (as recommended by amd for his game). Any ideas?
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    i5 750@4Ghz=crossfire 6950 bottleneck?

    Could an i5 @4 Ghz bottleneck 2x6950 2gb? Or what could be the cause of Battlefield BC2 negative scaling? The temps of the gpu's are around 65 C, so i see no temperature bottleneck. Should i overclock the CPU more? Show your creativity here my friends, I'm really stuck :( p.s. I game at...
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    6950 Crossfire issue

    I recently got a second 6950 2 gb added to my system and started testing games. They scale very good in games like Starcraft 2, Warhammer Space Marine, Crysis 2, Metro 2033 or AVP. The problem is with Bad Company 2, where my frame rate goes from 40 to 80 to 110 and then back and so on. Another...
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    Sapphire HD 6950 2gb overclock

    Hey guys, just overclocked my card to 900/1375 with a voltage of 1.14v, no changes done to the memory voltage (ambient is around 25c). The max temp goes to 76c, and i think it's a little bit high (stock cooling, with the fan at 50%). I know a dude who OC'd to 950/1400 with 1.175 and got 65c max...
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    6950 broken fan HELP!

    I bought a Sapphire 6950 2gb reference card (dual bios switch) on May 2, 2011. Worked fine, and this Sunday i decided to flash it to 6970. Again it worked fine until last night, when the fan suddenly stopped working. Restarted system, no response. Flashed back to 6950, no response. After the 3rd...