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  1. Exeodus

    Upgrade from dual 8800 GTX

    Which OS are you using?
  2. Exeodus

    Trojan malware in Far Cry Blood Dragon

    Most virus scanners will quarantine a file before deleting it. You should still be able to find it.
  3. Exeodus

    Crucial MX300 750 GB

    I am using this as my main drive for Windows 10, and I am happy with it's performance so far. Feels just as fast as any other SSD brands I have used (Samsung\Intel\Sandisk)
  4. Exeodus

    PC hangs while gaming, with loud noise to boot.

    Did you install the Nvidia HDMI audio driver? If so try uninstalling it and see if that helps.
  5. Exeodus

    Overclocking Amd phenom ii x6 1090t problems.

    Does it BSOD as soon as Windows tries to load, or only while attempting a stress test?
  6. Exeodus

    Building a Quality Gaming PC for around 400$

    Are you in North America or Europe?
  7. Exeodus

    Best Cheap Cooler For AMD FX 8350

    If you are not planning on overclocking, and basic aftermarket cooler will suffice. These chips actually run pretty cool when at stock clocks. It is when you overclock them that heat and power consumption goes up in a hurry.
  8. Exeodus

    Best Cheap Cooler For AMD FX 8350

    Are you planning on overclocking?
  9. Exeodus

    Help overclocking an Intel i7 965

    Do you remember what settings you used to obtain 4.2? There is a good chance that those settings will give you 4.0 stable, and you won't be able to tell the difference between 4.0 and 4.2. Also, check out this thread...
  10. Exeodus

    Help overclocking an Intel i7 965

    What kind of CPU cooling are you using?
  11. Exeodus

    AMD A10 7850K Freezing after GPU-Z opened

    Also try uninstalling the driver, then open GPU-Z and see if it still crashes.
  12. Exeodus

    AMD A10 7850K Freezing after GPU-Z opened

    Have you tried a different version of the graphics driver? This is either driver related or the GPU portion of the APU is faulty. Do you have a cheap video card you could use to see if the problem goes away?
  13. Exeodus

    damge of ESD to mobo

    It would take a lot of static to fry a motherboard. If you don't see any visually damage you will most likely be fine.
  14. Exeodus

    No fully desktop amd CPUs -_-

    CPU cache means squat in regards to gaming performance.
  15. Exeodus

    Flight Simulator X or X-Plane 10?

    It all depends on what type of flying to want to pursue and are addons important, like airports, planes, scenery, etc?
  16. Exeodus

    Newbie attempting first build

    What size monitor are wanting to game with?
  17. Exeodus

    Serious Mobo issue

    Are you testing this in a case? Sounds like a possible short caused by the motherboard making metal contact.
  18. Exeodus

    I just won $600, anything on my PC need upgrading? Details inside.

    If you have a microcenter nearby you can get a 27 ips for 300.00 out the door.
  19. Exeodus

    Faulty i5 3570K ?

    Care to post that list? Could be helpful to a lot of us :toast:
  20. Exeodus

    Still stupidly slow after windows reinstall

    DBAN is a good program for that.
  21. Exeodus

    Overclocking a FX 6100 Six-Core Black Edition CPU, 3.30 GHz

    I don't normally post a link to another forum, but this thread helped me overclock mine to 4.3GHZ http://www.overclock.net/t/1140459/bulldozer-overclocking-guide-performance-scaling-charts-max-ocs-ln2-results-coming
  22. Exeodus

    If you have higher framerates, do you have a gaming advantage?

    It doesnt have as much do to with framerates as it does ping if you are playing online. If you ping is too high, other players will see you first and can react faster. They will have hit you once or twice before you have time to react. This is how somebody seems to get you with one shot, but...
  23. Exeodus

    Ati 5850 with my psu ?

    What brand power supply is it? They are not all created equal, regardless if they are are 80 Plus or not.